I would be remiss if the tapes that I have indexed --from 1996 to 2007-- would not be shared. This index is mesmerizing..

Over the years, I have quietly compiled an index of tapes primarily from Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory, and colleagues. This index is unique. Perhaps they may be of reference to someone. They give the listener wings to fabulous science adventures.

This is not a complete story of every program, just my favorites. It is a partial showcase of science related topics. Sometimes, the index is better than the index provided on www.coasttocoastam.com. My first encounter with the Coast To Coast programs was by chance, in February of 1996. Coast To Coast AM with George Noory is number one in L.A... although, for a short time was not live, which is another story. Index is written in cryptic.

Hope you enjoy what I am sharing with you. Tapes unfold by chance, believe it or not, in other words I have no narrow constraining agenda.

I would like to ask a small favor to the Coast To Coast AM audience. Perhaps, someone can help. Is there anyone out there who can help me attain the following three shows from COAST TO COAST AM. I lost mine. Can someone out there have them in their archive file? Please drop me a line at info@thunderaway.com:






{For ease of maneuvariblity, it is bracketed into three boxes: A1= 1996-97; A2= 1998-99; A3= 2000-07}




(4/26/96) Hoagland, nature of lunar environment

In early May, a replay of Maj Ed Dames technical remote viewing

(6/14/96) Maj Ed Dames: marvelous program on defining rem viewing, military intelligence, altered states, gifted people in remote viewing, secret definitions of technical remote viewing

an evening with Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Ed Mitchell (some bad atmospheric reception, date unmarked)

(6/18/96) Art's first big interview with ancient Egypt scholar Graham Hancock, author of Message of the Sphinx, Sign of the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, newly discovered facts of Egypt, the Zodiac, archeo-astronomy

July 96 Gentlemanly debate between Hoagland and Mitchell IS THERE LIFE OUT THERE? 1 hour. Hoagland loves the terms "data points."

(7/11/96) Bell + Professor Stanley MacDaniel, magnetic fields, defense intelligencia

(7/27/96) Olympic bombing, Bell, Hoagland, Mark Canfield

(8/20/96) Art Bell is back from vacationing in Russia plus Aug 23 topic on Martians; Dr Carlotto, Mars photo specialist

(9/14/96) Hoagland speaks on discovery of strange anti-gravity experiments (As of August 11, 1 million server hits to Art's WEB) (Side B) cont with Switzerland's Billy Mayer + anti-gravity

(10/12/96) Ed Dames: What's coming in 1997-98, Israel, Comet Hale-Bopp, unusual predictions about profound weather changes in the near future, biosphere climate, time, ionizing radiation

(11/12/96) introduction from 11/11/96 for this big interrelated week; Hoagland + Ken Johnston on how NASA pictures were deliberately destroyed, Apollo, interplanetary probes, a bit on freemasonry, Armstrong Jr not a mason, time capsules

(10/25/96) Dr Farouk El Baz + Apollo

(11/14/96) Emery Univ Courtney Brown w/ Chuck Schrameck

(11/15/96) big interview with Jesuit Rev Malachi Martin plus Ed Dames complicated concept of reality; very interesting

(11/28/96) Thanksgiving: Far Sight Institute plus Whitley Strieber, radio and light transmissions. Lunatic Brown and Prudence Calebresi in a great deception (a press conference which never came was expected)

(12/2/96) Hoagland, Joshua Chase + pieces to the puzzle of Hale-Bopp, Japanese telescope, Dr. Lee Shargell, his web appears to be taken down, lazer inferometer, gravitational observatory, Project Lego, HAARP, SARANET, decoding radio waves, Hale-Bopp's eyes, Neutronpulse (I think he's fishy)

(12/3/96) Tues Dec 3 Hoagland 's press credentials rescinded because he talks too much, Freeman and Hill; Dec 4 update Hale-Bopp, Royal Greenwich Obsv; 12-6-96 Whitley Strieber on astronomy

(12/4/96) Wed-Th 11-2 a.m. Dr Robert Bagosian, microbiologist, discusses germ, diseases + viruses (commercials + that exorcist-time voice by Art for fun)

(12/9/96) Sheldon Nidel, photon belt; 12/10/96 Robert Morningsky, ancient Hopi prophecies, the purifier, astronomy, Hale-Bopp; Morningsky and the lessons of history, astronomy, plus secrecy on the Vatican-a hoax contention?

(12/12/96) Nurse Capt Joyce Riley and Gulf War secrets

(12/16/96) Hale-Bopp update, discovery of strange rods w/ Jose Escamilla [EXTRA: it was either Dec 16 or Sun the 15th on Dreamland that a caller mentioned some crack at the pole noticed + Art heard of it before. I had not. Also, meteor chunks broke off over Honduras, near Santa Barbara last month, it plummeted + created a lg crater as heard on Coast to Coast like 11:50 pm Dec 16]

(1/3/97) Dannion Brinkley, author of At Peace in the Light. He sold over a million books; World changes, spiritual feelings, contradicts Hoagland's sources on Egypt; bad atmospheric reception

Happy New Year 1997
(1/3/97, 1/14/97, 1/13/97) Dannion Brinkley, Hall of Records, dimensions on death. (Art is sick W-Th Jan 8-9 + Sun) Philip Hoag underground shelters, on survivability + preparedness, author of No such thing as Doomsday; clip on Time Traveler near end w/Steven Gibbs; a real waco

#51 (1/16/97) Tape #1: Courtney Brown revealed; another waco's orchestration exposed

#52 (1/16/97) Perfect tape #2 continues into some B B: Hatton, S.D. 80 below; Jan 19 Linda + Hawass, Timothy O'Reilly, near death experiences

#54-56 (1/30/97) Major Ed Dames, Geo + biophysical parameters; the interlocking forces on the ecosystem and climate changes are finally revealed; Spooky. You will not believe your ears about his alert which he claims will begin in Africa; is unbelievable until Africa gets hit. Ed's appraisal of the future in 97-98; big change by 2012 AD. Dames reached a 100% certainty about pathogen only 2-3 weeks ago; temperate areas = N Amer and W Europe. shorty on Kramer's disappearance

(Feb 12-13) Whitley Strieber, author of The Secret School news on earth + environment, astronomy, Ross Ice Shelf

2-18-97 the story of the Philadelphia Experiment early 1940s, story as recorded in 1993 about Tezla, Von Neuman, Al Bielek and ship that disappeared

Feb 23 complete Dreamland w/ Richard Noone, author of 5/5/2000, alarms us to profound earth changes due within 5 years; magnetic reversals occur in irregular cycles; he ventures to say a polar reversal occurs when the core aligns w/that of the magnetic fields of the surface and that the May alignment will trigger factors for polar rev; B=Maj Dames Part I: Kramer found; weird winds strike northeast USA Numerous facts

Ed Dames Mar 6-7, Ed concentrates on the strangeness in biology; brief info on Hale-Bopp; initially thought to be 25 miles in diam, the size of the city of Phoenix

(3/12/97) Alan Hale, astronomer

(3/10/97) Jim Berkland, guy who predicts earthquakes; earth crustal shift; seems legit

(3/19/97) all Hoagland (3-13 was Phoenix sighting) and the Mars connection

(4/15/97) Lori Toye discusses her book on prophecies. You figure her out

Apr 4 Father Malachi Martin, an incredible yet extremely intelligent man

Hoagland Apr 6, solar plasma ejection (nothing happened in S Cal but it did elsewhere as the charged particles created brilliant displays of northern and southern lights on Apr 9); mad cow crisis in Australia; Apr 22 Charles Osmond, what is being build in secrecy in the labs, real weird science occurring right under our noses; nano-technology. What is nano-technology? Ans: By the use of invisible robots, assemblers who manipulate atoms + molecules one by one, assemblers grab by the billions of times per second and build or manuf anything ie. an atomic-scale mass production line

Sean D. Morton (3/12) Egyptologist and astrology

My weird tape: Brother can you spare a dime?, Rudy Valee sings in the Great Depression; Very First tape of Major Ed Dames, climate, environmental study (recorded May 1996); environmental danger signals from frogs, ABC News Nightline Special (recorded May 97) on deformed frogs; strange cell from hell contamination off Carolinas called Pfiesteria + eerie deformities w/Linda Moulton Howe (Miss Idaho) on Science, algae attacking, dormant virus scientists debating on why the frog deformations; pesticides vs UV

May 8, 1997 with Dr Steven Greer, founder of C-SETI, congressional hearings for UFO investigations

#79 (Apr 10-11) Art's appraisal of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, businesswoman turned prophet, very faded reception; ends with bit on remote viewers opener

#81 (4/17/97) Hyperdimensions, technology and Hoagland Part I

#82 (4/17/97) You will fall asleep-Hoagland Part II; bad weather across America; still snowing in upstate NY, ends w/some Linda M Howe on
widespreading strange animal-plant Pfiesteria plus global weather extinctions. Fact: Climate of the earth changes in a short time, warming up 8° in as little as 3 yrs (Time Mag)

#83 (5/1/97) Tom Van Flandern and Hoagland (very interesting), picture taking by Hubble, STS-48 of 1991, UFO's, and STS-80 of Dec 96 Facts are targeted A handful at NASA are a fink

#84 (5/6/97) Hoagland, Linda Howe, anti-magnetic Arts Parts, Bismuth, 2nd report on cell from hell, proposed lazer finder satellite to measure polar caps but not till 2002 AD; strangest weather in Blue Ridge Mts April 16 w/195 mph winds; deterioration of ozone layer; temp north of 70° latitude in Arctic Circle have risen 7°over last 300 years

#85 (Side A) date unsure, Sean Morton, predicts at least 6 v hard hurricanes of 150mph this season, the shock wave from Jupiter effect will hit earth in 2000 AD, big quake in N Japan and eruption of Popo in Mex mid-Aug-Sept, an island in Japan will submerge within next 6 months, electro-magnetic pole-shift, 2012, Shaka Points; Flight of the Key Bird, a 1945 military report; little bit with Robt Felix; (Side B) May 25 Sun, Robert W Felix, author of "Not By Fire But By Ice", excellent synopsis on the characteristics of our changing weather, detailed relation to moisture, sunspots, cracking ice shelf, ice cap, magnetic reversals, increase in floods and snows, Gothemberg magnetic reversal, Mono Lake mag reversal, glacial age mysteries, GRIP, declining magnetic field strength, El Nino

#86 (6/12-13) Big breakthrough on crop circle messages with Doug Ruby, (about 2 days before had guy on free energy which will replace oil cartels, missed taping him)

#88 (6/17) Hoagland Prt II: NASA, symbolism, Phoenix, Egyptian mythos, and he sticks his neck out that Pathfinder will disappear and land at Sedona; interpretations suspect. Strange call from Susan (May 10, 82)

#90 (6/26/97) Part I Egypt's secrets revealed, Larry Hunter, Hoagland accepts boo boo

#91 (6/26/97) Part 2. " ", 2/3rd of side a; Hollywood star J Stewart tribute 7-2 he passes away; plus Roswell, N.M. 7-3-97 show with Linda Howe; Side B: Linda and Art's Parts; open lines; 4th of July Roswell Science News Conference; isotope ratio analysis begins 3/4 th of side b Extremely fascinating !

#92 (7/4/97) Roswell (cont); German UFO investigator Michael Hesemann; and Hoagland; Extra: Geo Putnam clip about Geo Washington, Frank Sinatra sings America the Beautiful

#93 (7/2/97) Very important eyewitness account by WW II vet Jay Bond Johnson, PhD, who took the only known photographs of the Roswell flying saucer debris in Gen Ramey's office, 1947, and investigator Jamie Chanderay, MJ-12, the real story of Roswell; Bond is a minister, now

#94 (7/2/97) (Side A) (excellent cont); (B) first half w/Chanderay; special interview with Col. Philip J Corso: the history of counterintelligence; army military press releases; Midwest tornadoes; secret files unclassified from 1947-63, Part I, 7-6-97

#95 (7/6/97) Part II, Radio event moment on UFO evidence, seldom heard news; WW II veteran Corso and William Burns; advance fiber obtics, night vision, world affairs, R&D w/ Lt Gen Arthur Trudeau; first hand knowledge on the origins, death-defying security, exclusive behind-the scene coverage on extraterrestrial bodies and craft retrieved in the S.W. by the U.S. Army; detail that will knock your socks off, some in the modern air force is dishonest + negligent in the facts

#96 (7/10/97) closing details on Roswell w/ John Kirby and his actual historical audio clips including Walter Hut, the personwho delivered the first press release on Roswell, Frank Kaufman S-1 member who was w/ the party to clean up the debris, Provost Marshal Kevin Easley, Thomas Dubow, Chief of Staff US 8th AF, and Jesse Marcel, sr and jr. Jesse was 1st person at Brazel Ranch (US News & World Report mag did not do their homework and even w/ computers they blew it !)
(Side B) tidbit on Civic Plaza ballroom, Hoagland in Phoenix, Arizona (This radio program utilized transmission via internet on an interactive live show across all America and parts of the world and should be considered historical)

#97 (7/14/97) (cont) Hoagland, NASA astronaut Ken Johnston, L. Hunter, Phoenix, City Councilwoman Francis Barwood talks about the current UFO cover-ups (Super Excellent)

(7-14) crop circles w/Ruby and Linda Howe; Side B: weird weather; (7/23) Col Corso and Dr Alexander on military counterintelligence + lots of secrets, worked w/ regular intelligence, his agency once rivaled the CIA, identifies data you won't hear anywhere else, plus Foreign Technology under R&D

#100 Side A: lighthearted interview w/Leonard Nimoy; genetics programming B: Nano tech, Hoagland

# 101 Robot; hidden volcanic activity in Pacif NW strange ecosystem + weather w/Stan Deyo from Australia, plus CheyenneMountain; Maj Ed Dames Aug 5

#102 (8/1/97) Side A: Science of speech reversals with Australian John Oates; then crazy angry Art (8/6/97) Side B: Cassini; tidbit end w/Dames on 666, mark of the beast

#103 (8/22/97) Physics professor Michio Kaku and Prof Charles B Pyke (8/25), expert on El Nino; 1997-98 parallels on 1883, 1940, 1983? tropical and polar jet streams, Pineapple Express, technical definitions of El Nino, range, the water and the air, local & global effects, convergent zones, very pertinent information (everything he said was accurate)

#105 (9/4?/97) Th atmospheric weather w/Stan Deyo, intriguing warming anomalies the effect of cold air and hot air on quakes, N Europe experiencing unusual hot temps, not heat waves but prolonged abnormal warmth, unsure of the cause, accounts of warmth moving to the Pacif NW & the N Pole, survival tips. Is there a synchronicity among tapes 64, 71, 85, 107?

#106 Side A Shak and the Lakers,Jack Benny Super Chief radio prog 9-11-97, Dames (chorela= plant scum); pathogen update: separated from Hale-Bopp in Apr 97 still heading for earth, travels at 20,000 miles/hour

#107 shorty on Egypt w/Dannion replay of July 17 aired in late summer; in-depth story of Gordon-Michael Scallion and hisprophecies, author of Notes from the Cosmos, a futurists insights into the world of dream prophecy. First public interview in over a year. Begins with bio. He sees angels and hears their voices. Is he for real or is this millennium madness widening? He sounds scared.

#108 (cont) 60 mins. Part 2 El Nino is bigger than the size of the U.S.; futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion classifies this El Nino the precussor activity to a pole shift; scientists detect a polarity shift in sunspots mid-July (talk about coincidences); this triggering effect of a pole shift will occur as the polarity of the sun adjusts itself; author predicts more volcanic activity in Italy and bursts of energy from the earth will cause more satellites + magnetic systems to fail in sudden spikes at key areas of meridian. When these occur in unison w/massive solar flares magnetic systems will fail at least once a week. He believes solar flare activity will just begin to start in Dec. The 1st measurable pole shift he predicts will be measured in 1998. He sees a 3 week to 4 month window before the real big polar shift. Predicts 3 abrupt changes some 25-45 degrees.

#109 Side A (9/19/97) Stan Deyo on climate + long term food resource tips and (9/21) Dreamland, Linda M Howe plus novelist Greg Bear; Pauline hits Mexico; meteor shakes up El Paso, Texas, which fell on October 9 but recorded 10/10 very early PST

#110 (9/22/97) Side A: Open Line, final words w/Boris Said, Egyptian + Mexican pyramids; Side B: (9/28) Linda Howe on UFO's, Robert Schoch; pyramids near Okinawa? John Zayjack, catastrophic changes on planet earth

#111 Art's back B: Art; Oct 24 KFWB + KNX, astronomy; Oct 26 Colorado blizzard (a function of El Nino but it also brought a phenomenon not mentioned in the nightly network news, the jet stream came down on deck plus it took down thousands of trees), 2min 4 sec Crazy Macarena song; weird science labs

#112 sub secrets; Dreamland, Art returns (10/19/97) headline: Dow Jones fell 554.2 (biggest drop in US history); Andrew Goss finance expert explains; Oct 27 blizzard news report

#115 Side A (11/9/97) Linda M Howe, 20,000 acres of forest in Colorado destroyed by winds, BBC report on Pfiesteria; SideB: (11/11/97) Boris Said on Egypt and archeology

#116 (cont) Tom Danley, harmonic freq, archeologic problems, F-sharp, tests in King's chamber

#117 Side A: Linda on Neanderthal DNA; geologist and ocean scientist Greg Braden, author of Awakening to Zero Point, &Walking between 2 Worlds, Science of Compassion, drop of magnetic fields

#118 G Braden (cont) Hopi & Mayans

#119 (11/7/97) Nick Begich Angels Don't Play This HAARP; Dr Joseph Gold on cancer 11-25

#120 (11/19/97) Prof Charles Kagel, weather
#121 Spectacular orange marshmallow lights across Pacific NW skies; Fri night UFO true stories contradicts Air Force; fascinating w/Peter Davenport, Whitley Strieber, Linda Howe and Ken Hendrickson?? Pres of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

#122 (11/25/97) Ed Dames the breakthrough began w/pioneer Ingol Swan as co-ordinate remote viewing; Dames took out the bugs; tornadoes in MW will be huge

#123 (cont) After cross checks Dames predicts unprecedented solar event, a sledgehammer event, a solar flare of tremendous proportion will produce radiation of such intense amount that it will affect over 70% of globe; burying 25 ft below is not enough; remains pretty grim for almost 2 years thereafter life gets better; an economic collapse will happen late spring summer of 98; scientist in Minn report embryo troubles are due to exposed UV, something Dames summarized before

#124 Dec 1 UFO report Peter Davenport; Lloyd Pye: history of the earth

#125 (12/3/97) Father Martin (cont) a rough recording due to stinken weather

#126 Linda on 11/16, 11/23, WW II Navy records

#127 (12/4/97) 11pm - 3 am Hoagland teams up with geologist Ron Nix, Steve Bassett, Cydonia, destruction of 4000 + priceless original Navy records & thousands of phone records, all records of important events; Sec of Commerce Ron Brown's murder; Brookings Report, Mars

#128 (12/5/97) Charles Kagel and Stan Deyo, Solar Cycle 23, Christianity

#129 Robt Ghostwolf (12/11/97) 7 Warnings, Sep 15 Regulus & Venus

#130 (12/11/97) Ghostwolf (cont) Birth of Jesus, biblical context, star maps,

#131 (12/15/97) geologist Jim Berkland + quakes, + Dec 16 typhoon of 236 mph hits Guam

#132 Guam, and hail funnel cloud in Orange County reports, Dec 19?; obscene painting ofa Santa crucified in a NYC gallery; (12/21/97) Linda M Howe recapitulates 1997; 1st time snows in Guadalajara; author Dolores Canon Conversations with Nostradamus, do you really want to know? 3 simple things to happen before the end of the 1990's: #1 more fiercer winds brings heat #2 a long dormant volcano in N America goes + a city at the base of red will be destroyed #3 the worst hurricane in history will strike Fl; she calls herself not a psychic but a hypnotist, claims Anti-Christ born Feb 4, 1962; ends w/ Stan Deyo and Jesus Christ

#133 (12/23/97) Sean D Morton, pole shifts, moderate Dec polar flare #8124 that didn't point to earth; 86' El Nino yr & Haley, 83' drought, 97' El Nino & Hale-Bopp, his major prediction-guarantee that in Aug-Sep of 1998 a great hurricane will hit Cuba



#134 A: extra on solar flares then excerpt Dec 17 w/ Doctor Richard Preston viruses, medieval death rates, back to Sean Dec 23; B: back to Sean (cont) faded Dames by mistake, 1/5/98 disclosure on UFO's w/ Hoagland, Steven Bassett, Dr Steven Greer, C-SETI, Dr Ed Mitchell; Robert O Dean

#135 music War of the Worlds, UFO's cont disappointing disclosure; 1/6/98 controversial scientist Dr Horvind's different interpretation of creation, the Bible, and evolution dating theory, interesting.
#136 (1/6/98) (cont) second Sunday in a row Jan 11 no Art

#137 (1/12/98) Linda M Howe Mt Etna & volcanoes, environment, UFO's Mar 16, 1997, too; Art is sick; (1/13/98) gold commodities

#138 Jan 19 monotone Eugene Maloff, cold fusion, clean air tech

#138.5 Hoagland, UFO's, and NASA directive orders all solar system exploration to cease (a quarantine); orbit dynamics ofMars

#139 Jan/Feb Dreamland, UFO sightings, weather controller reports

#140 (1/14/98) Exclusive interview w/Zahi Hawass Director of the Giza Pyramid Plateau in Egypt. Art has a stupid cold andcan hardly talk.

#141 (Jan date unknown) Maj Dames; Clinton scandal; U.S. beats Brazil in soccer match; B: speech reversals Mar 26; El Nino report Mar 27; 3/29/98 last part of Dr Douglas Richard & psychics; MacDaniel (This Feb I am in Egypt!)
#141.5 (3/29/98) Professor Stanley MacDaniel Cydonia camera specs; Richard cont on psychic

#142 early Feb Linda M Howe interesting crop circle report w/Dr W. Leavengood on iron magnetite and how to tell if they are real; dolphin beaching + dying; UFO's; volcanoes; Maj Dames, remote views a chamber beneath the Sphinx and very surprised by a long tunnel that connects Sphinx and a pyramid; as of Feb 5 pathogen still on course for earth; Project Starman; pathogen details Here? a timeline is finally given on the sledgehammer: mid 1999, he believes April

#143 (2/19/98) Ed Casey, but begins w/white Aryans & Tom Metzler

#144 (3/22/98) Dreamland UFO's, sick rivers, and fish killer; (3/24/98) Hospice program founder (CIA foundation) Dannion Brinkley author of 10 books like At Peace in the Light and Saved By the Light, discusses healing and a new archeological discovery 450 miles sw of Cairo

#145 (3/27/98) archeological find in Rocky Mountains evidenced by Robt Ghostwolf, author of Winds of Change claims to have authentic photos, petroglyphs, a sphinx + winged angel, rock formations?, native Americaninterpretations

#146 Maj Dames short past recap, Reverse speech on him (3/26/98); then 3/29 Dreamland-UFOs

#147 (3/31/98) Hoagland and lively discussion on NASA, UFO's and what we hope to see regarding the Mars planet photos of a strange face on the Cydonia plain; Apr 3 (8) tornadoes through Tenn

#148 (4/6/98) Hoagland NASA photos; B: 4/7 NBC on El Nino; 4/8/98 G. Hancock on Egypt

#149 (4/8/98) (cont) G. Hancock on Egypt; B: 4/9/ Mars photos appear tampered, danger

#150 (4/9/98) all hell breaks loose w/images from Mars as dum reporters don't get it; interesting discussion w/Jim Berkland on quakes, recent 8.1 quake South Pole; why pets disappear; geomagnetics; news report on bad tornadoes that hit the deep south

#151 Easter 1998: Art is on holiday so they replayed this Apr 23, 1995 program w/Ted Flynn, excellent source on Catholic prophecy: Fatima and 70,000, the story of what was written in 1981 about Rwanda, Africa, apostasy + chastisement, 3 days of darkness, Father Gobbi, messages, society as we know it changes, weird evil for man is expected, miracle is forthcoming that science cannot explain

#152 (cont) Flynn author of The Thunder of Justice (last 5 mins special message from Father Don Stefano Gobbi); (4/13/98)British WW II vet Ted Wright and his complete disaster survival manual

#153 (4/16/98) all Hurricane edition, namely Nashville; Side B: 4/17 Howe, ends wshorty 4/19

#154 (4/24-25) Maj Dames, nothing happened w/the x-class flare; new jet streams w/tornado like winds 7 miles above earth just discovered by scientists can change west coast weather forecasting because it descends; pathogen; new diseases (unseen before ) killing coral + tropical fish off Fl; things he did not tell you before: UFO's, little bees in France, a strange story in Mars, spores, fungal blight

#155 4/24 Dames (cont); (4/26/98) Whitley Strieber

#156 a great synopsis best on Mars, from March to Apr on one tape

#157 May 1 Fri satellites, Ron Regehr and Derrel Sims former CIA; UFO's over Washington

#158 (5/4/98) Father Malachi Martin, Pope John Paul, demons, antiChrist and his signs; quake in Japan of 7.7; a lg El Ninoseems to be building, Fatima

#158.5 (5/4/98) Father Martin, extra news, Seattle UFO, Y2K popular culture song orig by Sean Mullin; B: (8/23/98) Linda on FEMA
#159 cont of Rev Martin plus UFO's B: Davenport and UFO's over Seattle

#160 Side A: great VE-Day special from KNX; B: Prof Michio Kaku + global warmings important; interesting, hospice work, Dannion from Vancouver

#161 (5/17/98) Dannion; the pyramids; biochips for humans; Dannion's specific examples
of future predictions "there would be a nuclear explosion in the USSR & it would be called Wormwood", And "there would be a war America would go into & it would be fought in the desert." The uniforms were described in beige outfits, beige on beige boots...like a designer outfit. To an ex-Mar used to b+w that was a weird prophecy. Said "there would be a series of nuclear accidents that would be discovered in Norway in the 1980s." It has been documented that along the north end of Norway, now, it is not possible to fish there for 700 to 2000 years due to the over million pounds of high-level nuclear waste dumped by the USSR, made over 20 years ago

#162 ( 5/17) Side A: Linda Howe on bad Texas smoke; Dannion opener; Side B: Dreamland 5/24 weather; Brazil; starting Memorial Day news on fires in Mexico; 12 tornadoes touchdown in the US on Sunday; Nostradamus and his new revelations 5/31

#163 (5/31/98) new revelations about Nostradamus and his quatrains w/Stephen Paulos, author of Nostradamus 1999; strange set of tornadoes sweep S Dakota and the E from Mich to Penn to NY to Mass this weekend; a giant quake hits fault area of Afganistan, the human toll believed 2,000 people killed; Leonid meteor shower will be for 2 years in a row, this November, 1998,claims satellites will pay

#164 May 19 Retired general, name not given, Dr Leir, L Sims on UFO that crashed in the San Fernando Valley, California; quakes

#165 (5/25/98) Gary North, Phd, 2000 AD and the invisible-like bad things that may happen: no power in winter, no tax refunds or medicaid or social security, electronic data transfers, hospitals, water and power, satellites, GPS; not one U.S. bank of 13,000 is 2000 AD compliant

#166 ABC News Peter Jennings on fires contaminating SW; Hoagland; (6/21) on Y2k Dr Tully Ferry and COBOL computers

#167 (5/27/98) somber sounding Robert Ghostwolf, mixed American Indian, author of and the specifics of the 7 Thunders (Prophecies), people born between 1943-47 can remember the fall of Atlantis, believes Y2K will be bad, people should go back to horses, B: (cont) 5/29-30 Whitley Strieber, Jaime Maussan climate, global warming, problems of fires in Mexico and Canada largely unreported, big quake hits Guatemala; Florida, Texas & SW afflicted by smoke phenomenon

#168 (6/1/98) v important opens w/climate, like winds of 90-120 mph striking WI + surrounding states; 600,000 out of power in Mich alone; science reporter Linda M Howe polar bear deformities; Afganistan quake registers 6.9, 5000 dead; Linda and an imp environmental report; secret guy on Project Blue Book and UFO's

#169 (6/9/98) Gordon-Michael Scallion, author of Notes from the Cosmos, makes a fantastic claim that among earth changes will be an unthinkable magnetic polarity reversal in several large scale shocks; current global abnormal temperature flux and the erratic winds are part of it which he claims lasts about 3 long years; predicted a 7+ US quake before Fall and he erred on that

#170 (6/11/98) Maj Ed Dames, theme: major earth changes, Taiwan outbreak of virus hits infants
#171 (6/11 Dames cont) winds in Moscow (late June), German music; B: (cont Dames) soccer music and World Cup news from France

#172 (Maj Ed Dames cont); 6/15/98 Trying to piece nuclear leaks in Europe including the Koala Peninsula, Linda Howe catches guys lying = classic interview; Rare interview w/Hopi elders (6/15)

#173 (6/15/98) Hopi elders; B: Dreamland 7-14-98 in Madagascar 7 miles of grasshoppers; Corso has a stroke; latest on global warming; (back to 6-15) The Answer Blows in the Wind song, the right timing, lucky me; the Arctic ice melting according to a Canadian-American expedition; 6-16-98 radiation leaks in Spain; G Hancock on the lost undersea structures off Okinawa, and some Egypt

#174 (6/16/98) Hancock (cont)

#175 (6/22/98) Sean D Morton tightly packed revelations including earth changes for summer; predicted stocks would go down then up past 10,000 in Aug (he was 1/2 wrong); void of course moon; believes total ec collapse May 2000; had forecasted in 94 the Japanese Prime Min would be out and he was correct; a secret tomb of Osirus found in Egypt; on Feb 21, 1999, some new kingdom will occur; watch for Sept 27; pyramid code; Sept 27 is birthdate of Jesus; astounding prediction that a beginning demise for Clinton is Aug 17; Art leaves for Paris, France

#176 (7/13/98) Art is back; SOHO sun satellite is dead, James Redfield; B: Art is a soccer fan (10 mins 45 sec); Brazil defeats Holland 6 mins; Art on soccer, weather, 4 million trees in N Texas were wind downed; Soccer World Cup Finals and celebrations July 12, France defeats Brazil, the last World Cup of the Century; Oh Eh Oh Eh

#177 (7/14/98) Rev Malachi Martin, author of Windswept House, shares his knowledge on the Catholic Church, Fatima and the 3rd Secret, Our Blessed Mother, prayer, apostasy, the anti-Christ

#178 Father Malakai Martin (cont); for historic reference small clip on heat + the weather NBC News with Tom Brokow July 14 (NBC didn't say this but Art told you: The British Meteorological Office 1st spoke of the heat last week appearing on Sat 7-11 in a Vancouver newspaper, thus it is not some dreamt up idea from Al Gore either); B: First report of a Tsunami that struck New Guinea; special moment for Art who on July 17 is congratulated on reaching 400 radio affiliates nationwide, excerpts include his mother and father, Leonard Nimoy, Ray Breen (b-4 black helicopters), Willie Nelson (before Strieber) and Father Martin; more on the 7.1 quake and Tsunami 7-17-98, Stan Deyo

#179 (7/19/98) KFWB reports Tsunami that hit New Guinea was gigantic; KFWB 7-20-98 weather in Ohio; heat of SW; New Guinea report early am, about 1000 believed dead; open lines; 7-20 Art; (7/24/98) Gary North how 50 billion imbedded micro-chips will affect society and other goodies on the Y2k problem; actual dead in New Guinea over 3000
#180 (7/24/98) Gary North and the Y2k problem; 3 non-tornado storms in Wisc

#181 West End of El Paso song, 7/26 W. Strieber: Christ, calendars, millennium madness, final words on Col Corso, angels, open line; B: 8/2/98 Linda M Howe new stuff Pfiesteria

#182 (8/10/98) high security designer Joel Skoujen, source facts on Clinton's recent sneaky directive of last December that took US missiles off alert basis and establish new policy that does not allow US to retaliate until a US city is destroyed FIRST, Ruskies

#183 KFWB news report US bombs terrorists; (8/21/98) Sean D Morton a futurist; solar eclipse, Aug 18, 2000 AD every planet of solar system will be aligned in a cross in the sky, he claims the angel of the Lord appears to him; Singing in the Rain

#184 (Sean cont) HAARP, due to inc solar activity jet stream falls, 5, 5, 2000; said by 2005 Omaha replaces Washington DC as capital, predicts Pakistan will attack India in Sep 1999; (8/24/98) a small follow-up to last Jan crash of meteorite on Greenland due to inc solar activity, jet stream falls, 5/5/2000

#185 (8/10/98) UFO sighting; (8/26/98) Y2K related problems Ed Yourdan, a moderist

#186 (8/26/98) Ed Yourdon author of Time Bomb 2000; excellent information

#187 (Yourdan cont) Linda Howe shorty on Yangtse R floods in China; intense solar storms; never-before seen report on weird aurora borealis in Denver area; 2nd worst stock drop in U.S. history; B: Maj Dames mystique of intelligence; selling his modules; predicts something more terrible will offset the Y2K problem; claims there are 10,000 remote viewers; Art v sick w/hi temp out Th + Fri

#188 (8/31/98) Maj Dames (tried last Th to warn about stocks which fell today like crazy) in Aug he still believed in his ball park figure that something would occur in April 99, Boy was he wrong; (the precussor could be a lg mass ejecta, a coronal disturbance or huge x-ray flare he stipulates still not sure) precussor has not happened yet; claims global economy will come apart as result of recent Asian turmoil; Hoagland talks to Dames; NSA; Muslim North Korean missiles miss Japan; our basic US economy is sound claims Dames but due for change like a domino because US has overextended itself plus US will default on paying their bonds; he does give a timeframe for the defaults: a large war comes first; an inc in x-class flares and crop failures; agrees to remote view Fatima

#189 (9/01/98) informants, NSA (military intelligence), Hoagland brings Vance Davis, author of Unotld Promises source on related NSA subject including Korean rockets over Japan (Aug 10, 1990 was date CNN climbed his prison fence); John M Jenkins, Mayan calendar For some weird reason Art was absent Mon Sep 5

#190 (9/06/98) John M Jenkins author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, alignment to the galactic center B: Jenkins cont; 9-14 Typhoon Sally in Japan; Art left Fri for Denver so absent Fri-9/20

#191 (9/23/98) Hoagland and Tom Bearden, Joe McMoneagle, Legion of Merit holder author of The Ultimate Time Machine, SRI, controlled remote viewing

#192 (9/27/98) Linda M Howe, global environment, Hurricane Georges ( the hurricane which hit Cuba and Puerto Rico just b4 summer ended like Sean predicted), geomagnetic sun flare depresses upper earth atmosphere of the earth (on 9-25 2nd most powerful quake recorded in Ohio, 5.2); (9/29) bio on Stan Deyo global environment; green balls; how Australia is suffering w/gas rationing

#193 (9/30/98) bio on Sean D Morton, mystic, researcher, futurist, the sacredness of life, sacred geometry of the Great Pyramid, predicts the lowest voter turnout in US history this Nov; predicts the sun is about to undergo a north-south electro magnetic polar shift; predicts major quake in Mex and in upstate NY in the 5.0 region this Dec; appraisal of the future, exact dates, big quakes for S California in May of 2000, climate and other goodies preceded by Clinton stuff

#194 spooky radio program: vacationing in the house of a sea captain; (10/1/98) Maj Ed Dames, lost track of pathogen, terse yet interesting news; the Leonid Shower, plus 2 exclusive scoops: he has located Amelia Earhart's wreckage in the So Pacific & he claims to remote view the secret of the 3rd Message of Fatima, events are imminent w/signs from the sky, globe affairs, update 2 month drought ends in Fl

#195 (10/1/98) Maj Ed Dames, a remarkable strong wave of radiation, both X-ray and gamma ray, charged the upper atmosphere to a brilliance of light + turned night into day in late Aug, regarding record solar trouble Dames claims is the x-class flare which he calls the predecessor, (does he still believe in the sledgehammer of next April?) 7 satellites detect the massive solar eruption, 2 are temporarily disabled, Gabriel the Archangel, 6th Seal, end times & 666 theme, the moon will turn red, conjectures mark of the beast will be implanted against our will; (10/4/) Linda Howe on bizarre solar activity and the Antarctic ozone hole (on Oct 1 KFWB reports startling news that in the month of Sep 1998 the largest opening of the ozone hole since they started monitoring that thing in the So Pole was recorded ! according to scientists) This time KFWB beat Art Bell. Unusual midwest storms; 10/16/98 KFWB reports a huge S polar berg the size of Delaware breaks from Antarctica; Oct 4-5 CBS Oklahoma tornadoes, storms so severe NFL game at Kansas City stopped; Born Free song; Art's back from Africa; in 2 big E Coast pigeon races in Sept, geomagnetic disturbances disorient over 1800 pigeons; disorientation on such a scale is unheard of, (10/13 rumored news of Art quitting)

#196 (10/16) KFWB radio station reports titanic Iceberg in S Pole breaks off; (10/23/98) Glen Kimball, author of Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus and Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion tells of difficult to accept stories excluded from the Bible like Jesus was born in 7 BC, the Bible was created in 325 AD, Jesus' uncle was born in Egypt and was the Carnegie of those times, the great library of Alexandria with 740,000 manuscripts was burned in 65 BC, a delegation in 73 BC saved copies of the Old Testament in Alexandria before the big fire, the Blessed Mother was born in England, the Star of Bethlehem was the merger of Saturn and Jupiter in the constellation of Pisces etc

#197 (10/23 cont) the Bible is a set of books; scribes Mark and Paul were educated in Egypt; James wrote 3 books on the end times but was excluded from Bible; wild idea that the Druids build a temple in Jerusalem; B: fireballs cont (green fireball landed in Calabaros reported by CBS) 98% full

#198 (Oct 98) Hilly, Bruce Davenport, Nick Redford UFO reports, DSI, FBI, CIA, Air Force; upbeat music; Art returns, mystery general using a voice hiding machine talks about US secrets and amazing fireball descriptions; Canadian troops are bracing themselves for Y2K troubles
#199 Ghostwolf either Jan or Feb 99 details 7th Thunder, belief in ancestors, mystical dude, purification, old ways, Mayan codex, environment, said this is a period of 7 yrs of catostrophic earth changes and some 3 day prophecy of darkness from ancient writings of the Mayan + Incan civilizations, prophecies, weird pictures from SOHO satellite

#200 (10/29/98) live coverage of historic blast-off of John Glenn; rocketship accelerates to 18,000 mph; Sun Nov 1 Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua kills over 9000 people, over 5000 missing; hvy rains in OK, LA, AK and KS; monastery music; Linda M Howe 92 mi-long S Pole iceberg bigger than the state of Delaware broke off reported Oct 15, coral bleaching; B: (11/05/98) 24 mins UFO's of Sept 10; Pathogen in Angola then a Nov 1 crooked voting 60 mins program, but I accidentally erased some of it; back to mystery fireballs and mystery general A in California w/ Art

#201 (11/06/98) Van Danaken B: Strieber, Gen A, Dr Lear

#202 Rocky Mountain High J Denver, (11/11/98) Leonid, Davenport report + green fireballs, great bell music, more UFO's, We 3 Kings of Orient smoke cigars song

#203 (11/11/98) Ramona, Art's wife, and Hoagland in Sandia Mtns, New Mexico, eyewitness the middle of the extensive Leonid Showers Art's Web site, Super cool program but AHA as of May 21, his network archivist does not include this program...the insider historian me was not born yesterday and so I got it

#204 (11/6/98) Maj Ed Dames, geomagnetic storm, Galaxy 5, major timetable revision: earth will endure a massive solar event in 2001 that kills millions of people, the sledgehammer as it aligns w/an aids vaccine, untrue fears about the Leonid, sun region 8370 and the true story of bizarre disorientation of homing pigeons, a gigantic WOW defines Aids vaccine

#205 Dames cont B: environmental problems w/coral; B: 11/15 Leonids & comets, a love song

#206 (11/26/98) amorphous presentation by a Catholic priest Father Charles Moore, if true, the warning of June 30, 1999, coincides w/Hancock's belief of a bolite, Library of Alexandria, the signs of the sky, the Leonids will revisit us in June, he praises Islam, the secret catastrophe of Fatima which Father Moore said the Vatican recently announced on the internet, so this is highly suspect, dimensions of religion, bolites, the osmotic power of a Creator; KSRO Sonoma County weak signals

#206b Hoagland uses weather service radar to disclose something weird in central Arizona Dec 9; then Whitley critiques MJ-12 documents, saucer alloy, Missouri UFO, Dec 10; back to Hoagland Dec 10: the bizarre storm w/ a ring

#207 (12/4/98) Y2k updates lots of internationalism, a new FDIC rule to disallow removal of 10000 from your account began Dec 27, most states roll over next July; takes electricity to cool nuclear reactors and all nuke plants have to be Y2k by July 1, 99, some predict urban crisis

#208 (12/7/98) L Howe, Ryan & Robt Wood present 96 pages of a newly discovered report (previously thought all destroyed) on Roswell, NM; Majestik report from a 90 year old informant T Cantwheel, words by Hoagland on weird winter storm in Arizona; small interruption by an April Peter Davenport UFO report; B: Strieber on the new discovery

#209 (12/11/98) Glen Kimball, the Nativity, the Star of Bethlehem, calendars, excellently condensed; begins w/a clip by Hoagland on Arizona's bubble-like secrets

#210 (12/21/98) Maj D reiterates precussor was real; beware of a kill shot 1999-2001; end of A has tiny follow up to the 1st time Miami was discussed 1/28/99

#211 (1/3/99) Sean D Morton with Clarisse A Barton in a weird situation; John Hogue, author of Decline & Fall of the Church of Rome, Nostradamus and The Millennium, first weekend of 99: worst snowstorm in Chicago in 30 years (plus the E); the last total eclipse of the sun in this century will cover W Europe= Aug 11, 1999 (the last time it did so in Europe: 1961); Pope; Fatima

#212 Crashing tornadoes in Ark, Louisiana in Jan, weather; Antarctica ozone hole bigger; eyewitnesses from Ark tornado; ozone effect in Australia; (1 /27/99) Strieber provides beams of information on SOHO pictures of strange object orbiting the sun, solar magnetic storms, Aug of 72 earth had experienced tough solar storms; B: Y2K tidbits; Prodigy will cease internet operations next Jan; despondent Maj Dames unbelievably remotes Satan

#213 (2/ /99) Dames cont, he believes prayer is more powerful than TRV! said so; very first news of Miami Circle; 1/29/99 Linda Howe; B: 2/7/99

#214 (1/10/99) Linda Howe astronomy, UFO's, MJ-12; (1/12/99) parapsychologist Joseph DeLouise predicts a hand-held rocket attack on the White House in 1999; Alaska was hit by bolite Jan 7th, Stewart Rodman, Y2K expert on hydro-electric + energy; utilities that power transfer from other power grids will cost $3-7 billion to fix all; expect to ration; 300,000 parts are Y2K mission critical, solar power companies (seems safety measure may be a 6000 watt generator)

#215 (cont Y2K) dept of energy, lots of insider news from utilities; Feb lady fortune teller Sylvia Browne; Art chats; Sylvia again; 4/4/99 Linda on UFO; few words on Dannion

#216 (2/10/99) intuitive Dannion Brinkley; 32,000 WWII vets die each month

#217 Dannion cont, future book If Its True What Shall We Do?; B: (2/17) Gordon-Michael Scallion,

#218 (2/17/99 cont); earth changes, the Miami Circle described, the weird significance of the Giza plateau, solar flares (solar 63 hit on Th the 18) Nostradamus, crystals, the Great Pyramid was a time machine-observatory, (he details it) tells Zahi in 95 the capstone was copper and gold; electrical forces; by 2001 the next major war would begin; sees global economic downturn beginning Nov; predicts lots of rain for Fl but no major hurricanes (Art spoke of Gordon as "probably the best since Casey" 12:05 am 2-18) West Central Tribune in Minn of a thing hitting ice last January; Apr 8 pathogen in Uganda

#219 Contaminated water in Europe, global warming w/Linda Howe (4/12/99) trying to save the Miami Circle, Hoagland; Feb 19, Gary North, Y2K supply, delivery + payment chain disruption

#220 (2/25/99) Lia Danks' women's perspective on Y2K

#221 Lia's excellent source about Y2K b4 fears may turn rampant

#222 Lia cont author of Building Your Ark

#223 (3/1/99) preparing for tomorrows show: opening secret tombs on tv w/Maury Pauvich; Stan Deyo describes former days as an FBI agent, SOHO, a UFO near sun, Phil Experiment, peak solar winds influence geomagnetic storms Mar 5 + Sep 6; 3/2/99 Egyptian critique by Richard Hoagland, remarkable insights on the 6 foot panel of Seti I that stands at Abydos, it appears to have Egyptian-carved helicopters beside ancient hieroglyphics

#224 Feb Victory w/Hoagland and a miracle: the Miami Circle is preserved; Joe DiMaggio dies unfortunately commercials are included; B: dire news: Poor Hoagland has a heart attack, he had a premonition before it happened, the power of prayer, lots of Miami news, solar flare storms story from CNN, Hugh Simpson on Y2K, solar storms, Put on that Happy Face song, winds--super interesting

#225 (3/9/99) Hugh Simpson, definition of solar flares, solar blast of the century with 150 degrees temp may occur Jan 2000, our 11 yr cycle is 2 yrs early?, Hugh thinks a max solar storm mid Apr 99 + late-July Aug 99, NBC mentions unusual solar mix, S-Sigmoids, emergency tips, recommends between 40-50 gal of water a mo/ person, brief Hoagland surgery report; a timeline is finally given on the sledgehammer

#226 (3/12/99) Maj Dames, UFO reports, short recap on remote viewing; the northern lights; unusual auroraborealis witnessed by night pilots in the darkness, lively details, discontinuity, earth-directed CME's travel at 620 miles per second, massive solar eruptions but scientists claim S's forming on the sun give a forewarning, S-shape signatures may give us 4-5 days warning, X-rays takes 10 mins to reach earth, ionizing radiation will hit land but not globally or equally, precursors, Dames hopes to warn at least 1 mo before the Sigmoids connected to the serious flare occur and claims a series of solar energetic events will cause electrical danger and are imminent, the devil's workshop, Iraq has 12000 liters of Antrax, an evil plan by them is perceived to use Antrax, target: Jerusalem; the photo of a monster is revealed as a hoax, end of A has heavy snow bringing winter wonderland to the East

#227 (Maj Dames cont) rods, Project Starman, intends to rem view the next bunch of significant solar disturbances and tell us the degree and the where, but still expects Korea stuff 1st, large snowstorm: KS, Neb, CO, NM, tornadoes in TX, OK, open line Louisiana

#228 (3/15/99) Cancer prevention, extremely valuable information by Dr Lorraine Day
#230 UCLA # 2, KFWB computerese, Y2K, Harry Trapp (of Edison) claims 100% compliant on July 1, 1999; Edison has spent 70 billion + claims no need for anything extra for 2000

#231 (4/2/99) Kimball , Easter special, the resurrection and other noteworthy facts on the Bible, a straightforward interview

#232 date unknown Th B4 Larry King: Strieber, Jim, Earl, solar max of 2000 and 1972, weird solar storms directly affect our storms, charged electrical currents in ionosphere are pumped up, ATSAC secret chamber in L.A. (Fed Building) winter report; B: Hoagland happily returns from heart attack but you can tell he is v weak, I prayed for him, Miami, some gap, King interview

#233 May 3 Mighty Oklahoma tornadoes; (5/4/99) Maj Dames atmospheric chemistry, contrails, pathogen, transluminonics; he is offering free tapes to high schools= Operation Guiding Light

#234 Apr 12: L Howe on environment, includes rainforests, rainwater in Europe unsafe to drink, 2 ice shelves in Antarcticabroke off; Ted Phillips civil engineer on UFO's; 4/16 Hilly interviews Native American Indian Robert Morningsky who will dance atop the Great Pyramid in May; he spoke of a May 10 time of great quakes + the sky will darken gray + the end of the present era [No Dreamland Apr 18, he's out

#235 5/5 Bonnie Crystal, grottoes, cave explorer, inventor of VNR; B: open line May 12; ends w/MacDonald

#236 Open lines, rare earthquake in Kansas City; Art not in, is in a self-imposed vacation; so he builds solar + wind generators for his home to be self-sufficient, Strieber stands-in; (5/14) Bill MacDonald, UFO specialist, former Marine, a genius kid son of a PHD genius, gives a detailed interview about Roswell, spacecraft dimensions + electro-magnetics; sounds too good to be true; end of A: Art's energy utility capability is awesome: has 520 amp inverters (230 volts); Bennett report clip

#237 (5/14 cont) B: Art on OK; S. Deyo; (5/18/99) Stewart Best gives a panorama of what may happen if both poles reverse,climatic changes, while surface of earth changes direction, the air does not; wind chill factors, warning signs, Stewart thinks we are in a preliminary stage of polar shift now, dramatic Oklahoma discussed, 318 mph F-5 speed, (just missed an F-6 by 1 mph AND an F-6 has never been recorded in history) a magnetic pole shift could precede an actual pole shift and the magnetic field would collapse to 0, plasma balls, 4 tape set

#238 ; little visit by recovering Richard Hoagland, recipient of the Angstrom Medal, hyper-berick high-pressure oxygen treatment (twice sea-level oxygen); scoop on how NASA reversed itself about not taking Hubble pictures about the moon; 5/20 Linda Howe, an ocean of news on the Shroud of Turin

#239 weekend of May 23 Art tells us NY Airport had a Y2K test and they were down for 3 hrs before switching back to old system to figure out why new system didn't work; ends w/clip of Hilly previewing Egypt-Morningsky -- again Art takes a vacation and is absent Fri and Sun

#240 Moscow winds of 1998; Art gives reason why he has been absent so much; Art is absent Fri and Sun; (5/28) Hilly interviews Steven Mailer, Director of Research at the monuments of Giza Project, Khemitt and engineer Chris Dunn, fascinating Egypt topics; Irish ballad; science news and warning alert May 26/27 1st time in history the US Nat'l Oceanographic + Atmospheric Administration issues an intense Atlantic hurricane season

#241 (5/30/99) Hilly and Shirley Andrews, author of Atlantis, Insights from a Lost Civilization; B: Atlantis; June Art tells all; (6/4/99) Nicolas Tezla electricity + the incredible inventor

#242 (6/4/99) Tezla W/Hilly, BBC release on solar ejecta

#243 heat wave of 98; Old Time 40's espionage on the Istanbul Express; (6/9/99) Linda Howe, new ongoing signs of biologic counterterrorism; nano-bombs; the sun; BBC release on solar ejecta; (6/13/99) a little bit w/ Hilly about the scientist Einstein thought a lot about: Immanuel Velikovsky

#244 (6/13/99) Velikovsky cont

#245 6/17 an atheist on cloning; 6/17 Hoagland; ends w/ Annie Kirkwood on Mary, Mother of Jesus

#246 (6/15/99); (6/16/99) London Times report of a new comet #1998 0 x4 newly discovered appears; NASA says it won't impact us; our 2 guests, Earl Crockett, Gary Goodwin, the electra-magnetic interaction between the sun and the comet can cause CME's; Stewart: the fascination w/ Nostradamus; B: recovering Hoagland, Nostradamus

#247 (6/18/99) tidbits on Egypt and Khemett; (6/20) Linda on the real story on that comet and Turin

#248 (6/22/99) Major Ed Dames, concentrates on UFO's rather than earth changes
#249 (6/23/99) on asteroids and Comet Lee; July 8?; 6/29 excellent on sunspots Stan Deyo

#249.5 (Dames cont); June 29 Stan Deyo back

#250 (6/22/99) Dames cont; the sun; 6/24 Roy Tucker planetary scientist from Goodricke-Pigott Obsv on comets and asteroids; provides info about their risk;

#251 (7/18/99) Linda ecology, locust plagues; Dr Schoch, orbits, earth changes, catastrophe, bronze age

#252 meteor story that fell on truck; 7/25 Linda on heat and Mike P Langevin author of Solstice Shift on prophecies

#253 (7/26/99) Harry Lamb about weather and global warming; dislikes global warming and claims earth is cooling, only 4% of CO2 is from people, there is no human induced global warming he claims, Kyoto

#254 Fr Martin is very sick Tu July 20; 7/26 William J Olsen, attorney, abuse of EXEC Orders; martial law

#255 (7/19/99) Hilly: Olsen, Y2K, martial law; B: sad news on 7/27 Fr Martin dies; excerpts of OHare w/James 999

#256 special tribute to Fr Malachi Martin aired Aug 1

#257 ( 8/4/99) Linda; then Art Aug 5: ecology, MSNBC report on whales, Shroud and facecloth having same AB Blood etc; 8/6/99 Mike Murphy subs, Roswell titbit news; (8/8/99) Linda anticipating the eclipse from Reims, France; 8/9 Linda then Dr Sky on eclipse, Perseids Meteor showers,alignment, giant solar flares; 8/10 Hoagland is back in New Mexico, the meteors & prophecies; tornado in Utah

#258 (8/11/99) Wow unexpected F2 tornado in Salt Lake City; lots of reports, begins w/KFWB sexuality report; 8/11 Linda in France for sun eclipse; SETI; 8/12/99 Maj Dames environment, new plan by Korea

#259 (8/12 Maj D) solar, medical diagnosis, 7.8 monster quake in Turkey Aug 17 preliminary reports 2-4,000 dead; B: Egypt Hoagland bit; 8/19 G North on Y2K

#260 (cont) fragments of Comet Lee; mysterious objects in the skt
#261 (cont)

#262 (8/18/99) Hoagland on special significance of the eclipse including aha the little extras photographed near sun, that strange guy who left NASA

#263 (8/28/99) Phillip with Larry Hunter on Pyramids yet it begins w/meteor over New Zealand earlier report

#264 (9/1/99) strange sight on West Coast across the skies from Wash to Utah and Az, parts of Las Vegas and N Arizona out of power, audio clips w/Peter Davenport

#265 (9/14/98) Hurricane Dennis; B: (9/9/99) Davenport on UFO's and a Florida pastor eyewitness; Typhoon York, mid-Sept; Strieber 6.2 million evacuate the coast, largest evacuation in U.S. history

#266 aftermath of Hurr Floyd; (9/22/99) Jim Berkland on quakes

#267 (Berkland cont)

#268 (9/7/99) Russell Targ, retired scientist of SRI, author of Miracles of Mind (a teaching book & CIA) + Heart of the Mind: How to know God without Belief, (more on the why) pioneer in the development of lazers, physicist, cofounder into psychic research at SRI, now known as SRI International

#269 (9/8/99) NDE Betty Eddie, author of Embraced by the Light, fascinating NDE

#270 (9/18/99) Awareness 2000 special seminar: R Hoagland, archeology, a helicopter in hieroglyphics, the case of the missing plane, Peri Reis map, modern scientific data show Anctarctica ice-free 12000 years ago, brief mention on reversals

#271 Awareness 2000: Hoagland cont: part mythology part factual study detailing pole shift, vivid description of lights and UFO's from rare STS 80 film,

#272 Awareness 2000: Sean D Morton

#273 Awareness 2000: Hoagland, Sean, Dannion

#273B Awareness 2000: Dannion, centers on philosphy

#274 (9/23/99) Mars spacecraft is lost, Hoagland tells you what's wrong; he is really sharp; (9/28/99) Nostradamus and his quatrains w/Stephen Paulos, author of Nostradamus 1999 and Nostradamus 1000-2000?

#275 (10/7/99) All Stan and Holly - great, begins w/Laura McKenna singing
#276 (10/7/99) Stan and Holly Deyo; (10/8) repeat but complete show w/ Dr Lorraine Day on Cancer prevention

#276B (10/10/99) Barbara Simpson interviews Thomas Petrisko, editor, author of Fatima Prophecy At the Doorstep of the World special 3-tape Fatima set: #1 begins w/differences between apparition and vision, in an apparition you use all the senses, 3 types of visions, Zeitun, Fatima story, Blue Army,#2 has 5 signs of the times, end of A on #3: story of the rosary (StAndrew.com)

#277 (Dr Day cont); (10/12/99) Linda Howe, virus, West Nile; global warming; S Pole; Hoagland Oct 14 Stan Deyo excellent comments on sun + CME

#278 (10/24/99) John Iannone author of Mystery of the Shroud of Turin www.theshroudofturin.com Hoagland: watch for a meteor-asteroid scenario or a terrorist attack

#279 Nostradamus cont; Hoagland clips, fantastic description of witnessed borealus, dying lobsters Oct 99

#280 A: (11/11/99) Peter brings fine eyewitness accounts of Joe, FAA controler and real airline pilots talk, something strange flew in the skies of S Missouri and Texas; (11/11/99) Major Ed Dames tells you what it is, an ionized surfaced electro-hydro dynamic jet vehicle

#281 (11/11/99) the sun, this solar max will cont, kill shot still ahead, "the kill shot or series of shots is in this solar max year, so ..." we are right about there, it "... will affect the weather patterns to the degree where we will have extremely vicious storms and that will be the effects of a kill shot." EgyptAir 990, end of Dames; IRS guy; ends spooky

#282 Sept sometime, R Targ

#283 (12/8/99) Maj Dames commensurate w/the sun's potential, there will be loss of food crops, extreme drought, water willbe v imp 100 yrs into the future, the time he expects the weather to get colder and temperatures to do the opp of heat; parts are garbled, lots of Mars talk

#284 (cont) wants to find Ark of the Covenant, a region in Mars had life B: 5 or so mins Dames, guesses that in 2010 a magnetic pole shift, Ingo info, a neophyte has a 15-20% error rate, a single indiv who is trained = 10-15% rate, Dames by himself about a 10%, but a team of 3 can be 100% correct, then Dannion, Venezuela floods of Dec

#285 (12/16/99) Art on S America, then Dannion

#286 A is full w/ Gregg Braden, former aerospace computer designer, hippie expert on philosophy of ancient Essenes, author of Awakening to Zero Point v unique, 5/5/2000 may amplify the disturbances of the magnetics, incidentally while the magnetics are falling the solar count is reaching a peak

#287 (11/28/99) Dreamland w/ Linda Howe, the environment

#288 (12/19/99) Dreamland w/ Whitley and an astronomer and astrophysicist from Spain Mark Kidger, author of The Star of Bethlehem, www.cropcircleradius.com, Mar 13, 4 BC eclipse, astrologers, historical observations & records, the mystery of the Star, thinks Jesus was born in 5 or 6 BC; (v end)12/21/99 tel system down Tue in Nev; excellent weather report, 12/22/99 C Ostman, bio-chips and nanotechnology, DNA revolution, preceded by strange tornado in Alaska 12/22; also sun activity

#289 (12/23/99) Art & Whitley play up their book, The Coming Superstorm; British and US meteorlogical chiefs announce something big; great timing

#290 (12-28-99) abrupt climate in France, Germany: weirdest 140 mph winds



#291 (December 31, 1999) New Year's Eve w/ Gordon-Michael Scallion; bringing in the New Year and Millennium; predicts discoveries in Egypt w/in 2 yrs; strange timeline of pyramid; B: a warning of a 26.5°tilt of the axis which varies through time but beware if it reaches 26.5° tilt; earth will stabilize itself between 1998 and 2002, expects off the chart weather changes, sees inc sun flare action 2000-2001 as crucial yrs; predicts sunspots of 500

#292 Happy New Year! future of energy; B: reviewing predictions; Hilly

#293 (Jan 2, 2000) Linda on global warming; 136 mph wind gusts in Austria; arctic too warm; small report on future trends; scope of change in a century, Gerald Salenti; Whitley and John Hogue, John claims religions will change and go, all sorts of prophecies; traditional families account for only 20% of Amer households

#293MP60 Linda in Dec, astronomy & telescopes in space; melting in the arctic; open lines; a wow UFO story + 2 cops eyewitness it near St Louis

#294-95 (cont) We discover the real Hogue dislikes religion; calls the Blessed Mother a fairy tale; Hogue visits Art, who alsoshows weakness about Faith; but Art believes in Jesus and miracles; scope of change in a century; Buddha was assasinated by poison food; B side is boring

#296 (Jan 13, 2000) Art and Whitley, analogy of global warming, climate, delegate of general assembly of Maryland Richard Demato, mention of 2 most prominent weathermen in the western world: meterologist Baker & climatologist Wigley

#297 (Jan 13, 2000) Part II Linda + Dr James Baker, Chief of NOAA, Montreal Protocols, in 1st 5 mins talks of melting ice cube ex, 64.5° in Phily on Jan 1; then Dr Tom Wigley climatologist; moon picture Jan 20; B: nite of the eclipse w/Whitley (Jan 20) lots of stuff, media begins to explain the weather, but Art + Whitley receive different reception from talk shows, label Art + Whitley as evil sensationalism; 2 vast cyclones hit India 10 days apart, 7 1/2 million people homeless

#298 (Jan 26, 2000) ice chunks fall over Spain; (Jan 27, 2000) Dames, interplanetary. He reads Fax of day b-4 about Maine, tornado warning for Houston, TX read; solar wind high levels, satan, Ark not yet found. Important concept: warmer water expands sea level while cooler water decreases sea level. Experts forecasted for Dec-Feb as a wet and stormy winter for Pacif NW, dryer for S Cal + SW than normal-hence 2nd year in a row La Niña

#299 (1/27 Dames cont) B: men in black type UFO story, complete w/traveling van, mugsy types, weekend camping trip by Prof Jonathan Reed, a real doctor, UFO in a freezer, screaming creature, huming obelisk, pictures analyzed by KODAK of alien, originally aired a month ago

#300 A: freezer ending; (2/2/2000) Kathleen Keating, friend of Malachi Martin; B: tiny bit w/Kathleen, Hoagland, Sagan saw photos of Sedona but Freiden refused, clip on genetics, cell rebuilding; first before a Thur when Art announces S Pole had a real break up, he had said it might (3/22/2000) Wow Art + Richard discuss ice size > Delaware, does break off de Ross Ice Shelf-near last 1/3

#301 (2/2/2000) Kathleen Keating, the AntiChrist, religion, the warning signs, the final warning accrding to her are points in the future that will alter your life, darker forces in the Vatican, a solar cataclysm will be trust upon the earth, she believes in rapture, Fr Martin does not; some garble

#301b (2/9/2000) A: Col John Alexander, author of Warrior's Edge, how the remote viewing program ended, issue of secrecy; same week as Columbine, Peter Davenport, attempted lawsuit against DOD by Peter Gersten which failed in Mar, UFO's; open lines; B: Hoagland, dream music, Linda + Whitley, ecology, astronomy, proba Mar 5, Hoagland + Mars

#302 A: My So Pole special; B: (3/5/2000) or 2/5? Linda

#303 (3/12) Dreamland, global warming, earth changes, Roos Gelspan, Piltizer Prize winner, author of The Heat Is On: The Climate Crisis, The Cover Up, The Prescription; (3/22/2000) Wow Art + Richard discuss ice size > Del about to break off de Ross Ice Shelf + some NASA move here

#304 (3/16/2000) Linda and climate change; (3/17/2000) Hoagland; Peter Davenport and UFO's (3/14) Arkansas bolide?

#305 (3/14/2000) Best of Art UFO sightings, of a Mar 9 suspected bolide in Arkansas, sky turned pure white for 4 sec, emitted luminescent particles, excellent eyewitness accounts

#306 (3/23/2000) Incredible that Antarctic ice

#307 (3/30/2000) Incredible natural psychic Ingo Swan, mental charts, telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing full treatment

#308 (cont he speaks low) John Miner and Peter Davenport; B: (3/31) Hoagland ice cores, S Pole, some Mars
#309 (3/30/2000) Ingo Swann + part of B; (3/31/2000) Hoagland, Art tells he will resign next hour

#310 (3/31) Dames, said China is v good at TRV; discusses Ingo, Dames was in co-ordinate RV & the best that it could do was 60-65%; stolen W88 warheads; people who have guardian angels get blocked from mind attacks by TRV; a gigantic solar flare will collapse the earth magnetic shield and will hard boil us for a period of 5-6 days; Houston area will get hit by tornado soon; earth's ozone layer is not going to be easily repaired even after 50 years; Dames truly believes this is a most serious valuable message

#311 (Dames cont) lots of Angels, last 1/3 hints of cattle mutulation ie investigating us; he was a premed student at one time; end of B Streiber April 2nd good-bye tribute; Peter Lavenda, author of Unholy Alliance, Nazi cult stuff

#312 (cont) A: Linda and Adam Kisner on Roswell, MK Ultra; (2/25) W. Adam Mandlebaum, former lawyer, & author of Psychic Battlefield A History of the Military-Occult Complex, (not to be confused w/The Psychic Warrior by D Moorhouse) RV techniques, occult, 1977 intellignece report by Dr Crest, he never was in TRV

#313 A: Ed Dames; then Tues Apr 4 more farewells; B: (4/11) Hoagland, Neil Slate + brain, Mike Siegel

#314 Whitley then CEO Kilmer, (4/11/2000) solar winds rocks earth's mag field, high-res pict of Sedona from 1998 now released, was in a desk for 2 years, Hoagland and T Van Flanderin on new piece of info on new Sedona Mars photo 25 mins; Hoagland was right all the time, Art reveals who will replace him: Mike Siegel from the Pacific NW on ancient Egypt clip; (4/12/2000) Kathleen Keating, the internet, music are playground of the devil, Beijing winds, devil, B: Fatima, expect the next pope to usher in severe changes in Catholic dogma, 13 levels of hell, claims if pope consecrates Russia he will be healed, Lucia was told she would live to see the antiChrist?

#315 (4/12/ Kathleen) cont; (4/13/2000) UFO Windsor Canada; (4/18) Jim Berkland

#316 (4/18/2000) Hogue author of The Last Pope

#317 (4/19/2000) Wed

#318 (4/20) Dr J Reed; Art and his dad w/Ham radio story

#319 (4/20/2000) alien freezer, Dr J Reed, B (4/23) Linda, + rock at Joshua tree splits

#320 (4/23) Nick Begich; KFWB news on tornadoes w/hail in Tex + Loui, hit Sun; 4/24 the last time Hoagland and Art together?, Blair Witch project uncovered

#321 4/29/2000 Hoagland

#322-324 (4/26/2000) author of Introduction to Superstrings, Hyperspace and Beyond Einstein: Michio Kaku, but first Art's farewell; Crystal Gale, lots of room at the end of #1 + #2; in #3 80% of A is still Art; side B has good stuff on environment v v important near B beg on hurricanes, Prof Gray of Col U predicted 7 hurricanes + 11 named storms, v end of 323 g talk on how web began

#325 (Kaku cont); Apr 27 Mike's farewell to Art Bell; still no Fax machine; (4/30/2000) Dreamland w/ M Hesemann on Holy Cross; Hogue (born in Hollywood) ends w/the best part of St Malachi; Professor Gray predicted 11 named storms, 7 hurricanes, 3 of which he categorized major in 2000; for 99 he predicted 14 named storms, 9 hurricanes, 4 of them major--we actually had 12, 8 and 5 major

New Coast To Coast AM
with Mike Siegel's soldiers of Truth
#326 (4/30?) John Hogue and Nostradamus, interprets channelers on pole shifts but he does not believe it will happen, yet sees great weather changes coming, interesting on popes; Dr Sky and solar cycles, v faint; B: Dr Sky, planetary alignment, astrology, climate

#327 (5/4/2000) Dannion Brinkley and Ghostwolf; on 5/29 Dannion no dice

#328 (5/4 cont) Dannion + Ghostwolf discovery of artifacts in America

#329 (5/16/2000) M Hesemann from Germany author of The Fatima Secret, great UFO researcher and historian according to Whitley who states that book is the 1st to tell the full background on the secret; this researcher makes a serious mistake--a falsehood-when he says, ''the message clearly said that a pope has to make a ceremony, the consecration of the world..." Hesemann thus makes repeated blunder that the consecration as requested by the Blessed Mother was fulfilled in 1984; Kathleen Keating (5/25) begins near end of A, she believes the wealth of the USA will be siphoned to 3rd worlds, in B she goes all over the place

#330 (5/25/2000) Kathleen, rise and order of AntiChrist, he will bury us, ancient revelation of Bible

#331 (5/26) Fri May 26 a Salt Lake City tornado

#332 (5/25/2000) On Fatima then upcoming hurricanes; B: (6/6/2000) Super duper show, 9 million cows in the USA, dangers of making genetically engineered milk, Bovine Growth hormone, super growth iGF-1 w/Robert Cohen, Director of Dairy Education Board Squirt Not Milk Wisdom

#333 June 6 D-Day WW II history special w/Geo Putnam; B: cont w/cows

#334 (6/6 cont w/ milk) June 2 huge CME

#335 (6/21) J Berkland on quakes, www.syzygyjob.com

#336 ( 7/2/2000) John Hogue, 24 lines vs 4 pgs; (7/9) Hesemann, Are the messages of Fatima of things to come or of things that might be?

#337 White buffalo; Linda 1 week B4 Leir focus on Cheops (7/9/2000) Hesemann v important; heat wave ETO = nite of Chief Podiatric Surgeon Dr Richard Leir (7/12); B: Wed Solar flare from sunspot cluster 9077 hit Earth causing radio blackouts Wed am; (7/25?) Joe McMoneagle -too faint

#338 (6/25) Rem viewing cont w/Whitley XM-1 tank (Abrahams) he knew b-4; KFWB on Fatima, (6/28/2000) Mike on lower h2o levels in Great Lakes

#339A (7/4/2000) Jesse Marcel, Jr they do not provide tape so sub w/Sep 26 99 of him

#339B (7/13/2000) Merle Haggart everything you could think of

#339 ( 7/24/2000) Deyo plans to move back to US; hit 401 sunspots 1 week ago, surpassing all time historic record of 355in 1957, Tu July 31 Penn floods, v end is Oct 20 latest announcement of Art + his court case

#340 (7/24 cont) evil maitreya, Anti-Christ B: Deyo, open lines

#341 (8/2/2000) former high school science teacher, creationist Dr Ken Hovind; believes evolution is like a religion; near end of A pretty good on flaws of carbon dating; believes people in pre-flood days lived for 900 yrs + Noah's flood c 2400 BC; 80% full[in East, almost 400 reports Wed Aug -Aug 9 hail, tornadoes, fierce winds

#342 (8/8/2000) Maj Dames is finally interviewed by Mike, A: mainly background on TRV, 3 different levels of RV; his staff works on Golden Eye project to find the killer of a little girl Lea Freeman; B: analogies on bovine, aha incorrect, reveals solar event may be linked to the degredation of earth's ozone layer and since he is teaching in China TRV kill shot may be more far away?

#343 (Dames cont); (8/9/2000) Remote viewing w/Joe McMoneagle, author of Remote Viewing Secrets, The Ultimate Time Machine, www.mceagle.com

#344 (RV cont); at v end is a Dreamland Bulletin (8/20/2000) NY Times on N Pole

#345 (8/14/2000) John A West and Dr R Schoch on Egypt; Egyptians understood earth's harmonics; B: Dr Brandenburg + Paxon on Cold Fusion, great on global warming + super info on how to combat it; Tucker show of Oct 16 on comets + ecology

#345B (8/16/2000) Australian author of Violent Weather Predictions, 2000-2001 Really informative, Jennifer Lawson on astro-meteorology; (8/17) Linda M Howe;

#346 (8/16 cont) magnetic angles of planets, predicts upcoming El Nino; J Lawson (8/25) Nurse Riley and the things she uncovers about the troops

#347 (8/25/2000) Nurse Joyce Riley, lots of Gulf War veterans sickness and other secretive goodies; immune system, toxic stuff, A.F. 910th Air Wing spraying squadron, establish 1 world order army Sep 6; ends w/ 8/28 tribute and pep talk by Mike

#348 (cont 8/25) B: Strieber interviews Hogue on Nostradamus and Fatima handwriting which he assesses as a forgery from 352A ie Oct 29; Hogue predicts Gore will win

#349 Sept 9: Special 4 tape set w/Ian Punnett: Fr Paul Kramer on Fatima; dislikes Medjugorje; 'the church is in a sad state+ has moved in the wrong direction but he would not admit Cardinal Ratzinger or Bertone as bad guys, not even once does he mention Fr Gruner; a high vatican official told Kramer the Vatican is infiltrated; Kramer states according to the Vatican there is no longer any danger for chastisement; in final tape and tape #1 he sees there will be fire from heaven but the beginnings of the chastisement will begin in the next 12-14 months; consecration is at v end

#350 (10/1/2000) Linda pesticides and Lobster fishermen, Gulf vets have high levels of depleted geranium; (9/27/2000) Sean D Morton is finally interviewed but is pretty sicko, oil was $8/barrel now $36, trillion spent on Y2K fixes; first time mkt will take a meltdown in an election yr; electromagnetics + sun, he thought peak would last longer into Oct-Nov; City of Angels 2010 + quake; hurricane season seems punier than predicted; some Iroquois chief put a curse on White House every 20 yrs

#351 (Sean cont); (A has a dum 2 min gap) oil, Russ sub, The Holy Land, predicts Bush will be next pres, called for the sun cycle to peak in Oct, presidents; meltdown of economy in Oct; missing parts are included here; 2012 is the so-called lowest point in history according to pyramid timetable; B excell on riot prediction, from Oct 99, China, Fatima

#352 (Sean cont) expects brief v cold periods, then temp go up; sees lots of flooding; sees v large hailstorms in Tex in Nov that kills; sub; chemtrails; Fatima; John Hogue w/Whitley (intro) 9/29?

#352-A After Hesemann we have Hogue; ending v fuzzy we transferred ending of Wed Dec 20 on Hesemann w/Ian here

#353-A (Oct 8) Indigo kids w/Whitley

#353 (10/1/2000) Linda + Whitehorse Brit Columbian Martin Jaseck sightings in Canada; highlights phony 1997 US Air Force explanation on Roswell, UFO sightings etc, (10/2) weird fax description in Pacif NW of chem trails like a black line like a zipper w/a tear in the sky; (10/13/2000) mad crazy Father Moore + the dark side of Ananaki, origin of Fri the 13th, Knights Templar, Rosh Hosanna is like the ancient calendar of Sumeria, begins w/ the coronation of the lst human king in Iraq, God of Jesus is El, an Ananaki god, claims Moses is Akhenaten (ie Amenhotep IV); at v end Oct 17 scientist-engineer Roy Tucker on weather, instrumentation engineer at Nat'l Solar Observatory for Global Oscillation Network Group, Mike mentions bad satellite reception

#354 Big differences between 1940's and 1999 what teachers think are top 7 school problems about 15 mins; some weird lady warns of terrorist attack on US soil, could be biological terror, in another forecast w/in a month occured a royal funeral; (10 13 cont) more Moore, Eneki=Ananaki in Genesis; claims Catholic Church terrified of Ananaki, Moore wants to reform the church; suspect story of turning gold into white gold, B: about 13 mins he claims the Catholic Church has recently stated the devil does not exist; alchemy + white powder; Whitley reports a great crossing of enormous meteors crossed the sky in the midwest between 7:30 and 8 pm, from Kansas, Neb, & Illinois moving NE, leaving a trail of red, orange, and blue gases; Whitley claims they're coming out of the wrong part of the sky; (10/20) bizarre followup to the meteor story of the week b-4 plus the strangest quiet story on an orbiting asteroid 600 ft in diam #1998-OX4 that may smack earth in 2014

#355 (10/22/2000) Linda on strange deaths of sharks + h2o pollution in Ky; (10/16?) attorney Greg Avery, warning from scientist Tim Caldera, and journalist Will Tomason chemtrails, the Contrail Conundrum, Are 10 million tons of aluminum particles being sprayed into atmosphere? excellent

#356 (chemtrails cont about 30 mins) last half is Biological Terrorism, Michael Osterhome, author of Living Terrors, too much panic-fear scenarios talk; biological terrorism may can change history; B: after some 11 mins replaced by chance w/anti-cancer ortho-molecular medicine, all natural GHR-15 (15 amino acids); clip on Maj D; (10/24) GMS bio recap and acct of pyramids for 20 mins

#357 (cont) basic recap but B has his future prognostications

#358 (cont 4 15 mins, battery died on me w/5 mins to go) Oct 30 Linda M Howe, coral reef could be dead in 20 years; (11/7)asteroid 2000SG344 may miss or collide w/ us in 2030; Ivory woodpecker; ozone hole engulfs city of Punta Arenas, Chile, blindness, abnormal crops, dangerous ultraviolet B radiation; 8.0 quake Nov 16 in New Guinea; (11/17) UFO Strieber

#359 11/16 Dr Sky; (11/19) Linda M Howe focuses on UFO's, Egypt's pyramids, and No Stars, Dr Roger Lear, eyewitness account of disk-shaped object over Camarillo, CA, same nite as smoking gun, the neat story of skywatchers Martyn Stubbs and Graham Birdsall, footage of over 2000 hours The Secret NASA Transmissions, The Smoking Gun, Excellent video!

#360 (11/20) Dr Eugene Mallove MIT scientist, cold fusion, then Nazi then (11/21) voice of Ed Dames sounds different

#361 (11/21 Dames cont) tape is bit fuzzy because Los Angeles is offline concentrated instead on politics, methods of TRV but he shifts around refusing to detail like he used to about how or where it is safer to escape dangers, he does give some feedback on Biblical prophecies, mind is outside of time; (11/27) computers and torrential rain in UK; (12/19) Dr Sky and a partial solar eclipse Sun; A Christmas Carol story by Dickens v nice

#362 (12/18) Adrian Gilbert w/ Ian who is in for Mike who is on vacation till Jan, Topic: Three Wise Kings; B: Jaime Maussan, the Mike Wallace of Latin America, UFO activity around volcano, he said Popo will blow in 3 days, maintaining immortal skin cells by accident Dr Linn A Hoffman

#363 (12/ 3 ) M Hesemann on Fatima, then Dr Lear views UFO sighting Camarillo, Calif cont; (12/20) M Hesemann again on Fatima, like 1/3 imp clip on Fr Gruner, he thinks Gruner should "concentrate more on spreading the message on Fatima than in questioning the consecration", in 1st 15 mins 1st time he critizes Malachi Martin's integrity, saying what Martin probably saw was not the real letter but another version pub in Germany by Emerich, H claims Lucia in 1984 accepted the consecration "was done right" Poor Hesemann is incorrect!; does say if we ignore the Fatima message we might fail in the future; (12/17) Dreamland on skin discovery

#364 (12/20 cont w/ Whitley and Hesemann)

#365 ( ) Whitley w/ Dr Lear and John Greenewald, theblackvault.com; tape is kind of mixed up in beginning 12/24 Bishop Shelby; Christmas songs

#366 (12/24) weird Bishop J Shelby detaches himself, struggles on Jesus too human, w/no barriers

#367 (cont) (12/28/2000) special 3-tape set on lifestory of Fr Malachi Martin w/Brian Doran; last 5 mins: 12/29/2000 Sean, he believed last yr was yr of volcano, expects 2001 as yr of quakes

#368 (cont 85% of A) predicted a lot of social unrest coming up in 2001, believes 2003-2005 a collapse of the mkt, Fr Crespi and Hitler

#369 (cont w/Sean) lots of mkt talk + high tides, expects so so til Apr/May then it will go up in My, predicts worst winter; Jamie Maussan w/volcanoes, the first 1/4 of B has too many comercials; return of Mike from Spain is tucked in

Happy New Year 2001
#370 (1/2/2001) John Hogue and Nostradamus

#371A (1/3/2001) Stan Deyo, end of A: chemtrails + what was seen in Australia last Dec from the sky WEIRD

#371B (1/3/2001) Stan Deyo: believes last yr was yr of volcano and 2001 = quakes

#372 (1/4/2001) WOW news that Art Bell will be back, v hapy nice emotional clips; Asteroid Eros (1/9/2000) Dolores Canon, regression theraphy, big disappointment nothing new on Nostradamus; something new found in Indiana, 1/20/2001 news, election innaguration like 4 mins

#373 (2/5/2001) The return of Art Bell lots of UFO stories
who expects high tide next 2 mos in Calif?sun spot cycles, has been predicting upward surge in mkt for some 10 yrs under Clinton every time Mkt tries to go under10600 the Treasury dumps into the mkt 11 mins of repeat w/Jamie w/Strieber

#374 (2/5/2001 cont) long chat w/Art then Jan 5 (out of place) Mike returns from vacation last 4 mins? Cannot find Coast To Coast on 790 so switched to San Diego KOGO 600; AHA on KABC 790 Dr Toni Grant 10 pm LOOSER !

#375 (2/6/2001) he mentions a gun that shoots 1 million bullets a min, from Tokyo scientists are now able to impregnate a man via men or something; Kaku is an Agnostic and discloses he is a Buddhist; (2/7 Th) Strieber and climate, winter unusually warm in Alaska, like 16°, famous dog sled races cancelled, snow falls in Santa Monica faded, high incidence of cancer among pilots; Whitley has new web updating weather; (2/13/2001) Orgasm machine Dr Anderson; then Maj D same day; now teaches TRV in the States and Hong Kong

#376 (2/13 cont) fascinating stuff, TRV Institute, the replacement to gasoline engine, codename Ginger, a noiseless mobile geo-magnetic transportation apparatis; pushes the mind to the edge, Loch Ness the dinosaur ghost, silo missle was tampered by glowing objects from the earth's future, mother's milk last 1/4 of A; crop circles in Whitefish MT signify a picture description of the future sledgehammer, continues to talk about extreme catastrophes but it does not wipe out the planet, still expects Korea 1st but spoke too little about it; B: on todays prog still refuses to give a time line (Never said 2001) refrains from any timeframe, claims can get a close approximation to time from the event position of the planets, he sticks to "only a guess" chimes w/the words of his former wife, departed PsiTech for ethical reasons, Satan, learning TRV through Mindfire, some cure, fungi now in Tex, in the future the oxone will completely fail so creepy

#377 (2/13 cont) Ark is on Temple Mt; Noah's Ark, open lines; (2/14/2001) Linda on spaceship that landed on Eros asteroid; (2/15/2001) Dr Reed clip, his pal is murdered; (2/15) exclusive 1st word of Dr David Anderson and his laboratory research into time travel and , rats, I am missing12-12:30 am part he spoke of experiments w/clocks and seeds Time Travel Journey and time video

#378 (2/15/2001 cont); ends w/ Feb 19 Nick Begich shorty

#379 (2/21/2001) Ricky Roehr, Pres of semi-religion Oralians, Excellent Dr Lorraine Day, former Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at S F Hospital; Purina admits feeding cattle in Texas some contaminated feed (like high protein ground-up dead animals) The UN Food + Agricultural Organization "mad cow disease could spread to as many as 100 countries across the globe & should not be dismissed as purely a European phenomena"; in 1909 1 out of 33 had cancer; 1 out of 2 in 1999, bad beef has been imported for doz yrs but in small qty, hence deaths not widespread she claims

#380 (2/21 w.clonaid.com cont) B-vacines have cultures of fetal calf syrum (unborn baby calves); BSR or bovine-spong-u-form encapolapti

#381 ( 2/26/2001) Ian interviews Mike Mandeville volcanoes, Casey prophecies + weird climate, foot and mouth disease epidemic on livestock, (2/26) Art has 101° fever

#382 (2/28/2001) KNX quake report in Seattle, US beats Mex in World Cup match in Columbus, Art back despite 101° temp w/Jim Berkland Wow, B: Sean Fatima, weather, polarity on sun flips

#383 (3/2/2001) Sean B Morton sees massive mysterious flu epidemic to hit worldwide 2004-2006, Calif Feb 7 snowfall, Terminator seed or biogenetic food grain, Early Feb in LA we have high 80's then 3 days later Feb 7 snowfall in Santa Monica + tornadoes, snowed for almost 15 mins in the S F Valley, Hopi prophecy explained; B: The Coming Superstorm, Feb 21 Sean's newsletter on weather, election, stocks, NASDAC 1789, Nanotechnology

#384 (3/2 cont) ; (3/4/2001) excellent w/Linda M Howe, author of new book Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles, on melting glaciers w/Professor Lonnie G Thompson of Ohio State Univ, elected a fellow of the American Geophysical Union and Distinguished Scholar for Ohio State in 01; Whitley on UFO's and ice storm which may hit E Coast on M-T; meterologist Steven Sambo on weird weather phenomena; (3/5) Kathleen Keating author of The Final Warning and The Gates of Hell

#385 (3/5/2001 cont

#386 A: 3/4 Kathleen; (3/6/2001) Hoagland on Mars, Are there really glass tubes up there?...(3/12) Mon just opening news w/stock down, MIR + mutant fungus; then 3/15 Tu how yesterday M lost power after 1 probably the sun, nearby radio links go off, too; (3/14/2001) The really hidden stuff on Contrails w/William Thomas, author of Probing The Chemtrail Conundrum

#387 (3/14/ cont) Bush won't agree to limiting carbon dioxides; Will describes how he got started within 50 seconds reg contrails should have disappeared; Mike Porter spoke to an authority last Dec w/the Planning and Environment Office, manager Terry Stewart speaks up; the 1991 Patent; B: KC 135 and KC 10 air tanker jets, side effect symptoms, stuff seen at sporting events + rock concerts

#388 (3/14/2001) final hour then 3/16 Doctor Jonathon Reed

#389 (3/16/2001) WOW Electrifying News the replacement to gasoline engine, codename Ginger is not a noiseless mobile geo-magnetic transportation apparatis for the massses but for the handicapped, if this preview is true (3/19/2001) Last day of winter and the power in Calif = blackouts; (3/22/2001) little bit interesting on cold fusion w/Robert Steensen www.dekaresearch.com

#390 (3/26/2001) Headline news: Late at night the sunspot count was 339, imposition of stiff rate hike, the 20 billion dollars that PGE + SCE reinvested to their parent co's, an investment that went to Indonesia, New Eng, NY, the Feb 3 Fire in San Onofro, 25% of the nuclear capacity in Calif went out, wind power

#391 (3/26 cont) w/Harvey Wasserman author of The Last Energy War, out of 50 states, 23 are deregulated; (3/30/2001)Super wonderful night: The light that danced down on Art and earth: fantastic description by Art: a gigantic CME created spectacular aurora in the States or even worldwide, but Los Angeles + Seattle socked in w/clouds--horrible fog in L.A. can't even see the Hollywood hills from La Cienega

#392 (cont of aurora descriptons from all over the USA, Wowee viewable in Phoenix and near Albuquerque, guy in hot tub is from Flagstaff; (4/2/2001) Bill Marquette from Big Bear Solar Obsv, Mt Wilson discuss mega flare; (4/2) Nick Begich, author of Earth Rising, The Revolution, on HAARP, the weather and electro-magnetic weapons technology and the military, the last caller was from Orange Cty, CA) B: end: stocks Sean

#393 (4/3/2001 cont+ stocks); (4/6/2001) Maj Dames, chemtrails, Anti Christ, MIR, plant fungus, chemtrails; B: Anti Christ is not the devil, this entity has no soul and is a field effect (end) eddames@psispymaster.com

#394 (cont) We will need milk substitutes because there won't be many cows as B4; watch for In Search Of; recent solar event, definition of TRV, Fr Martin and cannibals; B: skunkaid, pathogen near 1/2, between 1/3 +2/3= 85% of world will die etc, dark zone, children killing children, is TRV set in stone?

#395 (4/3/2001) Science + medicine evidences examine 14 ft long Miracoulous Holy Shroud, Dr Gilbert R Lavoy, author of Resurrected Shroud; faulty carbon dating too B: Art's down to earth speech on energy

#396 (4/9/2001) From Montana, Philip Hoag; weird radio reception decayed rapidly around 1:30 am causes interview to end; pop music; best is last half of A

#397 (4/10/2001) a new solar CME, (4/16/2001) sands from Mongolia; another mega-flare from Sun, Prof David Woolcott, research director, author of The Shift of the Ages, Convergeance 3, and The End of Our Last Century, in the shadows of the latest CME talk; nice info on sun, since 1901 data study shows 230% stronger sun mag field by Mike Lockwood, cont + mkts and the sun clips; electro-magnetic interaction of the sun + earth triggers weather disturbances; (4/17/2001) the end of Peter Davenport, same day as Gordon-Michael Scallion

#398 (4/17 cont) GMS says the gigantic flares of late which have been missing Earth have given bad effets, this has the vision of March, Art mistakenly says his last interview w/GMS was 2 yrs ago; on April 2, 2000 the sunspot count exceeded 350

#399 (4/19/2001) Dannion

#400 (cont); (4/23/2001) International Angstrom Science Award Medal winner R Hoagland in the first hour tells us something is happening in the So Pole; picking up doctors by chopper

#401 (4/23 Hoagland continues with So Pole); (4/23/) Wowee on Nanotechnology w/ Prof Mark Peschi, author of Playful World, building devices out of individual atoms, includes transistor capacity, holographic projection technology in the future to build individual artificial devices out of atoms==nano, transistors out of bucky balls (a sphere of 60 carbon atoms), Japan announces they created a transistor out of one atom, www.playfulworld.com; Japan, the US and UK leaders in nano; virtual reatlity v bad for kids, Pentium IV has 42 million transistors at 1.7 Gigahertz, Hp has announced they can make wires 3 nanometers wide across, v end is 4/24 Linda, 2 million livestock slaughtered to combat hoof + mouth

#402 (4/24/2001) Linda M Howe, dioxin contamination especially in UK, preons and foot and mouth diseases
Art is No 1 in Cleveland, Seattle, Denver, San Diego

#403 (6/8/2001) Maj Dames definition of collective unconscious, lost city near Cuba, source of catastrophes but needs to look again, Mindazzle

#404 ( Maj Dames cont); ends w/eyewitness report on strangest rain storm in Houston

#405 (Dames cont); (6/14/2001) Geo Putnam clip and 91-8 vote for the poor Boy Scouts, Bush in Sweden negative on Kyoto; military exercises in El Paso not for foot and mouth countries

#406 Lux Theater Great Expectations plus last 20 mins of Maj Dames

#407 ( / 0 ) A: run away train; the failure of energy plans in the past; future power crisis; (5/17/2001) Harvey Waserman clip, author of The Last Energy War: The Battle over Utility Deregulation ,the real story of Adm Rickover, Bush’s new energy plan, Calif has 4 power plants: Onofro (2) + SLO (2) RADIOACTIVE WASTE IS DANGEROUS FOR 250,000 YRS; Hoagland tidbit (6/13/2001) great Linda Howe, the finding of a plateau w/big megalith structures near Cuba, side-scan sonar unfonfirmed Atlantis; B: (7/5/2001) Friedman

#408 (6/9/2001) Barbara interviews Bob Butts and Dr Batmanghelidj on water cures

#409-A special 4 tapeset: (7/7/2001) Barbara interviews Carol Simontacchi author of The Crazy Makers, relationship of our diet to the various chemicals in the brain, infant formulas, nix on soy based formula they provide a baby equivalent of 5-10 birth control pills, estrogen of; #2 teens, avg Amer eats over 200 lbs of sugars/yr, olive oil wonderful for brain, butter is better then margarine

#410 (5/17?) Harvey Waserman clip, Bush’s new energy plan; (6/13/2001) National Geographic plans to have an exclusive on mysterious geometric findings off Cuba, great Linda Howe; (7/5/2001) Stanton Friedman w/Barbara Simpson planets and UFO’s; (7/21) 20 mins old time radio w/Robt Young + Ann Southern in A Night To Remember [on July 30 Art + his back still out]

#411 End of A Night To Remember; July 23 meteor and sonic boom over NY state, old time radio Jack Benny and Humphrey Bogart; (7/31) Stan Deyo believes global warming is from both the sun and the burning of fossil fuels; believes we will feel drought in future but said we shall have 7 hurricanes-12 expected according to Dr Gray of Col St U + panel of experts

#412 (cont); Dr Steven M Greer, 600 pgs of top secret witnesses, agents and military all involved with recent government operations including an Adm and a Gen: WOW He is the foremost authority on UFO’s

#413 (6/15/2001) Art and Dr Greer author of Extraterrestrial Contact : The Evidence and Implications discuss the implications of Project Disclosure and his May 9 National Press Conference in Washington www.disclosureproject.org

#414 Art describes his bad back; (8/3/2001) Maj Dames, congratulations Art! on this date reached magical 500 radio stations

#415 (8/3/2001)

#416 Start: Project Disclosure (8/4/2001) It began May 9 at the National Press Conference in Washington DC, the beginning point of a grass roots campaign to bring this to Congress & the American public in earnest w/heavyweights who are taking the chance of their lives to spill the beans: husband of Dr Carol Rosin begins, boy does he have a great voice, 30 min excerpt of the exclusive 2 hr executive briefing video, WW II vet C Brown leads it w/Operation Grudge an Air Force unit that secretly investigated UFO activity, John Callahan, former big shot from the Accidents and Investigations branch of the FAA describes a target that appeared b 4 a 747, radar collected but scene clipped by the CIA, Professor Jacobs who when he was in the AF was connected w/a remarkable film that was also suppressed that had a flying disk shooting plasma beams on an American rocket travelling at better than 11,000 mph; B: great May interview of Michio (repeat)

#417 8/4 cont w/remarkable testimony accounts long talk by Dr Greer, Robt Salas, Don Philips of Lockheed Skunks Rem: there was a falling meteor on Aug 1 in Tuscon, Arizona

#418 A: cont accidentally erased 8 mins; (8/8/2001) world news w/Art, strange report of corn husks, excerpt w/remote viewer Steven Anderson, the future in 2050 but he chickens out and tells you little, believes climate change should be more important in society B: author’s books, the weather, same day W Strieber and some incredible pieces of information on the weather in India and the N Pole 4 mins or so gap, ends w/a Japanese Boy Scout story 8/9/2001 Freedom is Worth Fighting For song

#419 (8/10/2001) Sean B Morton, still believes hurricanes will be min but predicts whole sections of the Great Lakes freezing, generalizes on savage winters, CNN reports to expect biggger storms this hurricane season, since 1996 Sean has practiced a form of TRV called spiritual remote viewing B: Atlantis, Cuba, Casey, the market, near end the sun, said all climate is leading to 2012, observes next solar cycle will be 2012, 29 volcanoes erupted in 2000, the extremes of weather will cause food problems, our massive solar cycle will melt polar ice + trigger volcanoes, predicts w/in 2 yrs of Feb quake we will see Mt Rainer pop

#420 (Fri cont w/Sean) Flight of the Key Bird here2x ; unfortunately on Mon Art is out, so you had an old show w/witches, then H Braun

#421 (8/14/2001) Harry Braun, research analysist hydrogen, w.phoenixproject.net

#422 (8/25/2001) Barbara interviews Kimberly Wilson, genetically engineered food, (8/27/2001) crop circles w/Linda then Hoagland; (8/28) E mail weird stuff on dying birds and attacking fish the British guy John Gribbin, astronomer, author of The Edge of Time, The ^th Winter first Linda + Lucy Pringle on crop circles, the top story of one found Aug 12 of 409 circles at Milk Hill, global warming but he has been out of touch for 10 yrs

#423 (9/11/2001) Art on the night of terror, Day of Infamy, they attacked the United States!, end of A:Sep 12, Art + weird photo lots of news, Barbara interviews Robt Young Pelton, watch for a gap, he thinks there is no proof bin Laden did it, Taliban dislike photographing women

#424 coverage on terrorism

#425 America is attacked

#426 (9/12/2001) cont w/Peltan; (9/21/2001) William Strauss, author of The 4th Turning, life rhythms of history, talks of 80 yr generation cycles

#427 (cont) Strauss open lines (9/26/01) LA subway false alarm of gas attack; Travel in Paris Rick, old Putnam, China talk J Breen, some terrorist talk

#428 (9/24/2001) Craig O Thompson, expert on terrorism for over 10 yrs, bio and chemical (NBCW = nuclear, bio, chemical warfare); Amer cities are unprepared, Canadian C4 ok, M10, M41, SM5, (USM40 /M95 best) Russ=junk, skeptic on old USSR suitcase nukes, B: radiation, Art on the night of terror, junk foods not capable of killing bacteria last half of tape super interesting, PDD60 (Nov 97) 9/26 CBS News, new powder found in NY

#429 (9/28/2001) Maj D

#430 (Maj D #2

#431 (9/29/2001) Sean (10/1/2001) global warming Bob Reiss author of The Coming Storm: Extreme Weather and our Terryfying Future short range strategies rely on fossil fuels

#432 ( Reiss cont) scenarios of disease, The Greening of Planet Earth is a film by guys who do not believe in global warning, sneaky title a Western Fuels group, federal coffers for state relief could be drained due to the ravages of weather events that change climate; unlike Dames, he believes we can turn it around, open lines, Operation Pachinko was timetable info to 9-11, Dan Rather special on Afghanistan, Greyhound bus attack

#433 #1(10/4/2001) Joel Skousen claims terrorists will go after high profile targets, tips about water storage, purifying, liquid oxygen, eat fresh uncooked food if attacked, almost 1/2 into tape, stockpile vit c, grapeseed extract, real garlic, provides body a chance to combat and kill infections in blood stream, take collodial silver dosage?, petrie oil from Australia great for cuts, golden seal and olive oil extracts help counter the bio effects of antrax, filters, gas masks etc

#434 #2 (cont) Pachinka again 1st half is best; bio hazards, homeland security talk, 178-1 vote to ban extra bio warfare but US nixes, US has not checked on Iraq since 98, (10/8) Linda interviews Dr Donald Henderson, bio-terrorism on everybody’s mind, UV & daylite undermines power of Anthrax

#435#3 Special report by Linda Howe and medic experts, like Dr Anderson, UV light and daytime can kill antrax, new vaccines not expected till 2002, new super duper discovery that blows up the germ, layered w/detergent, invented by Univ of Mich Dr James Baker of Nano Bio; it kills microscopic bombs in liquid that kills antrax virus

#436 Defending the homeland cont of Linda on Nano bomb; ABC News=Mon Oct 8, 5,000 lb bombs are dropped then fireball; seems 62 nations captured $24 million in terrorist assets; (10/10/2001) Ian +Nurse Joyce Riley + Hoagland a way to bypass Antrax shots, few side effects, an invisible nano-emolsion (nano bomb) nobody in mainstream news mention, can be sprayed on buses, people, streets etc commisioned by Def Advance Research Agency of DOD Projects to develop a detergent + oil mixed by ultrasonics + turned into droplets, put into h2o the droplets become binded to organism + literally explode, talk of 2006, Riley talks of a soap, a neutralizer miracle 2 soap.com, we are not prepared for bio-terrorism, A=vaccines given to kids etc are nasty
#439 Hoagland; is v interesting on nano bomb, not FDA approved yet (10/30/2001) K Keating, author of The Final Warning: Your Survival Guide to the New Millennium
B: Barbara + Jim B on quakes

#440 Art returns 11-19 Part 1 Linda Howe on Atlantis w/Pauline Zelitsky, from Advanced Digital Communications of Brit Columbia, shopping at the mall 11/23 clip All last week he was out due to back; open lines, w/ Frank Joseph editor of Ancient America, The Destruction of Atlantis, Linear C Luvian, Greeks used solar calendar of 365 days, claims breaking news Bronze Age stopped around 1200 BC, much of Europe burned + pushed humans to brink of extinction, Eng and Germ lost 9/10 of their people, claims a missing part of hist, a 1997 conference in Cambridge, Eng, on Bronze Age civilizations published in 1998 but for most of us unheard of

#441 (cont of Atlantis) real exciting news, B: 11/20 v end a 233 sq mile iceberg broke off, the sun cycle peak seems off

#442 (11/21/2001) Sean Morton

#443 (cont) ends w/Art bit on 11/26 on cloning

#444 (11/26/2001) Glenn Kimball on newly discovered Southern Illinois cave findings www.ancientamerican.com

#445 (cont) Mysterious caves in middle America, Bronze Age 3000-1200 BC in ETO and Middle East, photos from 82-84, solid gold helmets, shields, mummies Melchisadek was King of Bethlehem and an Egyptian; NDE lady

#446 (12/6/2001) Pam Reynolds lady NDE, aneuryism removed @Barrow Institute for Neurology, Phoenix, AZ, her body cooled to 58&Mac251;

#447 Dec 7 WW II guy

#448 (12/12) Red Elk; a Dec Dames tape A: After July 31, 2002, TRV classes will be closed to the public, Ed from NJ, the block = the discontinuity, which he now calls a level of confusion, cannot get past it, claims cannot rv bin Laden cause his group is pacifists, false prophet is a machine, tv, said Al Qaeda boys still in S Cal but are cut off, something prevented them from carrying off the attack in Sep, open lines, little glacier talk, Heat Is On song B: bin Laden tapes, Red Cross messes up w/Aids protection, on Dec 13 found 30 boxes of Seran Gas + a camp for making bio weapons

#449 Dames cont, false prophet is a thing, television; antiChrist is last half, near end is glaciers of S Pole WOW; end= Dec 18 Whitley

#450 (12/26) SEAN starts on B

#451 (cont) traces his bio, does not believe in rapture, percieves a global plague between 2004-06, commercials then real start of Sean, feature talk on bin Laden, explains his window, CBS News Dec 28 Buffalo Snow record

Jan 1, 2002 Happy New Year

#452 (1/17) HIGH ENTERTAINMENT VALUE TAPE Hoagland + mysteries of weather changes, believes Tellers paper was the inertia, RKO KNX Jan 9 on energy, KFWB on El Niño cometh, Jack Benny, B Goodman, Gary Cooper, ends w/Art Jan 14; B:(Jan 15 Torch comes to LA) (1/16/2002) prepostorous rogue planet due to arrive in 16 months, Planet X 10 to 40 million miles away?weeks after it passes we may have shift? Blindside Past evidences: 1650 BC, 5300 BC, 8950 BC, believes can be seen this summer, speculates shift takes 45 mins to 1 hr, believes in reincarnation, claims NASA knows about it

#453 (1/16) Mark Hazlewood the encounter is May-June, claims 90% of Canadians will survive; Linda Sun UFO’s; 1/22 Art

#454 1-28-02 Art on European weather soccer vs Can, KNX 1-31

#455 (1-30) Linda was Mon but on Wed Feb 6 Art is out so had some oldie

#456 (2/8/2002) Linda + nuclear guys, provides beams of info, Opening Olympics Feb 8, Feb 11 Art: guy arrested on flight to Salt Lake, (2/12) costs $1500 to convert car to hydrogen, 2.3 gal of water = 1 gal of gas, says to stop importing oil and subsidizing + we should make it in our country, hydrogen and Harry Braun author of The Phoenix Project

#457 Ist 15 boring; discusion on war + water, open lines; B: 250 million monarch butterflies died in Mex due to freak snow storm, Buffalo storm, special report on early spring in UK, 3 weeks ahead NOAA exclaims Nov-Jan the warmest on record in continental USA and Jan 2002 the warmest for global

#458 ( ) Nukes Harvey Wasserman, unscheduled interview, Feb 15 the safety of nuke reactors, Homeland Security rep, plants appear unguarded B: (2/18?) cont w/Linda + power plants; 2/19 manipulation of weather Jim Larranaga, (2/27) Contrails and 1977 Environmental Climate treaty

#459 (cont) Will Thomas author of Chemtrails Confirmed and The Secret Bio War in the Gulf; 2/25 Climate change, 2/28 Art on nuke report of Oct + a cell phone gun, gets detail on magnetics of poles, 7.2 quake Sun?; (2/22) Art comments on weather, mainly changes in Atlantic Ocean patterns, VERY IMP Reuters report of Jan 2002 the warmest Jan ever, my special clip on earth sensitives, carthomency fromThe Learning Channel (2/23) KNX news, (2/25) climate change, Art really details w/magnetics

#460 (cont) open lines Thomas chemtrails, Art out w/bad back (3/8/2002) Maj Dames systematic clairvoyance first time mentioned B: cattle mutulations, WOW Planet X but he does not call it that, tainted milk given to school children in Illinois produces the rash (bad pipes), but news will go away,
ben Laden is alive

#461 (Dames cont) naming a target, al-Qaeda may try for Shasta Power Plant in N Calif, Art has 3 computers, Satan, Dames& Co told to back off from investigating the antrax domestic rat, Art’s back on the fritz, ground zero half year anniversary, near end some guy tells of ferocious winds in Washington State, brand new news Iceberg B22 story 3/18/2002; N Begich poignant remembrance of 9-11, then winds etc

#462 Navy report on N Pole from Anchorage Daily: an ice-free Arctic will expose secretive sub operations within 30 yrs? (3/19/2002) Christine Hulbe, Portland State Univ,1250 sq miles has disintegrated in a 35-day period, part of over 5000 sq kilometers lost in last 5 yrs, dead zone,

#463 3/24 KFWB 12 MD, 3/26 Art, then 3/28 w/Whitley and Graham; 3/30 Barbara and water guy Dr Walter C Rawls--fantastic info

#464 cont Walter magnetics, 3/31 Sun Prof Karl Grossman of State Univ of NY at Westbury; (4/8) Art on rashes, rich Arab is first cloned, strange UFO story in Bavaria, solution for Muslim terrorists: stewardess w/no clothes; 4/11 Sean tiny letter from GMS on Mideast, then Apr 10 news on magnetic fields from New Scientist, they are disappearing? A lg patch in S Africa has for hundreds of years been pointing in the opposite direction of the rest of Earth, but claims not till 2000 yrs from now will dipoles dissapear

#465 (4/11/2002) Sean, 1st appeared w/Art in 1991, the mkt,squabble about Olympic & flag, Frnch at end B: electro magnetic blankets operation, Planet X lowsy info, Project Nanook & mapping, great No Pole info, radioactive isotope= red Mercury bomb* said: 2 months ago there were 6, 4 were found but 2 still out there, bin Laden, last= 11:30 time slot but it worked out nicely

#466 (4/15/2002) Art recounts v weird winds
(so strong it was like 100mph + in NV, pretty bad) Ramona tells us info, too, Warren Faidley renowed photographer-storm chaser, author of High Risk, as of April 13 only 58 tornadoes and no deaths? www.stormchaser.comcalls it normal fluctuations; S Pole

#467 heard Dannion Apr 22 but maybe old show

#468 (4/27/2002) Linda, pole shifts, ends w/N Pole; intelligent discussion on old dates, rare 5.1 quake E Coast, Dreamland mag pole shifts

#469 (4/27/2002 ) Linda + Whitley; B: Andrew Collins then Barbara + William Calvin, affliate professor at University of Washington school of medicine, difficult to understand Gulf Stream, last warm period was 130,000 yrs ago

#470 (4/30/2002) conservation and alternative energy, Don Wulfinghoff has developed efficiency programs for hundreds of facilities, exploading mail boxes

#471 cont w/Barbara; (4/29) Nancy Sinatra; B: Hal Lindsey + Rel, he is one of top 10 writers, NY Times called him top of the decade author

#472 (Art’s temperature hi, sent to hospital, white blood count v hi; 5/7/2002) Art in hospitalso Geo Noory fills in; Dr Ramon Lopez, coauthor of Storms From the Sun, changes caused by sun but not from planets or comets, space weather, Flares are release of energy, solar flares are caused by lg # sunspots

#473 (cont) open lines, Dr Lopez and me on tape! he thinks we will not see a CME that kills living creatures it is not going to happen but !!, he tells you what could happen if it does; (5/15) Ingo + RV

#474 (cont) Ingo Swann, author of 11 bks, father of Remote Viewing, Paul H Smith, trained in 1984 as coordinate RV by Ingo, from 83-90 was at Ft Meade; B: Fire Dept Chief Richard Kichia fantastic story of surviving the collapse of the Twin Towers

#475 (5/24/2002) #4 Fr Gruner and terrorism

#476 (May 31, 2002) Maj Dames this has Planet X

#477 (cont) Dames Angels are powerful, future of Mars, weird tale underground, Bob Lazar gravity emitter

#478 (6/6/02) final tape of Bob Lazar

#479 US vs Korea supper soccer match! USA wins

#480 (6/10/2002) Gordon-Michael Scallion

#480 GMS #2 thinks a woman may replace Arafat, does not see dirty bombs in US, more on Mideast

#482 A US vs Mex World Cup victory; Art on the dry and the wet plus John Cogan on ice ages author of The New Order of Man’s History

#483 (7/8/2002) Cogan, astreroids had hit us in 10,500 BC; (7/17/2002) Charlotte King lady feels quakes

#484 (7/22/2002) Philip Plait of Sonoma U on asteroids, Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writer, got his PhD in 92, Minor Planet Center; harps on Brown dwarfs, Gleissen 229B, is not from NASA but had worked w/Hubble, the mathematics of orbits, "astronomy is an old tested science,"


#486 US vs Korea out of sequence World Cup then Geo N, then news that Art will be back but it is really Sep 3; tornado +a Cal quake + closing of Space Camp in Florida

#487 tape set of Art and Dr Ramon Lopez, PhD physics from Rice Univ, C Sharp Cook Distinguished science professor from the Universtity of Texas at El Paso July 1 Art is back, emerging science of space weather, not that new to us Art Bell listeners but, lots of goodies about the effects; Geo Noory

#488 (7/31) George Noory, Aug 1 Art is back, Aug 11 Michio Kaku,
#489A (8/12/2002) Art sick again; Aug 22 Chicago rains; Aug 27 Linda, show of Cook end of A begins w/Sean Morton

#489 After Labor Day Art is still out w/bad back (9/24/2002) Robert Cook the genius from Texas, he is something else, invented the CIP, Cook Inertia Propulsion engine since 1968, but he is a poor guy, author of The Man Who Changed the Future, The Death of Rocketry, featured in Jane's Defense Weekly, www.forceborne.com, end=S Africa mag pole story &Linda w/Mark L

#489b (9/4/2002) Nick Cook zero point, scientist nice investigator on SS, Gen Hans Kempler dir of all secret weapons, follows trail of Nazis; (9/6/02) at 60% in, Bauval and Rudi Gantenbrink 2 tapes; end starts w/Sean

#490 (9/27/2002) Sean Morton

#491 (Morton cont) politics, China, Middle EastB: open lines (10/3/2002) starts mid of b, Maj Dames, new film to see Suspect Zero, Ufology, watch for In Search Of in Nov that shows remote viewers in action (baloney, it never airs or I missed it)

#492 (10/3/2002) Maj Dames

#493 (10/7/2002) Neil Slade; (10/16/2002) Prof Paul Mayewski, Univ of Maine, author of The Ice Chronicles: The Quest to Understand Global Climate Change, climate, global warming nice info, he's been in over 30 scientific expeditions, www.secretsoftheice.org

#494 (10/3/2002) Art plays scary old time radio show on shadow people, sent by Tom Dorfmeister, George Noory coments on sniper in a community of fear in DC area; big fireball seen in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, tremendous bolite explosion over Siberia last month, US satellite sensors registered it; (10/21) Emmy Award winning TV producer Linda Howe-she says temp changes kicked-in in the mid 1960's-interviews Dr Brown, some giant winged bird in Alaska story, Prof Lonnie Thompson, disappearing glaciers, Africa, the Andes, impact on water supply, excellent (10/23/2002) Geo Noory tells us Art is hurt + talking of retirement; wow authorities captured the dirty rats, sniper is a Mohamad and was planning another attack, was trained in US Army, at our expense!

#495 (10/24) Art on AIR, science facts, ocean dead zones in seas off Oregon, scientists baffled, lack of oxygen and shocking aurtricism or something I never heard of it Halloween news: strong quake in Italy, scientists expect El Niño, southern third of US and Ohio Valley will be wetter than normal but northern part expected drier, E Coast to have noreasters, (10/24) Michael Horn, researcher of Biilly Meier(UFO)

#496 (11/3/2002) Michio Kaku and Gelspan special recording

#497 Broadcast of the War of The Worlds B=A, other side 11/4/2002 Noory & Linda

#498 (11/5/2002) Wayne Green www.waynegreen.com

#499 (11/6/2002) Professor Lawrence Krauss, author of Beyond Star Trek Physics, from Alien invasions to the end of Time, Chairman of the Department of Physics at Case Western Reserve University; an internationally known theoretical physicist with wide research interests, including the interface between elementary particle physics and cosmology; his studies include the early universe, the nature of dark matter, general relativity and neutrino astrophysics.

#500 (11/6/2002) a new singing sensation from Spain, Ketchup, 3 young sisters, helicopter UFO video from UK, open lines; Professor Krauss,Time travel, Physics, side B near end Planet X talk; he said it is possible for a 360 wonderer but highly unlikely

#501 (Krauss cont) (11/7/2002) Hoagland on Mars, and the set of pics from Russia

#502 (Hoagland cont); they w/cat Nov 8 oooh Art' web site is mentioned in L.A. on KFWB about exclusive pics of POW camps; Escape Egypt

#503 (11/12/2002) Col John B Alexander and the military of tomorrow, author of Future Wars, Non lethal weapons, borders, if we call up lots of reserves what happens to the economy? most of the 9-11 terrrorists were here legally, they took advantage of America’s kindness, George is a crack up: 2 British mental health workers chat with a stiff, who did not want to chat, so they left, Quayle chats briefly, close to 4000 cases of West Nile virus, a cell has perhaps auto detonation 100 kiloton (5x Hiroshima) nukes, bin Laden the creep has a Masters degree in economics, FBI issues big alert B: GMS the dark side of life

#504 A: X-1 The Random Factor, hungry time traveler old radio show, lots of news B: (11/21/2002) Gordon-Michael Scallion absorbing discussion on satonic possession, calls Lucifer a negative driving force that can posses you, 800% inc of possession in NY (Father Malachi Martins old area)

#505 (cont); Art provides news on the VLT, very lg telescope in the Chilean Andes, with 4 giant mirrors 4 meters across, something has forced over 700 students to get so sick they are sent home=near Tyler Tex, the Gilmore Superintendet is shocked by this peculiar sickness; Arctic melting faster than previously thought yaks NASA; 11-27 Marcus Allen of England

#506 (11/25/02) Nancy Lieder who can speak telepathically w/aliens HIGH ENTERTAINMENT VALUE TAPE

#507 (12/2/02) Art on storm; Rex Geissler author of Explorers Of Ararat and the Search for Noah’s Ark, President of ArcImaging a group who uses Remote Sensing and Ground Penetrating Radar to find objects under Mount Ararat's ice cap as well as other archeological sites, fascinating, has interviewed every living eyewitness of the Ark

#508 (cont)

#509 A: (12/12/02) Stan Deyo author of Cosmic Conspiracy -Millennium Edition, The Vindicator Scrolls, farewell to Art, excellent news about climate, UFO's B: (12/19) Sylvia Browne first Linda, rats missed Steven Greer

#510 (cont) all Sylvia

#511 (cont)

#512 Mel's Hole A and most of B Sylvia she sees a wall we can’t get past

#513 (12/20/02) Maj Ed Dames, ergot & blight , ergot doesn’t cause gangrene, light sprinkle of terrorism, last 1/3 of A the wall, unbelievable as it may sound believes next yr is a coming big geo-political scene, “N Koreans are not Iraqis” B: UFO’s and Contact

#514 (12/23) George; (12/24) Kathleen Keating author of Torn Sky, The Gates of Hell: All Roads Lead to Rome 90,000 Mongolians training in Baja? she expects 2 comets but does not think Planet X in May is one, George + her think what we had in 9-11 has faded away, some guy named Scott haas new bk that documents foreign troops in N Amer
#515 cont; B: Kathleen then12/26/02 Sean

#516 (December 31, 2002) Art Bell’s final program, Hoagland then Crystal Gayle then the countdown
#517 farewell to Art cont



#518 Begins w/my special Red Skelton old time radio show how he handles the devil; (1/6/2003) George Noory ‘The Nighthawk’ is the real replacement Rats missed Jan 2 and Hoagland; (1/7) Harry Braun and fossil fuels

#519 (cont) B: Fr Andrew Wingate founder of Oblates of the Holy Child and St Therese, reformed, every Oblate has to be an exorcist
#520 (cont 2/3/2003) prophecy, end-times, reason to give warning: he has received new revelation, forewarns of many darknesses, super bizarre somewhat chilling
expect a great quake soon, in the future sees a city like KC w/killer quake, just b4 the US is invaded the antichrist takes hold?, 2 sets of 3 days, Day 1 no sound, 2 has lighning w. no sound, Day 3 need blessed candles, near middle Blessed Mother appeared to Geo Washington, gave whole hist of US to him, to expect supplies from Pontiac, Wingate asks for a sign, so in 2 weeks gets anonymous donation (to go to Rome?) met Pope 1st in 87, he + Fr Gobbi met + both say we are in an End Time, an end of an era. An era where Satan must must attain his greatest power ever; then and only then can he be defeated; talks about new disease & famine in gen, no weather, claims he had been in seclusion for last 10 yrs, here is his time line: by the time US ship blows up, the US will be involved in 3 foreign wars; the UN will invade us "in about 2 yrs," "...over the Christmas holiday, season." And this was explained to him some 18 yrs ago. Heaven showed it to him & 5 others. But ship has to be sunk 1st + Cuba, diseases & homosexuality are warnings, strange: yrs ago he wrote that the stage was set if the US accepts full diplomatic relations w/China, Viet Nam and Cuba. Weeks after Cuba, a ship is sunk in N Atlantic & looney as it sounds, US would sink it; Side 2: claims if not listen to Blessed Mother, the Church will be chastised, 3rd Secret according to him=Satan will reach highest level in Church, v little talk + a few days ago had a vision, he was told to warn us, someplace something will happen in 30-90 days a big explosion, open lines @ 1 place he thinks 9-11 blame falls on US govt, exorcism, new twist on G Washington's dream vision, to him it seems the Catholic Church does not want to follow, barcode is mark fo the beast,in Japan old folks get one of their wrists w/a mark, he knew the Iron Curtain would fall b4 it did, St Michael can intervene on all things, s. of Mex City exists his shrine, 2 months ago spring well suddenly dried, 3 days of darkness explained

#521 (cont) Wingate said Pope trusts only 5% of priests, Pope told him "he has virtually no control of the Vatican"; (2/14) Dannion, 75% of his hair never grew back, Dannion dedicated the show to fighting servicemen + women going over to battle, 2 NDE's, 1 death, Geo had only 3 hrs sleep, the whole trauma, life review + Crystal City they hardly touched, thinks we are on our way to WW III, described process in which we leave this life, described himself as pompous, egotistical, mean when he was young, said there is no such thing as a good NDE, absolutely believes there is a mystical world on the other side, was told 117 future things, said Art is an infinite reporter
#522 (con 2/3/2003) George and Fr Wingate (2/5/2003) re m viewing & Dr Hind

#523 (1/15/2003) Biblical NOAH & Vendyl Jones

#524 (2/1) Space shuttle disaster (2/14/2003) Dannion; reverse grandfatherly voice Creme w/British accent to hook suckers, M is 6ft 3, nature of him is to paint M as a nice guy who has been in London since 7-1977, creep yaks those who see Jesus heard the voice of Maitrea, who overshadows Jesus; crowd of Africans called M Christ; Creme calls M planetary Christ, Creme elevates M as supreme over Jesus Christ; Creme said M is waiting for a European and US stock crash, Creme believes it will gradually change for the betterment of the world and M will present simple teachings which many will folow, when M appears on TV he will not be called M,claims to dislke 1 world order, M prefers remote areas, Fatima is a manisfestation of Mary of 2000 yrs ago, Creme called her a master + like if he knows in 200 yrs she will reappear in physical body, big distinction in that he never calls Mary the mother of Jesus Christ and that is a big hint he is v misguiding

#525 (cont) Jan 21 Tues powerful 7.8 quake on W Mex coast, Jim Berkland, he stated last yr 02 was quiet yr for quakes (predicted World Series quake of 1989 in newspaper) magnetic field changes precedes lg quakes, Los Angeles is full of faults, he does not expect any 7’s in MW but does for So Calif, deserts E of L.A., KNX 1/22 long lasting arctic cold in USA, Mauldin dies at 81 B: (1/28/2003) Benjamin Creme this guy is really weird, cleverly assert the Anti-Christ is not of this time but in 3,500 yrs from now (in 2nd half discusses stock exchange) this dude must be an agent of the Anti-Christ; tricky claims WWII was war between the forces of evil vs the forces of light of whom M is the leader

#526 (2/18/2003) Bob Reis good info on weather then Nostradamus,end of B: Mabus could be 1 person or two, who can trigger something; he believes Mabus =Saddam but he has to die soon, too

#527 (cont) antiChrists, dead come out of their graves; KNX Feb 21?: a So Florida Univ professor is cptured, a leader of North American faction for Palestenians and Jihads,(Sami Al Arizar) B: KNX 2/22; 2/24 some Planet X chit chat; 2/25 Neet the size of Mercury mass, a 37,000 yr-old comet w/ a tail 5 million miles into space + 3x the size of Jupiter flies past Sun; Craig Wind author of Tea With Terrorists, some 60-65% of the 200,000 million Arabs under 25? near the end graphic describes the mad crazies

#528 (Mar 3, 2003) George Noory is now in Los Angeles ! Steven Quayle thinks the war will not be contained B: Prof Daniel Durda from Southwest Research Institute

#529 (cont 3/4/2003) Durda on Astronomy doesn't believe in a Planet X, but indirectly admits it could be dark and may be unseen, does not illuminate on 2001 KX76

#530 (3/7/2003) Maj Dames, admits made a big boo boo w/Chandra L, begins w/San Diego, clever terrorist plan, about the sailboat attackers wanting to hit S D, but he believes we can interdict it as he has notified govt, gave his message here about the secret tunnel w/a hidden nuke waiting for Allies in Korea, after new Korean war US is more weak than imaginable, claims it goes through a drastic change like the end of the power we know, economy tumbles, China=#1, it is too creepy, look for tremendous storm patterns & violent weather B: 3/7 Horiwitz diseases (3/8), all kinds of recent stuff wow, smallpox vacines made from cow pus

#531 (cont, Matrix Intelligence Agency new firm) after new Korean war US is more weak than imaginable, claims it goes through a drastic change like the end of the power we know, economy tumbles, China=#1, it is too creepy, Planet X idea is real but did not agree to May stuff, look for tremendous storm patterns & violent weather B: diseases and open lines

#530 (cont) Dr Leonard Horiwitz, viruses and Dr Maurice Hilarman the doc from MERC who said he helped bring the AIDS virus to N America, Oxygen is 1 of 2 factors that help you withstand infections, according to Horiwitz, SARS, (3/10/03) Humphrey Willis, para legal, anthropologist journalist, staunch advocate of solar cycle, v end of tape a Gliesenberg 70 yr Sun Cycle discovered in 1944 (last peak was 1930-33) in 1978 half of 70 we were at the bottom of it so less sun spots, a paleontologist from Cambridge announced 350 million yrs ago a 300 ft drop in seas, find bks on Dr Wally Broker, a new ice age is coming, said we are in a natural solar cycle

#531 (3/10/03) H Willis author of Earth’s Future Climate, climate change; he thinks it will get cold
#532 (cont) Willis

#533 (2/26/2003) Will Thomas author of Chemtrails

#534 3/19 News; 9 min speech of going to War; (3/19) George comments on the new invasion lots of dramatic news, from FOX too; (cont) (3/20/2003) Sean

#535 (cont Sean describes 1994, v early predicts war in Iraq shall be over in 6 weeks, continues w/past hits I marvel at his hits--creepy, US mentioned in Bible?) Creme told Sean he was a card carrrying Communist for 42 yrs, war w/China between 2015-2020, parts of IRS + EPA already in Denver, Utah is new top secret center of space command Denver airport has hidden tunnels, w/in 2 yrs sees China invading Taiwan, Bush owns country clubs+ big parts of Shanghai B: begins w/virus but little info, 1/3 in talk he mentions the Aug terrorist attacks on airports, v end talks of Fatima

#536 (3/21/2003) George from the city of the angels and Linda discovery of weird virus + Putnam

#537 (3/23/2003) lots of news, Michio Kaku w/Prof Richard Heinberg our oil production (which peaked in 1970, discovery of oil peaked in the 1930s) author of The Party is Over, Oil, War and The Fate of Industrial Society, we are a debtor nation in lots of things unlike WW II, world oil discovery peaked in the 60s, USSR peak of production='87, U.S. natural gas has also peaked; some guy w/ Geo Putnam thinks war is all about oil, and US imports 46.6% oil NOT from Gulf countries, the US imports gas15-18% Wow the cool WW II song, the language they understand, Arms For America B: war, 50 miles s of Baghdad, the dirty rat Iraqis trick you + show you white flags then blast you full of lead (3/24) Sydney Goodman renewable energy, falsity of nuclear power in terms of people and plants, 2.3 mpg tanks?

#538 (4/14/2003) Mike Heisner excellent reconstruction of Sumerian Mesopotanian ancients, could Niburo be a pole star? Sumerians knew of only 5 planets, he has sources and references; claims Sitchen is a fink who makes up parts and whose reconstruction is not right; tells you about the flaws; could Sitchen be really off? B: end of Geo w/Kaku too, Apr 16,time travel, slowing down aging, robots; Art Bell returns for a night! Art speaks about the war

#539 (4/1/2003) George, war news, Marilyn Thompson diseases, she won't take Antrax shot, News; (4/2/2003) Maurice Quantrill? ancient civilizations

#540 Apr 3 War News,crazy Iraqi propaganda calls US troops Nazis & squaks we are not in Baghdad, Sadam pops up in Big B, war still tense unsure, Steven Quayle, war, and SARS, traced to a Chinese university doing bio research, Quayle does not like to fly, a Republican Guard general who tries to flee in his Mercedes is killed B: (4/8)start of Glenn Kimball, his dad was a Greek historian, according to Harvard Prof Raymond E Brown Tiberius Caesar called Jesus and James his little twins; in 101 AD some new Roman law enacted that would not send Christians to the coliseum unless they confessed 3x; a painting of King Arthur II c 700 AD getting shot by arrows from Indians? best part is when he tells you America named after an ancient text naming a constellation of stars, the Americas, Jews went to Alexandria to retrive their bks in 68 BC, Jesus wrote a bk The Serapian Document, and it is claimed Jesus had kids, Kimball baseball card collector; 4/7 David Darling outer space

#541 (cont) (3/24/2003) Sydney Goodman nuke energy, author of Asleep at the Geiger Counter; Geo on war news B: with room to spare a little history of Christianity and the story of FATIMA

#542 (cont 21mins 30 sec) Kimball mainly B 4/9/2003 Statue of Saddam goes down, 150 children prisoners free, Hit the Road Jack, Chirac song funny, excellent Big B disintegration on the spot reports follow Geo Putnam; 2pm KNX NEWS song

#543 (cont) out of place Michio; (4/21/2003) Prof Charles M McCanney author of Planet X Comets & Earth Changes, programmable atoms, nano technology
#544 (cont)
#545 (cont Open lines seems Hale-Bopp was seen in 1995 on a collision course w/earth but it slowed down 3 months--that kept HP from passing w/in 1 million miles from us; Tom Greanias and his crew shooting for a movie in ANTARTICA, Picture of Earth from Mars, 6.8 Algerian quake info, extra tidbit anotherTom gets stuck in L.A. traffic May 22)

#546 (cont 5 mins); sequence goofy, 4/18 Art cont ending; Geo on Easter vacation, News 4/19; 4/21 Prof C McCanney novel idea of his is that comets are not dirty snowballs but x-rays, 2/3rds of our magnetic field is from electrical currents not center core

#547 (4/23/2003) a SARS special

#548 (4/24/2003) Gavin deBecker of UCLA? Fear, management of violence and expert on predictions

#549 (4/25/2003) Planet X George & Nancy, her voice will sound so alluring to some, she used to say mid May now June, when he asks her why don't we see it now w/May almost upon us she answrs w/beaching whales + Egypt & avoids answering! still yaks about no working phones + roads all clogged, reiterates a pole shift "after a week of rotation stoppage", the earth ceases to rotate by June 1, her understatement of the century: if it doesn't happen my life is literally ruined 4-28 tail end= 4/29 on Angels + war

#550 Swarms of tornadoes tear into mid America, Old Man Mtn of NH bites the dust, Orson Wells The 3rd Man WW II old time radio espionage; (5/11/2003) Mother’s Day special on falacies of nuclear energy w/Prof Kaku, guest: M Marriot, Executive Dir of Nuclear Information Resource Service excellent info; B: 5/12 Alright!, George is back on the air in mighty Chicago at correct time slot; 5/13 George provides Nancy and Philip in Planet X debate but they tell you little, Nancy really fizzles, it could have been better for they go off in tangents; What happened to Sean and Hazlewood? Philip quips there are always weather records every year + blames our current transcriptions on El Niño, he does not believe in an extra planet in our solar system, Nancy claims Tom Ridge of Homeland Security recently mobilized 100 agencies, she still thinks bad things to happen soon, rest is Philip asteroids, astronomy...oh, Philip goes it has been documented that she has been wrong but guy never shines with specific examples--their debate one time even got stuck on Hale-Bopp!
#551 (cont) x flares of May something else

#552 0 (5/16/2003) Full moon & last nite a big red one too SUPER DUPER show with Professor James McCanney, author of Planet-X, Comets & Earth Changes seems that Comet NEAT (C/2002 V1) was hit by a CME on Feb 17 and it passed close to Earth, last month?, about only 75 million miles
#553 (5/13/2003) Marshall Masterswww.yowusa.com, astronomy and Niburu; he expects in 2012 a hi-velocity rogue planetoid (5/28/2003) George's news, a possible quake w/in 48 hrs? SARS in Toronto is hot, a little 2 yr girl is rescued from a washing machine, curse of the quarter; (5/29/2003) Art Bell is here tonight, a tale of radio antennas, recap on the worst violent Spring in memory, the Sun is acting up, in the last 3 days we've had 3 X-class flares, world oil, 2 solar CME's swept past our Earth today; Ed Adern the conscious

#554 (6/2/2003) Watts Wacker futurist, author of The 500 Year Delta, pays attention to media coverage & bio-chips, SRI, 21st Century Alchemist, the dynamics of change George’s dad is 80; (6/3/2003) Thompson, author of Seas of Fire. eyewitness at Tiananmen Sq massacre in 1989, intro Santana song here?
#554b (cont) foreign correspondent 70 yr old Gordon Thompson from Ireland (globe-intel.net), over 200 Canadian co’s linked to the US are in direct control of China’s international and investment corp (RTIC?), the owner of a large shipyard in the Bahamas, the world’s largest container terminal, and behind interest in Panama Canal; 2 yrs ago Russ & Red China signed a nonagression pact--the 1st time since Mao, helicopters w/big nets took away hundreds of bodies at Tiananmen Sq, he puts the total dead closer to 10,000 not 700, believes eventually will try to weaken us, early on B talks about new explosive difficult to detect, from labs of Zen DF, in Mar 2001, a defector named Zhu Zhu Ping, a Col came to USA to spill beans, references a CIA document that warns China by 2015 would have arsenal of nuke weapons aimed at US, speaks about Dr Lee the scientist-spy that was released cause he claims knew about Project HP (Holographic Portal) & according to a Prof Richard Boylan w/NSA contacts the US released him for fear of spilling the beans, AMilitary Intelligence Dept (MID) then it fades

#555 (6/12/2003) Roger Tholces, chips in people, private investigator, the links of espionage to database, spies, rats and finks, access via cell phones etc really cool stuff

#556 (6/18/2003) Weird mind control, Wade Gordon, Brookhaven & military secrets, believes in Roswell, creepy tel calls,

#557 (cont) (6/20/2003) Georgie tells us about news on that creep who enters US legally in 1994 a truck driver who aids terrorist to blow up Brooklyn Bridge luckily he was captured, Roswell documents declassified? cowardly terrorists attack ambulance w/red cross markings, 2 tiny containers of plutonium lost at Los Alamos, SOHO in trouble, 1 hour w/Stanton Freidman, origial investigator of Roswell, author of Crash At Corona, the Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident, and Top Secret Magic, sthen comes SARS watch out...the factors of that new germ is given too much importance according to him, insteads blames other causes, hmmm claims there is an agenda to lower earth pop, claims cover story and conspiracy w/SARS epidemic, smallpox vaccines more bad than good

#558 ( ) cont
#559 (cont) George is fighting cold (replay of 6/13/2003) Professor James McCanney and new angle; 1 hr FRIDAY THE 13 originally I had missed it but the replay on June 23 saved me Wowee LOTS OF GOODIES

#560 (replay of 5/20/2003) Robert Felix controversy of contrary news, especially the existance of growing glaciation; claims an early indicator to coming ice age will be sea levels go down, every 23,000 yrs earth takes to make a complete axis of rotation ie precession (normal nature) or an 11,500 cycle related to the Earth's rotational axis, he said GRIP tells us that for last 250,000 yrs every ice age occurs in lesss than 20 yrs; he cited examples but I do not know about him, for the moment must watch him

#561 (6/24/2003) turbulent tornadoes tear up Minn and Manchester South Dakota & fires in AZ (6/26/2003) Maj Ed Dames Art is guest host...Poor George needs rest good old Stan Deyo in the first hour, expects violent earth changes till 2020, floods, quakes etc; Maj D admits boo boos, on 2 counts-E Smart & No Korean attack, he claims, was not TRV but dum opinion, claims a viable military strategy, major news: plans to invent some better way to narrow timelines, claims we will not see another major terrorist event to drive down our economy but you will see in our lifetime something that will take down our ec quickly, some CIA past-TRV session w/him involved an assassination, disturbing, dire avion borne disease (indigenous to Africa) will begin to infect mammals and trip the US of the future w/possibility beginng summer, unlike SARS not easy to contain, other rem viewers need to be politically correct hence they don]t talk about weather-bio, big on TV 10 Japan

#562 cont; B: (6/27/2003)crop circles Linda; John K Hutchinson, jellification of metals, levitation, floated guns in 1986?, web: rumormillnews.com/JOHN_HUTCHISON2.htm cool scientist credited w/discovery of highly-anomalous electromagnetic fields, his lab was destroyed in 1990 when invited to Europe (6/16)

#563 cont (6/16) tons of info to digest
#564 cont B: (6/27) Levitation and John Hutchinson, scientist-inventor w/Art, hounded by Can, got kicked out of his own country, zero point energy battery cell micro casmir plates that pluck out energy, incomplete show, MAX Planck Institute for Meteorology of Germ & Kyot o Institute of Technology tested him, claims levitated ice cream & froz oj, subharmonic HAARP; B July 10 news, James the bro of Jesus box fake (7/24 Prof Ramon Lopez) 

#564 (cont Lopez) sunspots in 1600’s disappeared completely, tiny ice age B: George reprted that after a 5 month surveillance w/help by Russians who provided a deactivated SA-18, 3 creeps caught, three people story late July or Aug news they tried to smuggle and sell SA-18 Russian built rocket near Newark airport, 2 creeps arrested in NYC, a Brit national was arrested; out of sync Aug 12 news Geo reports100 dead in heat wave-winds, Aug 25 Dr Sky, 4.6 quake Yellowstone and interviews Larry Park ranger quake expert

#565 (7/3/2003) George and Marian apparitions Tom Chase in USA and Fr Gruner on Fatima, era of peace could be seen if only the words of the Blessed Mother are followed, words echoeing of Malachi Martin that Faith is in danger, ends w/Linda; George is #1 in L.A.

#566 (7/18/2003) Special 90 min show w/Fr Wingate, founder of the Oblates of St Therese of the Holy Child Jesus, the weird weather on the USA is a form of chastisement, foresees Fl underattack by nuke, an invasion of USA by UN forces possibly w/in 2-3 yrs at Xmas, really believes we are in the end times, but Catholic Church does not officially recognize his outfit B: finally touches upon weather, the space shuttle, according to his website trumpetersmission.com visited Purgatory in 1992

#567 (8/21/2003) Sean claims the rise of loco virus was seen by him, he told Art 2 yrs ago of supercomputer viruses, discovery of Al Qaeda plot to hit airports, FBI nabs em, forewarned of dangers to Bush in Dec at a summit, B: death of bin Laden? Linda w/Stan Friedman July 4, Roswell

#568 Linda after Sean w/Stan Friedman July 4

#569 ( ) Art w/ McCanney, end of B Geo w/ bioterrorism expert Quayle & surveillance expert Douglas Hagman

#570 (9/9/03) Quayle cont 1st part yaks too much about neck bomb guy, comercials B: v early 9/9 10 pm 15,000 dead in Fr due to heatwave, live test of prototype reflective dot stickers, Gary Pratt changes the molecular structure of glass to a radiant barrier, he captures sound, a hologram image you can pull 4th dimensional energy out of the air + apply it to a 3rd Dim sticker rats seems I misssed 8/14 Kathleen
7/14 Raporport
#571 (8/27/2003) Hoagland on a cell phone on Mars exclusive report w/George from Obsv B: Art w/McCanney Sep 20

#572 (9/22) here is where Geo talks about the Ward Hunt glacier melting w/ Brian on energy then 9/24 small asteroid 2003 SW130 missed us, Linda on Cuba super dazzling show 9/14 Craig Winn and Art terrorists with Evelyn Paglini??

#573 (the Fri of the Japan quake) George; Oct 5 Mars Sydonia w/Hoagland ends w/Oct 16 Robt Felix ice age

#574 (10/12) Maj Dames w/ Art, 1st half is best; the current war in Iraq is not WW III, according to him, it started in the 1st Gulf War, continuing, will end when something bigger than war interrupts, like a great cataclysm, starts out slowly, translates into 200-300 mph bursts, sheer terror most probably not worldwide, the most secret weappon of China revealed, bio-engineered biological weapon but not as powerful as nuke, the moon will be the new highground of war, weapons on moon

#575 (10/13) George finally interviews David Adair, SUPER WOW show, extraordinary experiences of rocket genius is finally taped whole, his dad started working w/Lee Petty as racing mechanic, son David by age 12 had worked on engine that won nat'ls, loved model rocketry, currently testing from a Caribb isle microgravity, learned rocket fuel mixing from racing cars, near end nicely explains how to measure distance B: he got 14,000 hits in a day, 13 yr old electro-magnetic fusion containment engine, Gen Curtis Le May, pal of Biola, Neil's mom, age12-17 could remember volumes, Dr Arthur Rudolf architect of Apollo engines (Gestapho Col) yes von Braun came after WW II, both helped, David's test rocket hit 8000 mph B4 everybody else! then taken to Nev runway Area 51 (1971?) descends some 200 ft on giant elevator, sees glaced rock walls, cavern, sees giant teardrop spacecraft

#576 (10/20) Stephan Schwartz on remote viewing, foresees less people by 2050 & not due to war, exc info, last yr on web he said there were 45,000 now 92,000; Oct 20 Fascinating exclusive, Geo interviews Edgar Evans Cayce son of the great psychic Edgar Cayce,1 1/2 months ago in Yukon Ruby R region of Alaska, 300 miles w of Fairbanks, some energy so phenomenal knocks trees like matchsticks, size of football field; Oct 22 memo to US military leaders by Rumsf, some muslim mosques are v evil, radical Madrasan schools? turning out cruel terrorists

#577 (10/24) Geo & Linda, new solar CME, short talk on CME's + dark matter; (10/25) Fl wins World Series, an M-5 flare develops at 3 am; Oct 26Calif fires KNX 500 homes destroyed, 280,000 acres burned, then 8pm & CME, Oct 27, Oct 28 news, Hoagland comments on X-17.2 which will hit Wed, GMS foresees a global sun flare w/in a yr will cause a global blackout

#578 (10/28) GMS bio, luckily new madrid appears in muted colors for now, believes like others that melting of bergs could be result of thermal activity

#579 (10/28) GMS next terrorist attack will be electronic + sees Allies loosing $20-30 billion, open lines, does not see anything big for Calif for a while, Geo w/Hoagland who sees solar cycle "has gone bluie" B: Hoagland account of Galileo smacking Jupiter w/48 lbs of plutonium, Donohue speaks of love but plans "to deprogram" Christians, last half of b(10/29/03) open lines Geo w/occultist Aaron Donohue, last half of b


#581 (11/8/03) Maj Dames from Vegas, current solar exhibitions = "the shot across the bow," that he had foreseen (in reality part of a series going back to 98); these flares are a precursor to more severe upheavals on the sun, which would eventually lead to solar "kill shots" Dames predicted; he senses there exists some 11,500 yr sun cycle which acts up but this is opinion,Art asks Dames to narrow timeline for us Dames said will try using new proprietary, he remote viewed a major earthquake in Japan, that would occur in late Spring 2005, damages the 2nd largest nuclear breeder reactor in the world and astoundingly kill thousands + thousands of Japanese; Prof Ramon Lopez, (Univ. of Texas, El Paso) cowrote w/science writer Carlowicz (NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr.) Storms from the Sun, The Emerging Science of Space Weather, address "space storms," or the sporadically intense emission of subatomic particles and electromagnetic radiation by the sun; but he strongly disagrees w/any deadly effect sceanario of Dames, although he does not really say it, he is destined to learn like all the other scientists...the hard way; seems Oct 25 was x17.2, end Oct Honsho quake 7.0, Nov 4 an x28 off scale B: (11/11) Maurice Cotterell-Maya

#582 (cont icecaps etc) Geo on Nov 13, (11/21) Jim Berkland a 7.5 in Alaska?

#584 cont Jim, warns of big quake w/in 8 days near Australia, & in US: 140 miles of LA or SF; Nov 24 w/Greg Little on Atlantis 1st Prof McCanney

#585 (11/25/03) Stan and Holly comment on dangers, Stan thinks most pressing prob now = terrorist attack in US including power infrastructures, 3 1/2 million Americans live w/in 10 miles of a reactor, up to 50 miles food wil get contaminated; A and some B Ark of Covenant (11/25) w/Lawrence Gardner, British best selling author; exotic matter that bends time, reporter John Curtis

#586 (12/11/03) James Arthur, Bishop Oscar Solegin? mushrooms, Jesus was a mushroom, 12 disciples were the zodiac, loonier than loony, most absurd show; Dec 10 KNX news, Dec 12 flu begins to hit hard 20 dead, 260 in 1 hospital, hits Eng first, an influenza virus vs corona virus (SARS) may top 70,000 --last 11 mins fantastic live news: Sadam dictator of Iraq for 30 yrs captured Dec 14 !

#587 (12/14/03) Sadam is caught, celebrations in Iraq, Iraqi-Americans celebrate in Dearborn, Mich, no double, 4th Inf Div Operation Red Dawn, Special 60 Mins, Dan Rather old interview/Sadam (12/14) Art said little except now what? B: super weak signal, ex of apparitions given, Father Dominic of Chicago, 6.5 quake near San Simeon is not deep,Jim Berkland expects a 7 by Dec 28 in Pac Rim (12/24) George reads touching Christmas poem of a soldier, 6 Air France Int’l flights cancelled, fear of hijacking, interviews Santa

#588 (12/24/03) LAST live broadcast of Geo Putnam on KRLA he is being kicked out by an all-Spanish station B: Geo Christmas songs, Dec 26 & 27 KNX news, SE Iran quake at least 5000 dead (later 30,000); Dec 30 Barbara Simpson crazy shorts, (1/2/04) news + lots of people cancelling flights

#589 (1/1/04) Art of Jan 1 a bit, Happy New Year

#590 (1/15/04) Wind chills are unbelievable 2+3 pm blame Arctic news NBC TV, 4 pm news, George w/Fr Wingate (1-15) begins mid prog, steal children for satan worship more than you think, relates satanic rituals, believes for not rejecting evil society is punished w/catastrophes, Geo doesn’t agree, some monks in DC chronicle it all, society is not protecting the family or defending the weakest, Fr Wingate gives a great analogy on evil and homosexuality, he is not afraid to say homo is wrong, timeframe on Yellowstone is in about 10 yrs, wiggy waggy signal, mark of the beast, the Feds have a 200 pg report on Fr W, Maitreya will be the official chaplain and spiritual advisor for the United Nations as of Aug 14 or 21, he appeared to Fr W in his office in 1988, M has a UK citizenship but no nationality B: the brotherhood, tells a story of the devil in a past exorcism which bragged had a bomb inside the Vatican and the Swiss Guards believed him + checked + they found it; he said M talks about universal brotherhood & Geo goes whats wrong w/that?-ans=the univ brotherhood does not adore God, you are instead in harmony w/the universe type of deal; predictions for future, signal is v weak, again said watch Cuba + ship in Atlantic; quake near KC will happen b4 the invasion, pope, predicts they will capture the 2nd in command in Iraq, volcano blows in Philip this yr, big arguement w/lady,end times a good thing, by the time of 3 days of darkness he suggest it may be some 30 yrs away, bespeaks of a chilly future w/people hung on tel poles because of their Christianity, potato crops will suffer, bean crops will go haywire, a beetle from China will get out of control in MW, ends w/frigid weather of Jan 1612 and Queen at sea

#592 (1/14) Geo and Steve Quayle, thoughts on the peril, preparing, brutal cold too short report, -69 windchill at Mt Wash NH, Bush + space prog, daughter Stephanie Quayle sings; 1/15 news v cold weather in NE, Geo & his frozen tongue, 110 million yr old Amazonsaurus, (1-15/04) Fr Wingate, beginning is here, lives in Minn, who said he was w/the Pope when he confronted 8 cardinal big shots who would not listen to what Pope asked (one even told him "we can withstand anything") tiny bit on Fatima, describes his order, space shuttle + vision process, demons & angels have contacted him, "the Church has never officially revealed the 3rd Secret, no" married 33 yrs, claims has few messages to post on web, before he goes publc he asks heaven for 3 signs, discusses w/2 other priests, it is the power of prayer he stresses that prevents these things (terrorist attacks on the US), prayer stops evil, comments society is on a bad path, B: a Bob Hope special tribute who died at 100 on July 27, reminisces, Thanks for The Memory by ace reporter Geo Putnam, tribute Geo Noory

#593 (1/11/04) Today I enter the realm of internet radio, cave explorer Bonnie + pal while driving to Nev possibly hit time warp, natural psychic Lyn Buchanan, 1/10, Rem viewer, then Def Intelligence Agency, unit trainer, orig from 1984-92, new book The Seventh Sense, explains it, Lyn was training officer b4 Maj D, talked little about him, Art asks v nosy questions why we didn't nab terrorists etc, Sadam was remote viewed (just b4 2/3rds) the future is changeable comment, the pond, excel stories on how Lyn used his natural powers demobilized US military computers B: mass conscious, 9-11, interagency arrests rem viewers, Mars, maybe 15 mins (1/11/04) something brand new, my first Internet radio prog has Stan and Holly Deyo as guests w/host James, Who is this Black Knight? 76 degrees in L.A. starts out slow, www.visit.net (1/12) illuminating bit of news Geo Noory is No.1 in Los Angeles but (1/12/04) Horrendous day, George is stabbed in the back by 640 KFI, relegated to reruns on 640 Los Angeles, some 36 yr old dude from Nashville gets top billing w/ the new reason KFI is live and local but if you ask me, the reason they do not let Geo + Coast To Coast go on another L.A. station is that they are afraid they will get their butts kicked, John Ziegler (he even gets kicked out of Nashville) is the replacement, I have nothing against him but L.A. has plenty of so-called local stations, and besides when it comes to reality we the people loose (1/11/04) Stan Deyo and Holly preparedness w/the Black Knight of Chicago, James Jancik Feet to the Fire

#594 Surprise earlier ( ) Geo interviews Wayne Green, health, pole shift, Navy, food, ( ) Quayle a countdown for a bio attack NY, DC, LA, Rumsfeld’s planewas attacked over Baghdad but reg news said 0; B: all sorts of terrorist talk, Geo & Quayle think al qaueda is a paid assasin group, Q likens it to foreign policy, Pres Bush flew into Iraq 4 Thanksgiving w/the troops, China plans moon walk by 2020, Barbara on a Fri, the Pope meets Dali Lama on Thurs quietly, Reid sentenced to 110 yrs +, in some county fair 23 get sick due to sawdust in the air infected w/ecoli, near Maryland? ( ) excell bio on Charles R Smith, cyber war expert, in So Carolina the USAF has a US information warfare squadron WOW the information security boys are top notch, the red team broke into the command satellite network and also the power grid of the entire W Coast, from Seattle to San DIego, he claims the SC boys are now tracking financial operations of al qaeda, Osama w/his lieutenants astute computer creeps, traded transp & hotel stocks, sold to S Africa for diamonds, where nice muslims hand carried them to cooperating banks, especially Burma & Pakistan which asks no questions, not requiring any id or bank #’s, near end of B C Michael Armstrong of Hughes in 90’s wanted to put sales of satellites + space technology under the Commerce Dept (Ron Brown) instead of Def Dept

#595 (cont) www.softwar.net, best on traitors who made deals w/China, he boils it down to panda huggers vs labor, ecology and the patriotics, the crook C Michael Armstrong of Hughes, India largest constitutional democracy in the world, rocket Charles names names, cool, KNX Nov 30 news hvy attacks, Iraqi scientists tell they lied to Sadam they had nuclear, surprise airport lines fast, Dec 6 early season weekend storm wacks E, a record 450 mile wide snowstorm snarls all traffic E Coast; making history the first named storm to hit Caribbean, 62nd Anniversary of Dec 7th

#596 (1-20) Charles Smith worst luck in the world, defective tape from Maxell came up bad surprise, state owns all property except some that it has sold to indiv or corporations, terrific new wave of cold N of DC, &w/in next 15-20 days all are going to feel freeze? technology exchange with China, lots of hidden info, Chinese generals have huge Swiss bank accnts, China North secret deal selling missile parts to Iran? Jeep C J's and Cherokees are highly copied, illegaly, photoluminescence, Yahudi?according to law the US is supposed to have a list of Chinese army companies on the Fed Register but both Clinton and Bush admit negate supplying info; Geo Jan 27 bad weather. 26 yr old Nat’l Guard soldier named Abdul was caught passing info to al Qaeda, train catastrophe in Iran, back to Smith, lots of economic perhaps here, Chinese do not play by the rules; anthropology Lloyd Pye 1-27

#597 old Mar 21 Raymond Tanter dots on Korea; B: July 30, 2003 Katherine Albrecht, spy chip RFIT (Radio Frequency Identification Technology spy chips)

#598 Lux Radio Theater w/Claudette Colbert, old Labor Day George, Charles Bronson dies, hurricane misses Hawaii which was hit by a quake last week, (9/1) final of R Felix; B: Art is now excercising, temp in Atlantic drops 10 degrees overnite, March 12, 2014 asteroid strike on Earth, is approaching Earth at 30 miles a sec, end of B Jan 25 60 Mins exposes dirty rats, mishandling state pension funds, NY Comptroller W Thompson goes after Haliberton, GE, Conoco-Philips, super crooks take $2 trillion in investments, sneakies have the addrs outside US to outmaneuver our laws, Haliberton sells $40 million of oil services to Iran govt today, some David Robinson is developing a data base of crooks, Haliberton has no intention of leaving Iran, they say, Ariz finks try to whitewash it by saying comt Thompson is playing politics, lots of info v end

#599 (1-28-04) Chuck Missler, creation of angels, Nefalin, flood, angel slaughters 175,000 Syrians, his explanation of God is superb, some bad reception because I had to record from San Diego, Geo tries but can't catch him B: May 29 special on WWII memorial danger a big gap almost notch 2, Chuck again gap? last third: (1-31 Art and Whitley, 6 more air flights from Europe cancelled, Pentagon’s weather nightmare, not a word in the mainstream media except British press The Independent, and Fortune

#600 (1-31-04) Sean Morton, prospects of severe glaciation, Flight of the Keybird, while mapping polar routes they discovered 3 mag poles, Sean points out significances, protections then Iraq, Sean asks did we lv Arabia after the 1st Gulf War--no, but they were not doing kamikazee tricks on us then NOW they are & position is not same, he asks have we ever really left anyplace? Yes, France, Tunisia, Algeria, Guadalcanal, Greenland, much of Europe, economy, expects MKT to break past 11,000 in July, looks like a dip soon after but in reality sees a giant rise thru 2005, forewarns of giant blow by Sept/Oct of 2005, predicts Carolina as Super Bowl champ, using his hands over map predicts quakes near end of Oct near Seattle, towards end of 2005: Mt Rainier which has 20 glaciers erupts (tons of financial damage) expects lives to miraculously escape, end of 2004 huge smallpox outbreak, rich info on Bible Code, Sean who’s been in LA for over 20 yrs administers caution hopping to get out of LA w/in the next 18 months--never heard him sound like that b4, the fracture of New Madrid fault w/Mt Rainier erupting is the beginning of the tribulation phase of USA B: secret societies, predicts a new Asian plague this yr, My 17-Jun 29 period of discoveries, exclusive pyramid news, Bush will win, danger for him is over till 2006, watch for quake in Seattle range sixes + lots of evacuation, sees 100 yrs from now a huge part of China in a hole due to nuclear attack on them, but a spiritual rising can change levels of destruction as last resort

#601 (2/4/04) Stuart Wilde transdimensional permeates our reality, spirit world, vine of death, angelic beings, believes Fatima is real, he thinks RV and psychics have the ability to tap into B: dislikes cataclism talk, psychic vampires, ghouls demons that materialize , UFO’s are part of demonic spirit world

#602 Internet radio Feb 8 Maj Dames w/Art Bell plus 11.56, World War III will not be allowed to go all the way, foresees the sudden geophysical cataclysm b4 the big war, AND the war will be overcome by the stellar object approach, explains also the avian disease, crop failures will show-up "first" due to a fungal explosion NOW (like cotton 1st due to fuserian fungus), headline news: bird flu surfacing in a Delaware farm and in China, more than 10,000 birds dropped like rain from the sky on Tues, most dead and looked like sparrows, guesses the star between 2005-07, Art comments you've never been so sure about this planet x thing to which D replies it is not a comet, "its spherical, it does not have a tail, it is brownish, purplish, pretty big"

#603 all Feb 9 A: execution that never was, story of Asteroid Toutatis surfaces for 1st time w/George, 2.9 miles long 1 mi wide, a claim it is to be the closest approach of any asteroid til yr 2060 sounds fishy, Sylvia, B:still Sylvia, Planet X tidbit, (2-29) news Academy Night & strike is over, avg gas prices nationally up 25¢ since last Dec, (3-4) tornadic system near Ft Worth & OK, wow CBS comments on last yrs European heat wave but said nothing on the # of deaths, out of place (3/6/04) Jim Motavilli global warming ah, comments on THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW new movie, expectation of radical storms to continue ie not revert to nicer times both mainstream scientists & that new military report come up w/same conclusions
#608 (2/15/04) Internet radio Black Knight, Mark Hazlewood, new book Delicate Earth, Comet Neet, is govt hiding?, Harrington story but nothing new, going into a state of fear not helpful, relates May 13, 2002 story of a Dr at a secret meeting, got to view 2 solar objects, KX 76 & Planet X, mentions Maj Dames, Mark describes his dream, discloses what some army guy at a base in Guam in the 80’s regarding IRAS, 2 Vatican City observatories in AZ? Mt Graham is 1 B: spreading of knowledge, pop song 2025, the betterment of fellow man, earlier reducing storm, solar, tornado, richter scales, ends w/ mini clip of Adu new American soccer star phenomon at age 14 from 60 Minutes Mar 27

#604 (2/15) cont rest of B free Internet radio plus May 18 defining audio in terms of analog noise, amazing revelation from a pro LP's in vinyl better than CD's, 2 new formats by Sony, DVD audio & SA-CD(super audio kills sound of other) new form of communication, digital vs analog + Sep 14

#605 (2/23/04) Lauren Weinstein, biometrics, computer chips & privacy vortex.com (2/23/04) Geo 1st time w/Wayne Green and David Booth, new 206 pg bk Code Red, concept of precognitive dreams, how accurate is this guy? set ablaze w/the following stunning statements by Green FEMA’s strategic plan 2003(w.ready.gov)
#606 (cont) Wayne and David May 25, 1979 crash?, B: David describes his visit w/Sister Lucia, never spoke about 3rd Secret

#607 cont B: Morocco quake Feb 24, (2-24)Professor James McCanney w/Geo Noory cool insights on Jan 13 asteroid missed us by 7 million miles, relates an asteroid slammed into Iran around Christmas time, lots of comet inf, satellite data bolsters idea behind S Pole disintegrating ice bergs due to inc warmer waters, inc wind velocity story= mess up our weathr more? HAARP from 960,000 watts to 3.6 million watts by 2006, on Jan 13 asteroid missed us by 7 million miles, commented on 2 new comets that will be prominent in the skies May; possible "electrical sunward spikes" from the comets, he believes our time = the "solar system is becoming more active"; when Geo asks if James knew any S Pole scientists who knew anything he cites no real info except that there is something really going on; he doesn't care to predict a date when a massive "Planet X" type body would become visible, he suggested its arrival would be accompanied by a set of additional objects such that it would be akin to "having another solar system moving into our solar system"

#608 (2/26) Phil Plait basically rejects the messages of Dave B; he goes on to say Mr Booth said things that are testable but Phil never explains, said Dave & his pals make things up but never cites clear examples, from a perspective of an astronomer-asks Geo- Plait states assuredly none disappeared to So Pole, no reason for it, they can transfer files north via pc; fills you in on the asteroid that scared some scientists (Jan 13 2004 AS1), does not like the ideas of James, because if something the size of our moon out there it would be spotted; May 3 news KNXT; (3/22) asteroids w/Prof David Morrison Apr 16 comet? attached

#609 final of Apr 4 then (2/22) Wayne Green &Dave Booth

#610 (cont)

#611 (3/6/04) 2 Jim Motavilli, editor of E/The Environmental Mag, global warming and climate change w/Art

#612 A: (3/7/04) Michael Horn gives future, claims has Billy Meier contacts documented 40 yrs, examples: ozone was damaged by atomic tests, cites Lawrence Livermore of Nov 29, 1988 Outlook, S Pole article, Shiramboyo, rings of Jupiter, read 7 or 8 other things that he claims were predicted b4 happening, gets creepy when he mentions Toutatis, new planet discovered Oct 7, 2002, WTC, Lyons *nuke accident Aug 12, 2003, Europe will be conquered, after Pope John Paul II comes 2 popes, one is Petrus Romanus, the rise of Islam + France will be overthrown, US will police the world, B: if America does not withdraw from Iraq, as early as 2006 Earth will lose 2/3 of pop website theyfly.com news Mar 11

#613 (3/11/04) Alex Jones, Molech Cannanite God, weird description how he sneaked in on July 15, 15,000 people, dark occult rituals (lodge)
#614 loodge final, super ugly(

#615 (3/16/04) comments on a report suppressed by the Defense Dept luckily reported by London Obsv watch out! full climate change is a possibility by 2020, A doozie of Siberian-type weather can bite the UK and flood much of Europe, plus mega droughts, nuclear conflict, a main point it can come so abruptly people may riot, few know about report, food +water problems may eclipse terroism problems; 5.1 quake near Lyon, France same day as Lauren Weinstine who said "terrorists are disposable," identiy checks, biometrics

#616 (3/18/04) Wayne Green, and Dave Booth in France, D would not be flexible, it seems he is afraid & he gave his word not to talk, he also said he did not learn anything new! Geo gets him, so many will die & all it seems he wants is to sell a book, interview stopped, open lines B: Mar 19 Peter Jennings in Bagdad, new 30 mile radius YMAX internet in France, KNX news and William Jenese live in Iraq report, # of attacks down from 24 to 4 a month w/help of shieks, more news; 3/7 Russell Targ, author of Limitless Mind (3/18/04) cont Fatima (4/1/04) Hazlewood B: who said van Flandern thinks it is 3-5 x as big as Earth (last Aug Mars got to 35,000,000 miles) Geo reveals he checked + the visit of Dave and Wayne did not occur, Sister Lucia did not see them, had no discussion w/ them, something is rotten in Denmark, a sound recording is rumored will be heard on their website w/ interview, Geo tries to catch him: could this coming obj be normal & not a doomsday thing? to which Hazlewood replies what McCanney said, the # of obj coming from the So hemisphere is rather high + statiscally impossible, story of man from Guam near end of tape catches your attention

#617 (3/29/04) actor Sir Peter Ustinov passes away, shorty on Fr W & hurricane off Brazil; last week asteroid came as close as 26,500 miles, a new 2004 FY 15 came to w/in 14,780 miles

#618 (3/17/04) A: mainly astronomy, Cal Tech astronomer Michael E Brown and new kid on the block Chad Trujillo of Gemini Obsv, and Dave Rabinowitz of Yale, discovered Sedna, the most distant obj in our solar system; Mar 17 a wave of massive solar plasma w/speed of 2 million miles an hour w/x-ray radiation of 5,000 suns, according to New Zealand scientists, but no specific #, Setna size of Pluto, roundish, red+dark+reflective then some guy goldhammer on dreams who also gives his view on Booths dream/vision B: Dan Rather, news on that Asteroid 2004, 100 ft passes 26,000miles, an actual old recording of Feb 19 where Sylvia predicted Ohio sniper will be caught "in a few weeks" McCanney tells us from measurements that the comets from the south are coming faster than normal planetary speeds, and then Greene and Booth from Paris, Fatima
Mar 18 Professor James McCanney first hr, Part I David Booth, the man who has built 2 lg underground facilities, Wayne Green, Fatima

#619 ((3/24/04) Warren Getler, former reporter in NY, London, Frankfurt, senior writer of Discovery Channel, first part of Lodge

#620 (3/24/04) Getler, book Shadow of the Sentinel, final part of underground Lodge, (3/27) Russell Targ remote viewer, fascinating his new book Limitless Mind

#621 (3/30/04) Douglas Hagman discusses some possible threat on carrier Kitty Hawk, posted from some Arab site “tomorrow you will watch the destruction of an American Aircraft Carrier” NOTHING HAPPENED on MAR 30! Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network thinks Russia and China may be involved, Haliberton earns 1 billion/month, part of Texas oil refinery blows; Lynne McTaggart Fluoride in baby food, toothpaste, pesticides etc, “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” Dangers of Fluoride, Lynne laid out the dangers of fluoride use which have been generally ignored by health professionals and communities at large. "It's a rat poison," she said of fluoride which is added to the water supply of two thirds of American cities, seems does not prevent tooth decay

#622 (4/1/04) odd gigantic fireball over Australia, Mark Hazlewood, he admits his book learning process, 8 scientist panel gave green light to this Sep quake prediction for Calif, admits he was wrong in 2003 aha 3600 to 4000 yrs ago, he accuses Prof Plait w/crazy lady to debunk all Planet X mentions

#623 (4/4/04) Oil Dependence Editor of MuseLetter, Richard Heinberg, The Party is Over, Oil, War and The Fate of Industrial Society world’s oil depletion, last 150 yrs of cheap energy is over(the party), in Europe they tax oil more but did not say how much, US had a tremendous debt in 92, 96, 98 and now he says the reason gas is up & so exp, the US dollar is falling in value due to debt (Amer imports about 60% of oil or energy?), increasing dependence we've had on oil since the industrial revolution, oil peaks in prod is most imp, 4 yrs after the last RR mail cars and US shifted to motor truck industry, the US reached its oil peak in 70-71; by 2003, US production is same as the 1940’s; today we have 150 million automobiles?, oil represents 97% of our transportation energy, also said we have not built refineries in couple of decades

#628 (4/6) GMS Where is the tape

#629 (4/10/04) Maj Dames, new Coast song by a Sean Hogan, London news report The Day seems to reinforce the shot across the bow," that he had foreseen these flares are a precursor to more severe upheavals on the sun, foresees the sudden geophysical cataclysim before WW III, Dames offers us a big however, that war will be overcome by the stellar object approach, guesses between 2005-07, explains avion disease, it brings economic problems, seems to definitely forewarn of another event that overlaps it: serious crop failure due to fuserian fungus, will appear 1st on cotton, he is not a prophet these are not predictions but forecasts (near end tacked on George w/storm report of Apr 20 about crazy tornadoes in MW, v rare recording of FAA talking to United Flight 93 9-11)

#630 (4/10 cont) Art goes you’ve never been so sure on this Planet X thing; it is not a comet "its spherical, it does not have a tail, it is brownish, purplish, pretty big" rehear 1/4 mark v scary B: (4/6) GMS vision process,

#631 (4/6 cont) B: geologic maps, Old Faithful, does not give you time frame except 2 things: will see accelerated changes in weather--that's not new--w/in a yr AND from Sep-Dec think quakes; when asked about 98 gives references too weak, in Russ volcanoes are now blowing, 2nd half is excell description of how earth will slip its lithosphere, weird future of fractures + inundations, vivid descriptions of 3-step fractures, etc

#632 (5/1/04) financial expert Joe Meyer, consumer, govt debts,1st Art lamblasts Rush L for anti-ecology stance; big terrorist attack in Arabia, someone in NASA making it sound like the rising heat from 1975-94 = contrails not global warming; Joe honestly believes we got worst job picture since 1930’s, also does not see US companies really hiring pell mell, w/18% of the avg Amer worker weekly paycheck going to cover debt, dollar has fallen 30% in last 2 yrs appears he does not like the 45yr low int rates for home buing as he blames that for why dollar is low, here is something weird: as we got this 45 yr rates w/in last 3 yrs lost 2.7 million manufacturing jobs, total debt= $31 trillion (3x of GNP), America has lost 15 million manufacturing jobs since 1986, Wall Mart is China’s 8th trading partner, 1 million 600 thousand went bankrupt in America last yr, China consumes 40% of world’s cement, 31% of world’s global coal, 27% of all steal produced + surpassed Japan as #1 importer of oil, China’s need for oil is a secret reason why oil prices skyrocket, China’s need for oil has inc 30% in last yr, gasoline in USA stayed constant under Clinton yrs as it was a time b4 China needed so much oil & b4 the SUV craze in US, ie after US automakers began making big cars again like 98, the Monetary Control Act of 1980, avg cr card rate=14%, German and Japanese peoples save the most in the entire world, Tenn, Georgia, Nev worst states w/most bankrupcies, but Alaska is best, he figures if more people are earning less than b4, how will they clean up their debts? considers the topic of outsourceing grave + serious because many families are 1 or 2 paychecks from the hole, forewarns to cash in, claims 1% own all gold and silver, outsourcing

#633-34 cont (4/22) roundtable discussions Secret societies Super great, Linda Howe, Alex Jones, Jim Mars, Stephen Quayle, Order of Death=Skull & Bones which was set up to overthrow the USA, they claim

#635 Bush Adm plans to cut NOAA’s budget for paleo climatology; Professor of astronomy and physics, Guillermo Gonzales; curious oddity, the following curiosity was found on McCanney's web site, + nobody mentions it, titled "EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT MAY 8, 2004" about secret societies conspiring to attack the US May 11 (it never happened); May 10 = Mc Canney will you do the show James? B has mid part of Heinberg + oil

#636 (5/13/04) Sean Morton shot a $250,000 documentary in Egypt, a 30x60 open area below Sphinx? B: based upon pyramidal time code readings, he said some kind of warning to mankind this Fall, between Sep-Nov, but he can’t discern what it is, something is blocking him, then segways into 4 major kill zones: Yellowstone, New Madrid, Mt Rainer and San Andrea, surprisingly Sean knows little about that Calif quake due Sept; said nothing here in 2004, Yellowstone excellent, on the contrary he thinks of eruption around 2006 (Apr), Northrdge quake artificully triggered?, believes the monster quake for LA= 2010, has movie premiere in LA June 12, the 7 yr war cycle began in 1998 the yr Clinton bombed Afghasistan

#637 #2 A: Sean was quite accurate on this Iraq war, Clinton, Sadam, Part II of Patriot Act passed last Dec, bin Laden, Project Foresight, actuallly believes Laden died in 2002, Mother Shipton, UFO's in Mexico Popo, Fatima, it is not Bernadette B: Fatima, a stunning revelation by Sean that Pope John Paul II mentioned Russia in Aug of 1989 (I think I smell disinformation there) here add May 7 Bev Harris voting machines

#638 repeat of Dr Mallove May 21; Barbara Simpson reports crazy tornado weather 5/22

#639 (5/29/04) Art Bell back from his incredble week w/movie; R Felix, he believes in oceans warming, the effects of global change are unfolding now but, v imp ice age and inc in volcanic activity parallel the precession, process is according to him an 11,500 cycle ice age thing, a climate cycle discovered in the 1970’s (by Climate Long Range Investigation Mapping and Prediction), GRIP = central Greenland (all ice ages for past 250,000 yrs began in under 20 yrs), a 600 mile circle of total death w/7 ft volcanic ash? BUT about 13,800 yrs ago, life was not so rough after a volcano in a lake went off ie radius of ash was mere 5 miles, he honestly believes in the contradiction that the 71% of the planet is heating up (oceans) but he claims the temperatures on land are declining--tell that to the Eskimos who are loosing habitable areas--and it is getting colder in the atmosphere; a gigantic volcano ridge in the arctic w/3 mile hi volcanes is v active, that bolsters his idea that the melting in the arctic is not due to people ie global warming but the v’s, thinks demise of dinosaurs was volcanic activity not s space obj,incidentally they also acted up 23,000 yrs ago, precession-parallel of every 23,000 but claims it is broken when we are pointed in a diff direction of the sun, as we move he says the relationship differs, therefore the composition of the magma which ties in to the volcanoes goes wacky; in 1993 1100 volcanoes discovered off Easter Is B: gulf stream, little ice age, 52-mile wide Yellowstone caldera, 640,000 yrs ago world had a magnetic reversal and it blew, wow since 1973 elevation has gone up 29 in, Toba blew 75,000 yrs ago & temp fell 20 deg, precession, mechanics of tilt, Gulf Stream is marvelous and huge, As I said, it carries 100 times the amt of water of all rivers of the world combined, Noted author Felix said that it can shut down in a matter of 3 yrs. They believe if it continues, can cause the flow of the Gulf Stream, when it goes, temps like in London won’t be nice anymore. A freezing hell would be the name of the game. But, the pitch of battle is not small. Famous places like London, Stockhom, Glascow, are further n than NY but due to helpful gulf stream , they are temperate. For the past 30 yrs, glaciers of the northern ice cap have been melting, the pouring fresh water, some scientists fear, may counteract the Gulf Stream, Scientists at Woods Hole have been tracking all this

#640 (5/7/04) Bev Harris voting machines orig aired Apr 29 ; last of Felix May 29; end of B May 26 Haiti; 5/27 in his dungeon 3 day flood nearly wrecks Geo at his Midwest studio; 6/10/04 Stan Deyo, Jon Rappoport, Michael Ruppert, Secret Societies roundatable II

#641 (6/5/04) Ronald Reagan passes away special reports (5/25) Geo reports on crzy hail in MW, in Australia of divine objects; (5/21) details on Jose Padilla the traitor June 1; June 5 tribute to Reagan Art, June 6 intro, June 7 tribute to Reagan by George

#642 final hr of Bohemian roundtatable of Apr; June 6 Art made no mention of D-Day or Normandy; funeral of Reagan, June 6 Art and military Brit expert Lil Shell bought TexacoJune 7 nanotechnology journalist Douglas Mulhall climate change clip; (6/8/04) Col John Alexander, author of Future War and Winning the War, Advanced Weapons, Strategies and Concepts for the Post 9/11 World, current conflicts and weapons, the future of war will be more belief systems vs belief system instead of geographic; elite contractors will replace mercenaries

#643 (cont Alexander) out of sequence May 24,25 weather reports w/Geo, his daughter in accident (5/25) Geo reports on crzy lg hail in MW, in Australia divine objects; (5/21) Mike shares a 1919 pic of early radio; special Memorial Day tribute by Red Skelton on pride & dignity of Pledge of Allegiance June 11 June 13 Jim Sullivan, June 14 Linda & Berkland who believes possiblities lst week of ea July-Sep; last half of B is Bohemian roundtatable II; (7/4/04) John Hogue Nostradamus

#644 Nostradamus boring cont; small comment avion dis; July 5 Geo back from vacation, Plait & Aussie bloke disinformaion, 4.4 quake near St Louis; July 6 poor Geo still in St Louis next day? almost flooded? crazy weather in MW thats what he gets for not coming back to L.A. over 80,000 folks w/o powr, trees downed all over the place, solar monitoring, Elena & Igor who took pictures by motorcycle at Chernobyl as fake as a 2-headed nickel making suckers out of millions, July 7 initial report of some meteor near Tex; B: (7/7/04) wow they finally interviewed him, Fagan, when asked if cyclical he got out of it nicely, El Nino, an event not climate change, El Nino's remain irregular + unpredictable, 11000 BC a lg glacial lake in N Canada burst sending h2o to N Atlantic played havoc w/Gulf Stream, lasted abou 1000 yrs, 536 AD 2 yrs w/o summer, back to 10,000 yrs ago had 15 deg change in temp in 10 yrs spells 30-40 avg changes, not too keen on sunspots, excell Gulf Stream bit, undersea volcanoes do not affect it turbulent tornadoes tear; (cont 6/10 starts w/Jon); B: 7/3

#645 (Fagan cont); B: cont; July 8 latest on meteor from WFAA, Nick Begich great on Tesla + electronic weapons?ends w/ Geo news on magnetic disappearing date ??

#646 (7/17/04) unusual lg bolide explodes over Australia at 25,000 ft, qualified endorsement of Calif quake w/ lg zone by Sep 5; Maj Dames intro to R V, scary bit on space shuttle w/ new info B: claims tactically we send the fleet to the Korean Pen thus China marches into Taiwan, wobble, gold treasure his new CD

#647 (7/18/04) Charles Smith but lst weird weather reports +last week Edmonton Alberta experienced a once in 200 yrs storm complete w/45 in of rain and hail; on July 13 storm swpt in Shanghai, typhoon in Philippines + 17 in rain in nw Japan; 12 in rain in NJ; from Oslo to Budapest having snow ball fights in July;

#648 (cont) end of A Chinese Foreign Ministry the ones who are not doing enough, militarily Charles thinks Iraq is a g thing; does not believe in draft; sees better uses for 37,000 in Korea, 8,000 stationed in Kosovo, get the 40,000 troops out of Germany, we do not need to be garissoning forever, "our intelligence has been pretty crappy since Viet Nam" B: big ex:1998 CIA yaks N Korea would never have a ballistic missile to atttack us for 10 yrs & same yr wham N Korea pops one into the air, Fr wants to end embargo of high tech sales to China + wants to sell aircraft carrier to China, excellent point Taiwan today is the Danzig of 1938 where they yak we want it; 60 Mins Aug 1 clip on outsourcing especially India, (7/23) Sylvia Browne Linda M Howe with Pro Klasmeyer, earth magnetics explained, a pole reversal was 80,000 yrs ago, this prof said next rversal probably at least 1000 yrs away

#649 B=A end of Aug 5; July 28 Michael Horn on Billy Meir +LA ratings; 7/29 Dallas; 7/30 Abu the smart rat captured; 7/31 Art + Alaska; Aug 2 the guarding or our borders stink, 53 picked up June 13 but half made a break and escaped near Wilcox? Loren Coleman and S Quayle tons of info; other side intersperced with Aug 5 KNX news & Geo stunning info NY bust of muslems caught operating from mosque + changes regards weakness of magnetic field, backyards, contests w/missing birds, EXPECT EXTREME climate variation but they do not discuss any coming ice age, greenhouse special w/past mini ice age + medieval warm period was not truly global as today, vulnerable? A few pluses: longer growing seasons & warmer winters?

#650 (8/2/04) Quayle v interesting; Aug 4 more terrorist threats, orange alert, our universe; bizarre time traveler, Paola Harris from Italy July 20; Whitley Aug 28;

#651 (8/20/04) CBS News talks of al Sadr refusing to give himself in after 2 weeks, battles in Najaf, Olympics, Happy Anniversary of Geo's parents, discussed future problems on water rights; Aug 21 al Sadr still in control of his site in Najaf, tiny report US still attacking him next day; Aug 22: al Sadr's site is an ammo dump and base (in the night the most intense raid on the bozo, US tanks get to w/in 800 yds of his base, reporter says they will not surrender till the govt agrees to do an inventory; Aug 25: 73 yr old al Sistani calls for peace & urges Shites to march on Najaf, hundreds comply; Aug 26: after 3 harsh weeks of battles reporter states a peace deal has been reached, many of the enemy mingle w/the marchers & just walk out as everybody leaves, a weapons free town, while in Kufa lots of mortar blasts kills 20; oil pipe lines cut in S Iraq by hoodlum terrorists B: (8/27) Linda carbon dioxide woos & Toutatis w/astronomer Tim Spahr Asteroid 4179 was discovered by C. Pollas on January 4, 1989, at Caussols, France-- named after a Celtic god, Toutatis. Its eccentric, four-year orbit extends from just inside Earth's orbit to the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

#652 ( 8/27/04) Linda, don’t go to bed worrying about asteroid; end of Olympics Aug 27-9; news 9/1; ends w/60 Mins expose on Haliburton B: Sep 1 Frances the size of Texas on its way; many w/o powr 9/4 Jessica, Frances stuck 50 miles E of Fl, 1 million w/o power 2pm; 2 million at 4pm; next 7pm, out of 1000 hostages nearly 200 killed; 8pm Frances 35 miles away; 10pm 1 hr ago hit land; Ivan not yet a hurricane, 7500 acre fire in Calif; (9/4) Art last 30 min clip tells he knows who made dough using remote viewing; Art begins

#653 (9/4/04) A end w/Stephan Schwartz, editor of Sea Power mag, B: practical application of RV, never heard of Dames Rv Lucifer, went forward in time to 2050 but, speaks v little on weather gives too many generalities ie climate change, thinks you can live anywhere you want, but the southern states will become tropical & the SW is abandoned, energy revolution w/nothing specific; Frances Sep 5

#654 News Sept 6, Sept 8 news clip on how powerful Ivan inflicts great damage on Grenada; Sept 9 news (lets see last nite it was 140 mph, hoy 3pm like 150 but early around 3 or 4am said the plane people had measured 201 mph

#655 Jeanne, looking into life on Mars (9/20/04) Paola Harris + Hoagland introduce the fishy story of Dr Victorio Formisano the chicken afraid to talk,the dog that didn’t bark, more glacier problems, genetic mosquitoes, 2nd Amer beheaded, (9/21) Jeanne creeps past Bahamas, Quayle believes bin Laden dead, painting a dangerous picture, some bright scientists being bumped off, techno barbarism, thinks a utopia bein created because of 1 World Order, tonite he is pushing idea al Qaeda were used by them, as we get closer 2 election watch for scaling up of attacks, aha guerilla warfare, Aug 22 82 yr old farmer builds home-made wind machine B: lousy audio,changing vehicles to hydrogen Harry Braun says is easy, every energy policy of Kerry and Bush same, $3 billion a week needed to subsidize oil companies by tax payers, both want to double coal co’s; health & environmental dough problems w/oil, uranium 235 will be mostly gone in 20 years; power from cold fusion does not work according to him, at 5 min mark vivid description of hydrogen "we need 10 mill wind machines to run the country" all congressmen run by corporations, lots of new jobs, molecular biology, nanotechnology utopia? every gas station already has water

#656 (9/15/04) Professors McCanney and William Gray tons of info on weather, solar wind conditions, oceans of suggestions & ideas to manipulate weather B: he is not convinced about global warming as the reason for strangeness in weathe, pollution results etc, CBS news raging Ivan floods 9-19, setting Penn records near Sasquahanna R rest of E, Art 9/19 Tropical Storm Jeanne kills 50, still tough

#657 Jeanne heads back to the USA, 700 dead in Haiti, Ivan is back & heading through Gulf weak signal, 1000 dead in Haiti, (9/23) Charles Smith guy tracking GI's w/chips, Geo advocates helping the Palestinians B: -Wingate bio, trully describes the process of how he gets future messges, he has dreams or may see things thru pictures or heaven talks to him, like Padre Pio he can be taken someplace bilocated, WOW devils cannot interfere w/prayer, beware devils can impersonate visions, the Blessed Mother has allowed him to hold Baby Jesus, most of his heavenly prophecies are not doom+gloom but inspirational, intentions of prophecies and future messages to return to God, in todays modern world most people are starved from good spirituality, going the wrong way, world has become a concentration camp of evil, prophecied weather to get even more extreme-eratic, gave a most unheard of ex, terrible Ivan reforming into another tropcal storm, whixh hit xx w/1992 mph winds, Morton Downey, he began to go publc in 87, how did Fr W get a top secret clearance? he never said USA = invaded in 2003, did say look for signs 1st, USA has 3 wars, exclude Bosnia, KC gets a whopper quake, Cuba but the last event b4 invasion is a cruiser/warship is sunk in N Atlantic w/in weeks we will be invaded, Maybe Alaska? yet something will cause the US to look bad according to him and unbelievably sink our own this

#658 Hurricane Jeanne nite w/George, 2-day great coverage, Tortuga an island of 20,000 people is it real?? that it submerged underwater, Fr WIngate cont; end of B news Sep 24, crazy Hurricane Jeanne 4th hurr to hit Fl in 6 weeks, in Pensacola most agree Ivan was the worst

#659 (9/25/04) Hurricane Jeanne nite w/Art, Joe Meyer,Jeanne made land fallw/sustained winds of 115 mph around sector of Palm Bch B: (9/25) Sean Morton, World in Peril, 1967 Look mag, from Rand models 60% wobble, 40% mag poles flip, Sep 8 CNN? then on 9/14 a gen w/Geo? believes 1 more maj hurr, predicts it will start w/an M, Bush will win again, News, 9-11 wiped out 110,000 airline jobs, Project Forsyth, change in policy, amazing plan to ko nation of 125,000 troop Iran, change in mission, Sean thinks bin Laden killed

#660 (cont) Sean expects between now and 2015 land rises new Fl & EXPECTS 6 maj hurricanes, Jeanne is# 5, Lisa is not 6, 2005 spectrum, believes grand finale is 2012, RV 101, was 100% correct that Calif quake was a big NIX, news, never heard Sean so nervous, watch for volcanism Martinique, the power of prayer, prayer kept Hurr Ivan from smacking Jamaica, natural flat plaing to get innundated, thinks we have 1 yr of warning to chose a spiritual path to prepare according to the pyramid time code, spoke of things decaying to chaos due to natural catastrophes, he sees more and more people after 2005 loosing their materialism getting together to form good communities, thinks Hawaii not so bad off

#661 (cont) Tortuga did not vanish (9/28/04) Asteroid 1950da ie Toutatis Why did Prof Daniel Durda say the largest asteroid was Ceres? Why did he omit 2001 KX76? Dr Sky and Jim Berkland cool Ask why is Asteroid 2001 KX76, an asteroid with a size of 900-1200 kilometers big, hard to track? How close is its closest approach?. And whats the story behind the famous Asteroid 1998 OX4 What is its closest approach?

#662 (10/9/04) Maj Dames

#663 (10/6/04) David Booth reappears to tell of his message from Sister Lucia, on the 87th anniversary of Oct 13 when it begins, host Black Knight of Chicago, James Jancik on Feet to the Fire; incomplete 10/31 B: Billy Meier; Art

#664 (10/16/04) Art and Sir Charles but first with Whitley whose wife Anne sufferd a sever stroke, Sun Oct 17 Art w/Dr Michael Shermer unbeliever on paranormal

#665 (3/29) Peter Ustinov passes away, earlier report of Brazil + Asteroid 2004 FY15 closes to 14,780 miles over weekend, no all that of huris is nite of Darling? (11/50 News (11/22) hi-tech chip surgery, 4 inch locust plague in Israel, Nov 24 boring news B: CBS news Nov 26 big flood in Texas, Japanese German intelligence; (11/29) Geo is in New York City, better reception next one Gruner thinks anniliation not yet

#666 (11/11/04) Veterans Day special tribute by Geo, all Dannion

#667 (11/18/04) US captures imp HQ base of Zunari in Falouja; hundreds of booby traps found, a Tex SUV too, Clinton Pres Lib opens, danger: VIOX, Meridia, crestor, Accutane, Dextra, Servaront? that Falouja captured at cost of 50+ dead + 400 wounded, Art thinks something is wrong w/ionosphere (11/29) Geo is in New York City, 36 deg in Pasadena wowinterviews Fr Grunner 40 mins only, Fatima, a 7.1 quake hts Japan, reports of an Hindu ceremony in Fatima shrine, issue 77, Fr Kramer claims Ratzinger had said some of the 3rd Secret still not disclosed, story of Card Mario Chaffey (papal theologian) who died in 96 and the apostacy at the top, Gruner tells us Fr Martin in 98 spoke for 15 mins about apostasy, Geo asks how relevant is this 3rd Secret? basically G answ not of the past, Geo executes the facts-it is thousands not hundreds Geo!, Miracle of the Sun, Gruner thinks anniliation not yet; Quayle and Doug Hagmann ofNE Intellig Net China, India in an orchestrated sellof of US currency

#668 ( ) Linda Robinson author of Masters of Chaos, CBS News on Falouja, initial news of the threat of La Palma, volcano off Africa Cumbra Vieja?Lora Brannagan passed away, CBS Nov 17

#669 ( 11/29) Terrorism and Globalism Steve Quayle, Doug Hagman, US dollar plummets, Art and Sir Charles Shults III, microwave generators run by steam in space? he has built solar collectors that have melted brick just on sunshine (giant mag glass), he thinks there is no evidence prayer can have any effect, scoffs at prayer! Art has 13 towering antennae, supercondecting B: space elevator, giant mirror in Russia, Mars but first with Whitley whose wife Anne sufferd a sever stroke, gravely ill bleeding of brain pray pray+Oct 17 update
Sun Oct 17 Art w/Dr Michael Shermer unbeliever on paranormals

#670 (12/8/04) George w/Prof Richard Heinberg our oil decline in production author of The Party is Over, Oil, War and The Fate of Industrial Society by 2010 expects big trouble, hydrogen storage is a "BIG" problem + too expensive, he never heard of this Japanese ceramic block vessel but said similar vessel-types cost 20 g

#671 Heinberg oil, one generation of oil left, thinks 95% of pop dies cause of wars over oil reserves unless alt reserve is found, in Nov 2000 Iraq switched to Euros, battles over next 40 yrs over oil reserves & platinum, if folks want hydrogen fuel, he said each hydr fuel cells require 20 g of platinum, only 7 billion left hence another potent source of energy(& war) but that # will not last long, investment scale : used to be 1 to 30 for oil in the 1970‘s (for hydrogen it is 1.5 to 1 ie you need 1.5 to get 1) in 2005 it is for oil 1 to 5 or 10, China + Japan buying everything has to do with metals, 5 billion barrells of oil per yr = WW II yrs

#672 (12/14/04) 17th strange cases of dying bio scientists; BE CAREFUL George back from mini vacation; CBS news installing NOAA tsunami Jan 14 new CME flare w/ Geo date unk date of Dr Morgus, Anne Strieber short interview of Dec 19 internet radion

#673 Dec 22 Plait dinky asteroid slips by, 2004Yd5, boring, ( 12/22 ) Brit guy Graham Phillips, 135-400 BC era, Santorini = 500 mi de Egypt B: really good info on Moses

#674 ( 12/22 ) G Phillips, Lost Ark, Arthur, Merlin w/commercials B: DEC 24 CHRISTMAS Eve with Geo Dec 25 half a million out of electricity in Ohio, 12 MD 1st news of a massive quake, 300 dead reported, airline nightmare, computer, weather, backed-up luggage, snow fell in Louisiana + Tex, - 0 in S Indiana; Sun CBS Evening News killer quake was 9, 11,000 dead; 6pm 12,000 dead, rats did not rec when KNX said it was 9.5, 20-30 ft waves; CBS News with Dan Rather Mon Dec 27, 700 miles of Professor Robert Trombley volcanologist, Stuart Wilde Dec 27 CBS 40,000 dead

#675 (12/27) Doctor Robert Trombley mega tsunamis, quake expert, Steve Quayle, draws attention to peculiar notations what Stan Deyo, who is sick, was monitoring b4 as well as some Indian scientists, and Stuart Wilde

#676 (12/30) Jim Berkland, Sumatra quake occurs under a full moon Sylvia Browne said bin Laden is dead + expects a better year in 05 than 2004, economy will rebound, jobs inc, Fl and NC will be get wacked by bad weather, beware of N Korea, war in Iraq will last 1 more yr, Arnold will run for presidency (12/28) Hoagland & Prof Tim Ventura autos and antigravity at sea

#677 (12/30) George tells us of giant anaconda snake, pet plastic surgery in UK same day of Linda!, hvy rains in Calif, CBS News over 140,000 dead, UNICEF raised more dough in 1 day than all of last yr, Catholic Relief Services getting 100 grand/hr compared to the usual $60,000 a month update w/ Trombley, volcano erupts in Indian Ocean; George mentions the passing of but he misses the passing of famous bandleader Artie Shaw at 94; now why did Geo say 1 when we had 4 tornadoes shake LA area; Aloha Airlines files bankruptcy

#678 out of sequence(9/30/04) Geo news (10/1) Mt St Helen’s blows + war news, as GI’s gave candies terrorists brutally attack; (10/5) VP debate 12/30) update w/Jim Berkland, Sumatra quake occurs under a full moon Sylvia Browne said bin Laden is dead + expects a better year in 05 than 2004, economy will rebound, jobs inc, Fl and NC will be get wacked by bad weather, beware of N Korea, war in Iraq will last 1 more yr, Arnold will run for presidency; Art? then 4pm Sun news, gap, quake's speeds up earths rotation, a millionth of a sec, weird they found no dead animals report, Bankok's "The Nation" that claims Thai weathermen decided not to warn alleged report, talk about bad luck, stupid KFI decides to do an air raid test--boy, did I have to change to San Diego 600 fast, oscillation, (12/28) Hoagland & Prof Tim Ventura autos and antigravity at sea rats missed his earth wobble (1/1/05) Nov 5 CBS clip; (Jan 1, 2005) Maj Dames INCREDIBLE Art said he has not yet seen the new CD that Maj Dames recently made, wobble and a tilt, heat + winds follow, claims tactically we need the fleetin the Korean Pen, treasure hunt, GPS location of the find is 35° 48' 33.5" N / 115° 27' 21.5" W, next big quake sometime in March 2005 another 9+ the ending is best
Happy New Year 2005
#679 openlines Dames (cont) 60 Mins Jan 2 Indian beauty then Mon good old Hilly Jan 8 w/Art stuck in deep snow in San Bernardino Mtns, 10 ft in Sierra Nevadas, back to Jan 1, Dec 28 quickie on anti gravity, clip on cashless society, free report Jan 5 Michael Trudeau

#680 (1/11/05) remote viewer Maj Paul Smith great history about rem viewing

#681 (1/15/2005) Art giant X-class flare? what is wrong with ionosphere? Ray Kurzweil, author of Fantastic Voyage, artificial intelligence and longevity, 1/3 of heard attacks are fatal, 1/3 cause perm damage to heart muscle, robotic-take over is a continuation of evolution he said; (1/10) Geo back from Florida vacation (1/11)

#682 HAARP cont) open lines, a lazer in NM and DC that can scan skies for bio? the actual pulse of HAARP end of A boring B: Guy Kramer, inventor of passive negative-ion generator that emits ions to override bad postivie ions, super force algothorithm, Candian who designed over 300 camo uniforms, fractuals Jordan army, Dr Joseph Resnick other guy weird atmospheric reception, odd stuff on magnetics and HAARP, more digital KA-2 pattern camouflage uniforms

#683 (1/19/2005) giant sunspot 720, George w/terrorist expert Doug Hagmann lasts 1/3, dirty bomb, some search for guys who sneaked from China? half hr interview w/inventor Troy Hurtubise from Canada and his WOW Angel Light machine (30mins) that can rid carbon dioxide & see thru walls using light and electromagnetism & plasma chambers, Gary Gagliardi, author of The Art of War, and Strategy Against Terror, leading authority on Sun Tzu 500 BC ancient warfare strategists describes how ec freedom & democracy worked in Algeria to free it from terrorist slaughters

#684 (1/19/2005) #2Sun Tzu Gary, (1/23) CBS News blizzard, no power in Rhode I + Cape Cod

#685 B: (1/19 cont) 1/21/05) George w/Linda on mega-tsunamis especially La Palma’s Cumbre Vieja; Jan 22CBS News blizzard approaches the East; then 2am the 23rd CBS then Art 22

#686 (2/7/05)interresting discussion w/Seth Shostak and Dr David Grinspoon, peculiar streak over Hawaii, mystery motion 4:20 am,Feb 15 skin deal? new story on Morgellan disease B: (2/16) Charles Smith on drones and other goodies like top secret Senior Prom drone $2-3 million, cost of Global Hawk, $50 million?

#687 (cont1/11 metions Maj Dames here, Stargate) (2/ /) Robert Felix, temp of oceans going up, claims our extremes are part of entering ice age, London, GRIP, tilt, axis of rotation, Feb 14 Special Sister Lucia dies, she passed away yesterday, Geo interviews Fr Gruner, mentioned Fr Malachi Martin on a past Art Bell interview who said when 3rd Secret is released there would be long lines to confessions? ins of the dangers to Church, apostacy, war, in 04 lg China-Russia joint battle exercises, ch 17 (2/28/05) Roswell B: cont, Oct 9 2004 Art + Dames Stargate clip, (2/28/05) Roswell w/Stan Friedman react to UFO special,clip on ABC dud, John Hogue, maneuvers bin Laden or Bush to fit anagram of 3rd antichrist, predicted Bush will enter a tough time from end of July-Oct, last of the popes, thinks 3rd antichrist will be known w/in 4-5 yrs, Fatima, describes Oct 1917 nicely until he gets to UFO analogy then sneaks up a commercial, states the Oct apparition & the Blessed Mother's words, earth as an interdimensional portal, Mel Gibson, 3 secrets, mentions the Neus Europa version and the 2000 version

#688 (2/22) McCanney back from trip to So Pacific, bio, comets are electrically connected to the Sun, astronomers don’t understand plasma physics, B: (3/13) Art some WEIRD fireball over Seattle night of Mar 12

#689 (3/7) news &Bosco crazy kid (3/16) mainly B Fr Wingate, the Pope, the invasion, John Paul II remains in exile for about 8 months, America is not it, Fatima, church corruption, story of Lucia, to think vs heaven, some coal mine, STRANGEST STORY where he tells about a Brit story where Christians escaped the tsunami cause they were made to go worship up a hill, the rest who were Hindu died; punished? WEIRD

#690 (cont) a brand new vision of the future, a scene of people collapsing with people wearing contamination suits and the stacking of bodies, illegal alien problems, more invasion, from his opinion thinks w/in 4 yrs, and 3 yrs later World War III, Russian divisions in Mexico?, but sailor George failed to follow up on that! big story of evil and 666, the 2 warnings of Sept nix, armageddon evil will try to destroy the surface of the earth, in or by 2012 evil grasps the earth, he was born & raised in SE Tex, open lines, B Creme, but why should we believe Wingate Geo asks, W ans all this is for the purpose of having faith in God and to do good, for the service of God and the salvation of souls, the rejection of God is what makes evil and not that he created it, plenty of battle conditions in Texas here, claims about 3 or so weeks before the invasion Vatican City will be overrun, Hoagland

#691 out of sync (2/1/05) Nuclear safety engineer David Lochbaum, status on 103 nuclear plants, author of Nuclear Waste Disposal Crisis Canada has 20 or 30, how they work, Chernobyl, death fallout, majority of other states can veto Nev, no one is building any in US, Mex has 2 bought from GE B: cont of Hogue w/Fatima,web radio merchant analogy here, Mabus is Nostradamus term for 3rd Anti Christ when the comet will pass, 1999 introspective tons of info

#692 (3/28/05) Mars + universe, the 8.7 quake, George back from weekend in Hawaii, he mentions Jim B was more off than Dames, (3/03) Great DEBATE between Dr David Morrison NASA Outstanding gold Medal winner, wrote many books, and Prof James McCanney comet, asteroid impacts, Velikovsky, report on Pope's condition, tube inserted into his nose for nutrition B: too much Velikofsky & not enough capacitor

#693 (4/1/05) Amidst reports pope is dying internet radio, Wingate short, his marriage, why he thinks Pope will live, his mystics told him pope will live,Casoreli's hidden fiasco last time there was a pope ballot he fought last ballot, Fr W stated the pope told him he will perform some action but w/those mystics, did not say clearly but the mystics will travel to ROme to help pope, Apr 2 from Rome CBS news; Apr 2 by chance caught the first words on radio that Pope has passed away 9:37 pm, live from Rome, unstable Ali, Apr 4 Geo Noory reports on John Paul II, from a phone call to Wingate, he will showup on Tue & tell why, gasoline price gouging, illegal aliens vs Minutemen, Apr 2 internet radio announcement that the Pope is dead by Art Bell, $11,900 toy of Art wow but he hurt his back 4/4 Geos; comments on Pope, 4/5 the reassesment of Wingate and the rest will see what ?shall fit?said he is going to meet w/them B: Transferring Pope’s body 4/4 from St Clamentina apostolic palace to St Peter's, basilica ABC special, long procession + erie chant, Geo and John Hogue Feb 28 super great on prophecies of St Malachi, accuracy rate 80%, to him the end times = enlightment

694 cont Fourcanelli, deciphering, thinks shift of gravitational field already happening, thinks Christianity is last rel that prepares us for end of iron age, keepers of the light afraid of the iluminati, some goofball tells you how to make a wormhole, Joseph of Armatia, back to Nostradamus here, self proclaimed psychic Suliman from Vancouver said Ratzinger will be pope but yaks Nostradamus quatrains were changed in Europe, black Madonna, De laboris solis here, open lines, CBS radio and 81 yr-old Prince Ranier of Monaco passes away

#695 cont Live from Rome reporters (4/8/05) Rich Lamb, the pope is buried w/146 other popes B: (4/9/05 Maj Dames, a very serious event concerning Mt Tarawara will happen this Nov

#696 (Maj Dames cont) conscious living voice, around 1/4 earth environment, Space shuttle, AHA thinks we have a max of 5 years before the last shuttle stop flying because that prog wilol end and therefore that is the time max we have b4 one is force down, hence he pulls back in time ie possible not this yr, Maj did the Mt T, Norad’s 25-31,000 mph fast walkers, extrterrestrial contact for Aug? magnetic hot points, angels and aliens B: medicine, open lines, UFO’s, wow 1st time really slams Joe, who refused to be taught by Dames; end has June 1 Geo full
#697 funeral mass of Pope John Paul II in stereo radio, CBS radio 4/8
#698 (4/11/05) distinguished Ray Bradbury interview by George, New Caledonia quake, cuckoo Dr Morgus (4/29), (4/3) Nanotechnology
#699 (cont Hoagland 3/16 out of place) Apr 4? rest is announcement that the Pope is dead including Art Bell

#700 Apr 27 Report from the Front,this has MacVane, Apr 30 Scanning the radio dial on the night of Hitler’s death+German organized revolt in Kiel+ Munich, Himmler offers surrender, his bio, Hitler’s death, Dachau but this audio stinks, Mutual Network reports from the Front Apr 30, premature announcement the war had ended, WOR Fred Van Deventer tells all B: John MacVane, John Thompson then Simon from Munich, Paris, commercials at notch 2, Hamburg announces Hitler is dead, Candy, May 1 Fibber McGee and Molly; from May 7 WOR Fred Van Deventer tells all? as the news was not supposed to be made public, yet, Geo his climate dream Fri 4/29 1 min 30 sec

#701 V-E Day complete coverage of celebrations, Hap Arnold AAF, MacArthur, USN chaplain, NBC at 601 its over, all Networks via NBC, THIS IS V-E DAY from WMPS Memphis, retraces WW II in Europe B: lasts 1/2 of b, May 8 CBS 60 yrs ago today, KFWB, CNN radio, May 8 Art Bell neet sample of improved ham radio, Putin, rogue waves, he makes no mention of V-E Day like if it did not exist to him, not even a word, he needs a lesson in History, clips on Korea, my extra 4 min

#702 May 8 1945 Chicago WMAQ Fibber McGee and Molly, May 9 Howard K Smith in Berlin via shortwave, May 13 National Day of Prayer & Mother's Day, a national day of thanksgiving in the USA and Britain

#703 (5/5/05) Geo gives us the scoop that al Qaeda's #3 is captured ! but Zawahawi escapes but we nab his computer (in Feb) USC Prof engineer and philosopher Bart Kosko on Nanotech and the future, 1st half boring, carbon nanotubes (a few atoms across looking like chicken wire, discovered by Japanese) in baseball and clothes, body armor that absorbs bullets, Intel this yr will have a chip of 1.7 bill transistors (15 yrs ago it was 1 million) www.recombinomics.com, ea nanotube will be used as an on/off transistor, future forms the end of microprocessors replaced by nano processor, 2030, oil, WW III, hydrogen is not so far fetched he said, author of Nano Times, terrorists aquired a spy drone? nano tech is big deal with China's scientists B: more transistors than grains of rice on the planet (5/9/05) Frosty Wooldridge, pop growth, illegal aliens in America, Time to break the back of the avg person by hiring illegals, dilemna in Colorado, Calif is growing by 2000 people ea day, anchor baby, pop of Mex went from 50 mil to 104 mil in 100 yrs, there are now 9.2 mil illegal Mexicans in US (verified by Time 9-14-04) illegal pop in US=20 mil or so, 2 mill illegal Chinese, slave trade by business, leprocy, 3rd world corruption, the avg Joe is the looser, his dad was Marine in WW II (5/21) Howard Bloom, www.bigbangtango.net, last 1/3 what's cooking in Islam AND secret Islamic submarines powered by hydro-peroxide that US radar cannot even see, yet also idealistic type, sub sold by DCN of France who also trained + helped rebuild Karachi naval shipyard, remarkable protests for democracy in Mid E, claims Islam wants Rome, some dude named Sheik Kadawi owns TV shows that cry for returning to Europe as conquerors, cites a most disturbing stat: 10% of the Muslim pop constitutes more than all of the people in Nazi Germany, Brit & France combined in the days of WW II, Iranian plan = WMD?

#704 (5/28/05) Wet + dry problems in West, 72-yr old lady sailor heads for Hawaii alone and talks to Art by short-wave, (5/15) Prof McCanney w/Black Knight, horrible audio signal B: shorty on Bradbury, Nano the clips

#705 (5/11/05) Geo w/Quayle, thousands evacuate the US Capitol, false alarm, our intelligence still stinks, N Korea fires an intercontinental missile last week (last yr they fired 1 to Alaska and Hawaii) top microbiologists dying, (5/12 ) Charles Coulombe reminisces about Fr Malachi Martin, apparitions are ghosts, author of Vicars of Christ: A History of the Popes

#705 (5/16) Charles Smith (5/17) Teleportation shorty David Darling, Prof McCanney the sun acts up

#706 V-E Day complete coverage of celebrations w/Ken Alexander, Hap Arnold AAF, MacArthur, USN chaplain, all Networks via NBC, THIS IS V-E DAY from WMPS Memphis, retraces WW II in Europe May 8 CBS 60 yrs ago today, KFWB, CNN radio, May 8 Art Bell neet sample of improved ham radio,rogue waves, Putin, Art makes no mention of V-E Day like if it did not exist to him, not even a word, he needs a lesson in History

#707#2 real V-E Day May 9 Howard K Smith in Berlin via shortwave, May 13 National Day of Prayer & Mother’s Day, a national day of thanksgiving in the USA and Britain, Robert Trout but fighting continues in Wewak New Guinea, Okinawa, Philippines, (5-13-45) Edward R Murrow + Doug Edwards report from London, B: part II May 8: the memorable, On A Note Of Triumph, by Norman Corwin, EXCELLENT narrated by Martin Gabel, music by Bernard Hermann. This is one of the greatest, most honored radio programs of all time

#708 (5/5/05) Geo gives us the scoop that al Qaeda’s #3 is captured ! but Zawahiri escapes but we nab his computer (in Feb) USC Prof engineer and philosopher Bart Kosko on Nanotech and the future, 1st half math, logic, rel is boring, carbon nanotubes (a few atoms across looking like chicken wire, discovered by Japanese) in baseball and clothes, body armor that absorbs bullets, Intel this yr will have a chip of 1.7 bill transistors (15 yrs ago it was 1 million) www.recombinomics.com, ea nanotube will be used as an on/off transistor, future forms the end of microprocessors replaced by nano processor, 2030, oil, WW III, hydrogen is not so far fetched he said, author of Nano Times, terrorists aquired a spy drone? nano tech is big deal with China’s scientists B: more transistors than grains of rice on the planet (5/9/05) Frosty Wooldridge, pop growth, illegal aliens in America, Time to break the back of the avg person by hiring illegals, dilemna in Colorado, Calif is growing by 2000 people ea day, anchor baby, pop of Mex went from 50 mil to 104 mil in 100 yrs, there are now 9.2 mil illegal Mexicans in US (verified by Time 9-14-04) illegal pop in US=20 mil or so, 2 mill illegal Chinese, slave trade by business, leprocy, 3rd world corruption, the avg Joe is the looser, his dad was Marine in WW II (5/21) Howard Bloom, www.bigbangtango.net, last 1/3 what’s cooking in Islam AND secret Islamic submarines powered by hydro-peroxide that US radar cannot even see, yet also idealistic type, sub sold by DCN of France who also trained + helped rebuild Karachi naval shipyard, remarkable protests for democracy in Mid E, claims Islam wants Rome, some dude named Sheik Kadawi owns TV shows that cry for Muslims returning to Europe as conquerors, cites a most disturbing stat: 10% of the Muslim pop constitutes more than all of the people in Nazi Germany, Brit + France combined in the days of WW II?

#709 (5/28/05) Wet + dry problems in West, 72-yr old lady sailor heads for Hawaii alone and talks to Art by short-wave, (5/15) Prof McCanney w/Black Knight, horrible audio signal B: shorty on Bradbury, Nano

#711 (5/11/05) Geo w/Quayle, thousands evacuate the US Capitol, false alarm, our intelligence stinks, N Korea fires an intercontinental missile last week (last yr they fired 1 to Alaska+ Hawaii) top microbiologists dying (5/15) Charles Coulombe reminisces on Fr Malachi Martin, apparitions are ghosts, author of Vicars of Christ: A History of the Popes; (5/17) Teleportation shorty David Darling, Prof McCanney the sun acts up

#712 (June 6) Geo news +Brazilian UFO’s but 0 on D-Day, (6/11) Dale Brown USAF out of sequence, B: war cont, Tues news Jim B said look for 6 mag quake in summer, missed the 7 quake, CBS news 6-15 Australian is saved by Iraqi troops after 47 days as captive

#713 Apr 10 R Targ Rem Viewing
#714 (6/13/05) Tribute to Art on his 60th birthday, B: (6/19/05) Dames, returns from recent trip to Ukraine, ex-spymaster visited the formerly ‘closed’ USSR city of Dnepropetrovsk, home of the undefeatable SS-18 missile (the once feared intercontinental ballistic missile, nicknamed “Satan,” is now being used to launch American communications satellites) bin Laden financed 9-11 from Afghanistan, WOW, for the near future, Dames does not see a N Kor nuke attack on W Coast, nor an imminent Calif killer quake, Chinese are 15 yrs ahead of us in Rem viewing, techniques of “remote interference,” which he defined as the ability to influence a magnetic field around a target, process acts at the atomic level by influencing “electrostatic inertial forces,” and could momentarily weaken the magnetic fields of objects as a pacemaker or a clock, could act as a type of warfare works from a distance against systems or material objects, rather than other people’s minds, the effect can be built up slowly by the interferers, still sticks to shuttle downed by meteors

#715 Dames II, the atmosphere will fry, the atmosphere heating up pretty rapidly to where lots of h2o dries up, crops fail quickly, Safe places or “sanctuaries” during the time of flares have been indicated by the areas where crop circles most frequently occur and in North America that would be above the North/South Dakota border, Dames repeated his prediction that North Korea will test a nuke and eventually use one on the Korean peninsula June 11-12 = Art Bell’s final full weekend
#716 Super duper 9/11 panel discussion too many loop holes, David Griffin, Alex Jones, Peter Lance, Mike Levine

#717 (July 4, 2005) Freemasons, Ken Davis clips, (7/5) news w/Geo, Tropical Storm C, weekend was an Art rebroacast, series of (6) bomb attacks by terrorists in London, latest B: (7/7) Sean (bio) Predictions the four greatest natural dangers to the US between now and 2015 are Yellowstone caldera, On June 26 Art announces starting next week he will unseat his weekends, Rumy said today we could be over there “for 12 years” something wrong, Ian will cover Saturdays from now on, bizarre weather in Japan

#718 Sean part 2 Mt. Rainier, the San Andreas Fault + the New Madrid Fault, believes USA has recently moved into a new 30-year astrological period, that of “Pisces,” which accentuates trends related to water, cleansing, tsunamis, intuition, empathy and mysteries, does not see Pres. Bush finishing his current term, US cap = Denver, one of the final battlegrounds in a war with China, estimates to occur like 2018, Swiss Helvetica gold coin is a good buy, after the EU Constitution is finally approved, the Euro may rise as high as $2.00, making it a smart investment, Gold will go up to 525 by January 2006, U.S. will instigate a 2-tiered money system, where those with offshore accounts will be given “redbacks,” and there will be a separate US-only currency, the Bilderberg group has OK’d the rise of oil barrel prices to $150 by sometime next year, Good stock picks: Caterpillar Tractor, Texas Instruments, XM Satellite, Pixar, Walmart, NutraCea and Palatin Pharmaceuticals. where are Prof McCanney & Hoagland etc? over weekend of July 9-10 Art out again, Terrorism Update intelligence expert Doug Hagmann commented there was significant stock selling 6 hours before attacks, which likely indicates that some people knew they were coming homelandsecurityus.com

#719 Mel Stuart director of Willie Wonka, (July 16) Howard Bloom, atheist-author of Global Brain, thinks London could be a prelude to atacks on the US, biggest pop of Muslims are in Detroit, NJ and Brooklyn, if 10% of worldwide Muslim pop are terrorists that fig would be greater than the pop of Fr Germ Brit at WW II B: defines democracy, W. civilization, Koran so-called purity, 2 subs, DCM of Fr, double-hull super-stealth diesel-hydro-peroxide, Augusta 90-B stealth subs? due to the surprising vote last Jan in Iraq +Leban there is hope for democracy, howardbloom.net

#720 secret weapons, nano, anti-matter weapon, Yukka Mtn, (7/11) Geo tells of strange terrorism story (7/12) 1 hour w/expert Paul Williams WOW seems FBI and CIA are so weak, bin Laden yakes that 4 million Americans must die 2 million must be children? Sicilian Maffia taken over by the Albanian Muslim Maffia in America, both control airports, believes at least 20 suitcase nukes are already in the US as discovered from the laptops of (cont Howard, #2 of al-Qaeda is captured Tues July 12, al zawari

#721 (cont Howard, differences between Islam, Christianity, Koran condemns latter more than jewish rel, 7/13 & 7/14 news w/ Geo, then Peter Lance 7/18 7/20 Steve Quayle 7/22Hoagland tells Geo above avg heat in W, bomb makers nabbed in Ryad, radio news w/Ian of 23rd

#722 (7/20/05) Richard Arnold on passing away of James Doohan, Star Trek Scotty, at 85, author Steve Quayle and Shane Conner of KI4U, Inc, Nuclear Attacks + how we can protect ourselves, Q: there could be as many as 4-5 dozen terrorist nuclear weapons within the US, Hiroshima?, August 6th, according to his sources, the cities of Atlanta, Beaumont, TX; Boston, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, and Washington have been possibly targeted by al-Qaeda; Conner believes the US govt has dropped the ball by not offering enough civil defense training to citizens, Rate of survivability is good after an attack, but only if people protect themselves from the fallout, if someone sees a mushroom cloud, they should move perpendicular to the direction in which the wind is blowing (7/29/05) news

#723 7/26/05 Hoagland July31 Dames for a shorty took trip to Ukraine, reports on the advent of “mind warfare,” China has become advanced in techniques of “remote interference,” which he defined as an ability to influence a magnetic field around a target, it works at the atomic level by influencing “electrostatic inertial forces,” and could momentarily weaken the magnetic fields of such objects as a pacemaker or a clock, this type of warfare works from a distance against systems or material objects, rather than other people's minds, this effect can be built up slowly by the interferers, kill shot is like a "rotisserie," still sees a shuttle going down, safe places or “sanctuaries” during the time of flares have been indicated by the areas where crop circles most frequently occur and in North America that would be above the North/South Dakota border, he also repeated his prediction that North Korea will test a nuke and eventually use one on the Korean peninsula

#724 (8/4/05) RED ALERT by Deyo, 1st time, heat building up & he sees a correlation, from satellite data, seismic indicators, heat signature size unseen b4, a zone 200 miles long, the Pacific is being pulled in two directions but in slow motion, and could culminate in pressure around Mendocino, CA B: could trigger the San Andreas fault, affecting area from Seattle to San Joaquin Valley, once it releases= quakes, believes the window of activity is an 8 week period danger gap end, Ken Gallagher waco clip& his JD Power tha less than 5% of US will buy hybrids, (8/6) Ruskie sub, London bomber clip, SF Archiodioces pays 56 million, evolution of Mex-Amer in LA, Ian about Disneyworld stringent finger prints entrance, new planet announced found but McCanney said it is old news from 2003, (near end) notes when we have a new moon, and when it passes out of the way, if strong solar wind perhaps will pound on our magnetic field, we may have intense elec charges, notes that in the last prediction he thought we would have puny hurric season but did not take into account the Neptune factor, that a solar flare extending out to Neptune can somehow bring about an August return current sheet which returns back to Earth, and this electrical activity mainly from proton storms could lead to severe weather here on Earth + volcanoes explosions; claims that in the 90s he had developed a way using buoys to diminish the energy of hurricanes by grounding out, tornadoes riding out of Mt St Helens?

#725 (8/12/05) Linda Howe on polar reversals yet on her web site it only lists deep impact and comets, a new pattern of global warming in the Pacif NW, (8/13) journalist J R Nyquist & Wade Queen authors of The Origins of the Fourth World War two guys talk about Russia + al Qaeda, w/odd info on author Fred Bell + hemp oil as fuel oil, clip Linda Howe Fri Sep 2, Magnetic Reversals guy says reversing now, clip of Donahue replay w/zeno transdimensional beacon, he denigrates angels

#726 (8/9) Nancy Leider, still claims telepathic, b4 pole shift expects 3 days of darkness, stay away from coastal areas during that time, recent reports of the “10th Planet” in our solar system are a distraction, quakes, extreme weather we’ve been experiencing are due to Planet X’s affect on Earth as it draws closer, though the Zetas no longer giving due date, she gave a graphic, Torque Effect, Predicted by Zetas, claims the Zetas made this prediction in May 2004 and it “became stunningly obvious after the Dec. 26 tsunami quake,” torque will affect people living in N America, “as it is pulling the New Madrid into a diagonal pull, causing Florida to sink, + W Coast to slide”

#727 My
V-J Day special set of cassettes, 60th Anniversary 1945 on the end of WW II

#728 (8/19/05) Full moon Fri w/ Geo; w/Ian Tom Greanias author of Raising Atlantis, a Dept of Def trick?, he speculates Atlantis lies buried beneath the frozen Antarctic, a “magnetic anomaly” has been discovered in East Antarctica at Lake Volstok, green electric fence surrounds lake, he thinks anomaly could be a man-made structure, perhaps ruins of Atlantis or a saucer, CBS midnight news hurricane named
Katrina sounds dangerous, “treat this differently”, “mandatory evacuations” called by Mayor of N Orleans, no more rental cars; 2 pm CBS News, people filing to Superdome, some rain showers, 150 miles s of mouth of Miss R, gasoline up .13 in past 2 weeks, $2.63 avg; 5pm CBS News, most buildings can withstand 165 mph winds Mayor claims, 130 miles s, $70 a barrel; 8 pm CBS news too late to leave, 3000 in Superdome, near end Art Aug 28 160 mph, 160 miles from N Orleans, temp in the Gulf going into the 90s B: Aug 28 Mark Sudduth, monitors on the field, predicts it may do some weakening just b4 land fall, he does not even want to think if a levy goes, compares to Charlie how at last min it changed 15 deg change in angle, 75% of N Orleans have evacuated? temp wise + sea surface claims are above normal in the Atlantic basin just past notch 2, 11 pm CBS news Gulf Port all evacuated, 3500 in Superdome, hurricane winds extends 100 miles, Mark is in Gulf Port at 89.1, the eye is 89.6, old Air Force buddy of Art: Lyn Whitlake in Lake Charles, bio, water temp off coast of Louisiana 91 deg, 87 was considered v unusual he said, friction of land can cause Katrina to change course, all TV towers will vaporize, upon emerging from Fl it regained strength, from cat 3 to 5 fast, by 11:30 100 mph gusts already at mouth of Miss, since 1995 we are in a cycle, oh hurr tend to overall go in 20-30 yr cycles, so after 20 we’ll see a break? Lyn heard on CNN that between 100-200,000 still remain in N Orleans, knows 0 on current weather altering progrms, theres a ne breeze blowing now

#729 shooting at MTV awards, rapper shot, CBS news 80 miles away, now has165 mph, 910 MB, Art will not toy w/ mind stuff, Whitley joins in, need prayer, he predicts 60-80% of houses will go, 1st mention of “biblical proportions” Gulf waters are in their 2nd warmest season, but said stratosphere is cooler but lower atmosphere is hot, expect gas prices to soar

#730 60 min Hoagland w?Geo still waiting, the next 7 yrs, he claims when Charley, Fr and Jean crossed Fl their crossing were so similar someone was using Fl as target practice missing refiner, GMS mentioned, Salt Lake City + RR cars, H thinks it wont get unflooded til ur free

#731 cont Richard, open lines, nite of scott, presents doubt that
Hurricane Katrina is a natural catastrophe, our guys tried to deflect by a dry puff of air, mid of B back w/Scott who perceives a hyper-dimentsion event, a quake, CBS News 3 pm Aug 31, been days w/o any water, days later? Pres flies over Orleans, a reporter has not seen any Red Cross give out any food or water

#732 (9/2/05) Geo plays interview of Mayor Ray Nagin, has enough to only save not police the areas, needs buses, stop thinking small, he claims he has no idea if his gov has requested help from DC, when pumping stations went out, the water started flowing again in the city, and it started to get to levels that probably killed more people...and there is no [clean] water flowing in E...cause of lack of action, then he blames army engineers why they didn’t drop concrete sooner? last nite looting got so bad recalled bone-tired cops to police, said dirty-starved addicts went on rampage looted hospitals 4 needles etc+ nobody talks about that, we authorize 8 bill for Iraq, open lines, winding the week w/ Hoag;and, a Mar Senate bill S517 introduced by Mrs Hutchinson: weather modification, research and technology authorization act of 2005 discovered B: his thoughts, salt acts like a conductor to electricity?, ww had faster response to 3rd worlds than now (9/3/05) Ian flash: on Red Cross site claims access to Orleans is controlled by Nat’l Guard + forbidden from entering, good old Canada plans to send its entire emergency, offering 165 field hospitals w/200 hospital beds ea + blankets, mini-clinics on portable backbacks

#733 Ian cont, Matt, on Aug 27-28 a coronal hole opened up in the sun? + penetrated us and he
claims it resulted in Katrina? fellow Coasties HOAGLAND, several Fed Ex trucks ambushed in Orleans, 20,000 still in superdome, story of beaucracy where truckers were stopped outskirts of Orleans + not allowed in, web rumor that they prevented Ham radio opearations CBS News 8 to 10 people are dying per hr in hospitals while Hams were stopped from coming in w/their radios Art said that is the first time !, Richard thinks there will be a high body count

#734 (8/29/05) Calif attorney Matt Savinar oil w/Geo, US uses 300 billion gal /yr after Turi’s Sep predictions, he predicted in June that thousands would be forced to relocate like Aug 29-30

#735 (8/31) NBC news, James Childs, Charles Ostman rats missed PAT Boone Aug 17

#736 Ostman then Linda Howe Fri Sep 2, Sep 3 Matt S w/Ian, (9/5/05) GMS as Hurr Katrina approached the planet undergoing a “metamorphosis” that is triggered by magnetic shifts and movements in the Earth’s core, next big event will probably take place on the West Coast, the breaking into islands, the USA submerged, he foresees new land masses arising, such as an area the size of Texas that will appear between Hawaii and the mainland, this new land will probably not begin till the latter half of this century, he also mentions a breakthrough in technology that would allow telescopes to clearly see the surfaces of planets +extrasolar bodies in our solar system

#737 (9/5/05) GMS cont THE FREQUENCY & MAG IS UP

#738 July 28 Chekov, on Th next day they discover new okanet

#739 (9/8/05) Sylvia Browne, sees no nuke attack on USA, thinks we never went to moon B: 9/8 News, no more SST launchings til next year, Pam Anderson & pets where is that significant sunflare stuff?

#740 9/11, Geo news date of voodoo, 9/14 CBS news, 9/14 Deyo & new report of episodic thermal slip for NW, a seismic slip, +warns, based on his study of thermal signatures, for potential some fracture in the Australian-Indian Tectonic Plate (last 1/4 of B=Deyo 1 hr only

#741 (9/17/05) Prof Trembley 33% chance of volcanic eruption near Or, (9/19) B: John Hogue v good prophecy + divination, he views super hurricanes are associated w/climate change + currently a bigger threat to our country than terrorism-so will people rise up over the causes of global warming take action to change the situation? Hogue thinks so, claims predicted the destruction of New Orleans, in his book 1,000 for 2,000: Predictions for the New Millennium, he wrote in 1998? that a major US city in the South such as Miami or New Orleans= ruined by a “super hurricane” in one of the first five hurricane seasons of the new Millennium, beware of a form of a corporate identity that convinces people to trade their freedoms 4 more security ie fascism, WW III could be nations fighting the climate problem + fossil fuel tradition rather than each other

#742 David Booth visits Sep 2005

#743 cont Hogue hogueprophecy.com B: 9/21 beg of Dr Louis Turi who discusses his recent prediction of Aug, an energy that produced Hurricane Katrina will arise again, forcing thousands to evacuate an area (It now appears this will be around the time that Hurr Rita will be hitting Texas) Geo overpraises him, Turi said energy from Uranus is playing a part in the turbulent weather we’ve been experiencing, he gave new predictions for October: Oct 5/6/7: Dramatic news involving more death and/or a police announcement, Oct 15-17: Earthquakes/ volcanoes / tornadoes/ oil and Natalee Holloway, Oct 22-4: A return of a weather-related event such as Katrina/Rita that will force thousands to evacuate

# 744 cont Turi forsees Oct22-24 worse, thousands forced out of homes he says, Oct
2.5 million in Houston under evacuation before Hurr Rita, bumper to bumper for over 100 miles, (10/23) Nick Begich, vegetation is moving northwrd, some Alaska glacier moved a 9 mile retreat in last 100 yrs, methane is also building, dead + dying fir trees in Alaska die to beetle? evry maj city in Fr is burning
#745 (9/12/05) Special But For The Grace of God KNXT-KFWB simulcast special on disaster preparedness 1 hr, side B best 9/12 Prof Lopez horrible radio reception Dr Morgus is found 60 mins, Sunspot 798 is rotating into a direct view of Earth, he noted, and could cause geomagnetic activity that will have an adverse affect on some of our technology

#746 (9/26) R Felix the heat is from underwater volcanoes, thinks ocean warming can be around 4 another 10 yrs, hurricanes were weird 1940-60s, 120,000 yrs ago sea levels rose 20 ft then dropped 50 ft in 100 yrs

#747 (9/15/) CBS news Rita in on the way to so Fl, Gavelston evacuating, new tape of aman al zawari surfaces #2 in Iraq,the man who called London’s “bombings a blessed attack,” $100 billion moon progra announced, internet radio it is blazing in France w/ Steve Quayle Part II Oct/Nov 7?; Nov 8 Turi quickie stated Nov 29 will be worse; Nov 10 WOW police car video of streaking meteor in ne Mich on 11-7 from friends in blue + in Iraq their people shout in streets go to hell al zarhawi; Nov 11 dire straits in VA g old Dannion, Dannions movie
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0967950708/ctoc/002-6794291-7889603, B: $2.50 a gal for hydrogen fuel now? brand new breakthrough $500 a kilowatt using a plastic fuel cell from Norway that does not use platinum David Sereda

#748 RF chips+ Albrecht (10/6) Doug Hagmann, Oklahoma student bombing, horrible espionage Oct 8 Ian; gap Oct 10 Deyo B: (10/17) Marc DeMucha on life of Tezla

#749 Tezla cont, Oct 19 nice Roundtable discussion Jim Berkland, J McCanney after Turi

#750 (9-1) out of seq Charles Ostmand w/George US denies Russ offer to help at New Orleans B: v end a Sun tornado w/ 200+ mph winds in Indiana-KY; Quayle Part I, 1273 yrs ago recaps Christians won France now Muslims riot, 1200+ have been arrested in Fr but only 30 are youths, Muslims also “at war” in Denmark

#751 (11/16) Sean flu pandemic peaks in 06, by Jan oil barrels $75-80, SF quakes #752 (11/16) contSean

#753 Oct 23 hurricane nite w/ Art, comments how avian flu can be for humans, Nick Begich B: cont 1/4, 4 am CBS, 911= Mon nite, Oct 24 on Fl, Stan Deyo, WW II veteran physcist Ben Livingston on weather modification + cloud seeding

#754 (11/9/05) Dames A begins w/his past recent predictions, Ukraine, then claims he is not wrong, talks of hunting al-zawari, mentions of top secret past prog on the ozone B4 1/2, claims China wants to rule space, ends w/UFO B: weather, Tacoma-Seattle quake forecast for 06, pavement breaks + space needle to tilt, micro toxin poisoning, deaths of avion, oh avion flu not yet, economic collapse because of bovine disease not birds, end of B mind warfare

#755 (11/7) Art has flu, Oct flu pendemic, v imp news on HAARP, frequency buildup full power in 2007, the imp UK Indep news, 3 weeks ago weird tornadoes in Hawaii Ont Can NO mold, 11/21 KNX just missed Zarkawi; Geo Ahmed Ali a college student is convicted in plotting to assasinate Pres Bush, Jose Padilla indicted, Tama Flu Jap scandal, Rumsfeld has stock in Gilliath Sciences, Turi

#756 (11/19) David Sereda, Robt Plarr, oil, hydrogen

#757 (12/3/05) Dr David Penchansky on 666; (12/7) George interviews Robt Stinnet for 1/2 hr Pearl Harbor anniversary

#758 (12/18/05) my interview
#758.5 (12/18/05) my interview #2 unusually clear & nice, Dames lets out a bombshell about Fatima + The 3rd Secret + Planet X not ever described on Coast To Coast AM ! !

#759 (12/ /05) (12/21/05) Turi (12/26/05) monster tsunami in Indonesia

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 2006

#760 (12/31/) predictions w/Art; (1/1/06) predictions W/Geo, George’s 1st is Paul Guercia on Merlin the Magician, Sean Morton, sees many little quakes, pandemic, Bible Code, Gerald Celente, the cards, US was in a blessed 2001, somebody got in tune w/ 172 demons + called Lucifer, Father... oh brother

##761 (1/7/06) sad news words de Ian on the parting of Ramona, 1-9 Deyo, 1/6/06) Quayle ?big gap of maybe 12mins Deyo, (1/12/06) Mike Ruppert debut? nice oil depletion arguments between former LAPD narco detective Michael Ruppert and Jerry Corsi; is oil a renewable source produced deep inside the Earth, or a scarce finite resource? Ruppert thinks the world is acting as if the Peak Oil theory were true, + our supplies will begin to dwindle; replenishing abiotic oil is not supported in scientific literature; specific abiotic sites such as Dneiper-Donets basin and the Eugene Island Lot have turned out to be a bust or in decline in terms of supplying oil; Corsi thinks surveys going back to the early 1900s have all claimed that we were going to run out of oil, but he claims we now have a greater supply than we ever had AND thinks oil is not “fossil fuel” but rather an“abiotic” substance that is naturally replenished on a constant basis; this so-called scarcity is a trick taken by oil companies to increase profits, holy mackeral in re: oil research Ruppert killed Corsi on Corsi’sinnacurate book stats BUT a Fast Blast poll found 62% siding with Corsi and 38% with Ruppert www.WillYouJoinUs.com Renewable Energy Systems Solar Electric Power Technology!

#762 (1/12/06) cont oil B is Jim Berkland Dec

#763 (1/22/06) Art is back & speaks to us about Ramona, v sad, you can tell he is stiill grieving, she passed away Th Jan 5 from complications related to asthma, Dr Michio Kaku (1/23/) Rem viewing?

#764 cont RV debate; out of seq(1/5/06) Glynis McCants the # lady on forecasts; (1/6/06) Geo + Steve Quayle on Iran, end times etc, (1/23 cont), (1/25) Douglas Hagmann update on terrorism

#765 (1/24/06) Special tape w/ Fr Wingate; (2/4/06) Maj Dames shorty

#766 (2/27/06) Journalist Douglas Mulhall and Charles Ostman, quakes, nano

#767 (3/5/06) Art w/ Rev Rama Coomaraswamy

#768 (3/7/06) Andre Eggelletion on Dubai Port deal, where such deals prompted by banking fees, outsourcing our jobs B he is v smart

#771 (3/11/06) Phoenix lights Peter Davenport, Dr Lynne D Kitei gave up her medical profession, amber orbs, Jim Dilettoso B: (3/17/06) Linda M Howe, glaciers, 2005 was hottest year in modern human history, by end of the century temps could be higher by 3 to 10 deg F, Dr. Jason Box said Greenland is contributing significantly to higher sea levels and should temperatures increase further, the melting of Greenland’s glaciers could be irreversible, new satellite data shows Antarctic ice is melting at the rate of 36 cubic miles a year, ice melt from Antarctica, Greenland and other glacial regions are projected to increase the sea level this century by three feet or more, a cbsnews.com: In 1850 the Glacier National Park was home to 150 glaciers, says federal research scientist Dr. Daniel Fagre, but now only 27 left, and Fagre estimates that all the glaciers will be gone by the year 2030; a panel meeting this week in France has proposed designating Montana’s Glacier National Park as a “world heritage site in danger” due to global warming

#772 (3/19) News, cyclone in Australia, McCanney

#773 (3/19 McCanney cont

#774 (4/16/06) Maj Dames, Art creates new change in his life, 7 min gap B: new methods terrain index replaces geo-fix method, will concentrate on nuclear terrorism, sounds estactic, b4 it was close to 10 miles, near 1/3 will mark an x near Aruba, wants to capture Russian mafiosos www.defensesystemsinter.com

#775 (4/28/06) John & Ken Fri, Geo Fri, Mon May 1 BIG March, John Ziegler plays some spanish version of the Star Spangled Banner

#776 (4/30/06) FUN TAPE MAC Steve Wozniak began in electronics, ends w/Nostradamus, seems Steve Jobs was not a programmer, 2nd harmonic of a guitar will snap a phone line & can get tel codes 21 sec gap B: gap, around mid they predict 17 named storms, 7 intense hurr, 15 total hurr, May 1 marches, illegals also want to vote, former mayor Koch, 94% of pop polled think word illegal is unmentioned by the media, too many people wanting too much, I need suns mag field has doubled (5/1/06) Hogue, author of The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome, The Millennium Book of Prophecy: 777 Visions, Nostradamus: A Life and Myth 13 city lecture tour w/in last 2 weeks? weather but gives too general stuff on Nostradamus, I like him because he was involved in geographics, paralleled the immigration issue to the end of Roman Empire when migration of tribes such as the Goths contributed to Rome’s decline; at the time of Roman Empire pop=200-300 million, no date for asteroid hit, the quatrain “when Mars and Saturn will be in Leo,” a long comet will be seen in the skies, Hogue cited the June 4th -July 22nd, 2006 as possiblities, but instead of a comet such as 73P, he yaks Nostradamus may have been describing a missile attack + escalation of war, then plague 2009-2012; Geo interjects the comet traces sparks? Hogue gives a name of an Iranian missile trailing sparks+ rest of prophecy sounds like war; quatrain 48 Cent 9 the “great city of the maritime ocean surrounded by a swamp of crystal” that will be tried by a great wind, Hogue thinks the image of crystal may be how Nostradamus viewed skyscrapers in his period, and that this quatrain might be predicting a major typhoon in a city in the Southern Hemisphere such as Shanghai or in Australia; hogueprophecy.com

#777 (4/1) CBS news flooding in Frisco, Midwest; Geo Knapp from Vegas filling in for Art; (4/2) Geo w/news, tornadoes in MW + St Louis, some prof from NW Univ we need more dead people 90% reduction, Lou Gentille paranormal recordings, (5/13) Ian filling in for Art nite of Dan Pinchbeck + Quetzalcoatl

#778 (5/20) Judge Andrew Napolitano, author of Constitutional Chaos, NSA’s secret wiretapping program, thinks Hayden should not be confirmed as next CIA director because he “presided over the surveillance of millions of phone calls of innocent Americans” in violation of the 4th amendment; Historian of the Future Charles Ostman, mankind is approaching a transitional threshold, an Evolutionary Event Horizon, that will require us to either raise our spiritual maturity or face self-destruction, human race must cope with current stage of development, thinks we have a window of only 10-15 years to make the necessary changes + avoid a tragic End Times scenario, claims roadblock to spiritual maturity is religious fundamentalism, “holographic” thinking, which allows us to see a variety of possibilities at the same time, all of the time

#779 (5/27) Ray Harryhausen; (6/6/06) Jun 6 Sean Morton on 666 first, but Geo does a switch on him and deconcentrates on 666 asks about whats 4 the future, Sean has seen new $100 bills w/red stripes, $60 billion in storage around world red tinted dough for outside US, economy collapses 2007?; Jesuit from San Francisco Fr Felix Just said no where in Bible does it say there has to be 1 A/C, believes in prophecy it is also about a battle of g vs evil, equates end as a radical break w/ all that we know, Revelation ends w/a new Heaven + new Earth, thinks an A/C trying to take over the world is misleading, disbelieves in chip (given only 1/2 hr); Glynis McCants the # lady; they nab Zawahirir etc (5/31) Military thriller author + former Air Force Capt Dale Brown, expects armed robots and unmanned aerial vehicles being deployed on the border, discusses his research and writing, novels latest, Edge of Battle, scenario involving the US/Mex border, a face-off between the Mexican Army and the National Guard ?

#780 v end of 5/31; 6/3 Crypto News, 93˚ in LA, CBS news Jun 3 or 4, 17 suspects nabbed in Canada after 2 yr investigation to bomb; back to 6/3 optics consultant Robt Plarr and Mike Fulton, new energy, worldsnest.com, hemp? new Low vol hyrdogen well that will eliminate batteries

#781 (6/3 cont) new technologies, mining garbage? Patrick Heron from Ireland, Nephilim angels, believes the apocalypse has not yet started, but many signs such as an increase in famines, earthquakes, disease +war are already in place, believes the mark of the beast may soon be upon us, in which the populace will be coerced into taking an electronic implant in either their right hand or forehead -- needed to buy, sell, taking the mark will face God’s fury and eternal torment, Apocalypse, v end touches on A/C Apollo" as the person who goes on to become the A/C, book Apocalypse Soon is scheduled for release in summer
761 Deyo, (1/12/06) Mike Ruppert debut? nice oil depletion arguments between former LAPD narco detective Ruppert and Jerry Corsi; is oil a renewable source produced deep inside the Earth, or a scarce finite resource? Ruppert thinks the world is acting as if the Peak Oil theory were til, but he claims we now have a greater supply than we ever had AND thinks oil is not “fossil fuel” but rather an“abiotic” substance that is naturally replenished on a constant basis; this so-called scarcity is a trick taken by oil companies to increase profits, holy mackeral in re: oil research Ruppert killed Corsi on Corsi’s innacurate book stats BUT a Fast Blast poll found 62% siding with Corsi and 38% with Ruppe
#768 (3/11/06) Phoenix lights

#770 (3/19) News, cyclone in Australia, McCanney

#771 (3/19 McCanney cont

#772 (4/2/06) Maj Dames

#774 (4/30/06) MAC Steve Wozniak ends w/Nostradamus maybe May 1 Hogue, weather but provides too general stuff on Nostradamus from hundreds yrs ago, I like him because he was involved in geographics, foresees 2009-12 great war then plague, no date for asteroid hit, 3797 AD end, 13 city lecture tour, w/in last 2 weeks? Chandler wobble, gap, ice melting, alarming talk I need suns mag field has doubled
#775 (5/13) Ian Art still out

#776 (5/20) Judge Andrew Napolitano, author of Constitutional Chaos, comments on Gen Michael Hayden, discussed the constitutionality of the NSA’s secret wiretapping program, thinks Hayden should not be confirmed as next CIA director because he “presided over the surveillance of millions of phone calls of innocent Americans” in violation of the 4th amendment; said such laws and the Constitution require the govt to obtain permission from a judge before wiretapping someone’s phone; Historian of the Future Charles Ostman, mankind is approaching a transitional threshold, an Evolutionary Event Horizon, that will require us to either raise our spiritual maturity or face self-destruction, human race must cope with current stage of development, thinks we have a window of only 10-15 years to make the necessary changes + avoid a tragic End Times scenario, claims roadblock to spiritual maturity is religious fundamentalism, “holographic” thinking, which allows us to see a variety of possibilities at the same time, all the time

#777 (5/27) Ray Harryhausen; (6/6/06 Sean Morton on 666 first, but Geo does a switch on him and deconcentrates on 666 asks about what is coming in the future, Sean has seen new $100 bills w/red stripes, $60 billion in storage around world red tinted dough for outside US, economy collapses 2007?; Jesuit from San Francisco Fr Felix Just said no where in Bible does it say there has to be 1 A/C, believes in prophecy it is also about a battle of g vs evil, equates end as a radical break w/ all that we know, Revelation ends w/a new Heaven + new Earth, thinks an A/C trying to take over the world is misleading, disbelieves in chip (given only 1/2 hr); Glynis McCants the # lady; they got Zawahiri (5/31) Military thriller author + former Air Force Capt Dale Brown, expects armed robots and unmanned aerial vehicles being deployed on the border, discusses his research and writing, novels latest, Edge of Battle, scenario involving the US/Mex border, a face-off between the Mexican Army and the National Guard

#778 v end of 5/31; 6/3 Crypto News, 93˚ in LA, CBS news Jun 3 or 4, 17 suspects nabbed in Canada after 2 yr investigation to bomb; back to 6/3 optics consultant Robt Plarr and Mike Fulton, new energy, worldsnest.com, hemp? new Low vol hyrdogen well that will eliminate batteries

#780 (6/5) Geo w/Pat Herron, he is not too bad on passages, wars, rumors of wars, catastrophes, Jews are back in Israel, a sign of end times B: cont; (8/8) (6/5) First hour guest, Jerome Corsi discussed possible plans for a North American Union that would merge Canada, USA, Mexico replace the dollar with the AMERO; Bush desires to see a NAU by 2010, after t2010 the AMERO replaces the $ and is a reason why Bush does not care about borders nor financing the war but to bankrupt USA, Mex trucks via I-35 corridor, once the NAU is created that = hard evidence, 16 mins Art Sep 3

#781 (6/8) Wow Alex Jones ordered by the Conference in green uniforms detained at Ottawa airport, Queen Beratrix Dutch Oil Shell 1 of 3 Royal families, PM of Can, Kissinger, Bilderbergers prisonplanet.com, June report on Abu al zarkawi, leader of al-Q in Iraq, Ball of fire in Norway, Ian Jun 10, B: Art from other side of world, not isdn, last 1/3Art plans to convert since last yr, describes life, near end Andrew sisters, tiny R Targ, something about meteor impact in Norway

#782 (6/14) Bilderberg roundtable

#783 (6/29) end of A the Sun NASA, Stan Deyo w/host Steve Quayle, Geo on vacation, about SF,quake, expect flooding in New Eng states _ fires in West, also warmer Atlantic Ocean brings moisture that fuels heavier rainstorms some say (http://standeyo.com/NEWS/06_Religion/060603.Paddy.doc.html) B: hydrogen sulfate rehear --A) On June 26 Art internet radio announces starting next week he will unseat his weekends, Rumy said today we could be over there “for 12 years” something wrong, Ian will cover Saturdays from now on, bizarre weather in Japan

#784 (7/2) Geo Knapp 4 Art on UFOs, Vicki Ecker, Don Ecker, William Birnes coauthor Col Corso, July 4, Artistic Achievement Award to Stevie Wonder who lost his mom in May, patriotic music, B: story of America¸’s Independence, ends w/comments of Hoagland on Shuttle

#785 (7/10) Bro Michael Dimond on counterfeit church

#786 over weekend of July 9-10 Art out again, B: Tu July 11 trains story, Th 7-13 Israel John M Curtis, near end of B St Louis nutty storm, winds as strong as 92 mph, their skies turned green, then dust, then rains, 400,000 w/o power, airport out, trucks, trees, signs, blown over

#787 (7/14) Ross Mitchell nite of Dr Siegal technical difficulties
#788 (7/22) UFO James Gilliland out of seq ends w/Aug 6 Art good ex global warming, ABC report & Robertson scoop

#789 x32 rehear
#790 (7/27) Linda Howe shares cool story on Army Air Force surgeon who did autopsy on aliens in late 1940s,
#791 (8/2) Sean Morton denotes Pyramid claims A/C = past, had a newsletter in 06 on who’s the A/C, 2034, Eve Sign in the sky, in 2039 new Messia rules for 120 yrs, spoke at length about Aug 3 as trigger for start of WW III again Bible Code interpretations, Vajra, warns int rates to continue rising,
we kill Abu Musab al-Zawahiri on Jun 8 F-16 jets did a precise hit w/20 lb bombs, cost us $25 million (8/10) Code Red to blow 10 out of air; story of 2 Muslims that beat the system + bought Amer phone lists
#794 (8/10) From
London more info on terrorist plot that was foiled, all pro-killers were British Muslims, was also to hit popular cities NY, Miami, L.A., Boston, San Francisco, 10 in all, via plastic bottles contraptions, Peter Lance comments on plot, a secret agent infiltrated UK based group, 2 20-yr old Muslims in Dearborn, Mich found w/passenger lists + phony IDs www.cnn.com/2006/US/08/10/us.security/index.html ends w/Art interviews Bob Bigelow Aug 13s.
#795 (8/11?) Power outage L.A., air travel in chaos, eyewitness Greta tells you how it is, (8/16) Geo last 1/3; B: another bomb scare on a charter flight to Egypt, forced to Brindisi, (8/12) Art gets big nomination ; (8/13) Art wow tells of Sun circa 7-31, solar physicist D Hathaway new solar cycle is starting, using atmospere as antenna patent by Sony
#796 (8/28) Journalist Alexandra Robbins the pressures and stress of high school students, and success B: Geo w/ Linda (8/31/06) updates on the mysterious red rain and crop circles; August she visited a laboratory in Cardiff, Wales studying the red rain that fell in India, both in 2001 and this past July, a scientist, Chandra Wickramasinghe, speculated that Earth may be in the path of the same cometary debris every five years, which deposits the red rain. DNA has yet to be found in the cell structure of the rain, and this material could be the "smoking gun for panspermia," he said
#797 (8/28) (9/2) William Henry ancient tech
#798 (9/3) (Maj Dames, consultant for the new film The ESP Affair B: image overhead of area in Aruba where Dames has been conducting an underwater search for Natalee Holloway’s remains, last yr slightly revised
N Korea will test one then N Korea will use one, Korea is a rat in a corner, China (who may be “in collusion” with North Korea) will offer to intervene for peace, if the U.S. takes a “hands off” approach to their takeover of Taiwan, here’s the deal, China will allow the test, then after we squawk will offer to intervene or allow US to use up its mushrooms [later China will try to scoop up Taiwan], Art plans trip in 2-3 weeks, D will set up meeting w/big MD of Hong Kong, WOW here he describes what happens to Korea afterward, sunspots, to make dough via sports betting? big deal, genetically modified crops will be much worse than anyone imagines, some kind of rust will murder crops like wheat and corn, the human population will be reduced by 2/3 within 6-10 years, as of Sep 06 cannot discern time
#799 (cont) Planet X right away, it is traveling into the solar system + will cause most amt of solar flare activity, he is getting married, skin rashes in his village due to nasty showers, boring UFOs insect people, Seattle Tacoma quake (s)? will surely bring down bldgs, pavement opens, the space needle tilts, black mold that really gets bad, deaths by micro toxin, death by avian flu not yet, ec collapse will be due to bovine disease, mind influencing, cites bad co2 and hydrogen sulfide, open lines, Suliman the psychic sees a nuke fight between India + Pak, told Dames a trip to Ukraine not g for him, Dames spoke of war that will be overcome by planetary things, JFK, yikes someone disconnected Maj D, aha a caller tells Art Fr S died around July 18, alligator guy Steve Irwin dies Mon; little music, illegal alien Tribute Day march w/less people; (9/4) Dr Morgus, Paul Smith on Rem Viewing, Labor Day

#800 (R V Smith cont) here he says Maj Dames a phony, Smith now pursues ESP research in Palo Alto, California, and is also publishing special editions of classic books in psychic research
#801 Special 9-11 tape recording anniversary Geo 9-11 Special, last 10 mins so-called expert could not answer things on Halliburton, David Hawkins forensic expert that owners of WTC collected insurance dough (huge Teachers TIAA-CREFF pension fund) + al-Q were only hired mercenaries (www.valis.cjb.cc/HawksCAFE/070106.html), Vic Thorn w/Lisa Guliani belief Israel had a hand, they believe Flight 93 never crashed in PA, Alex Jones free movie: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=786048453686176230&q=Terror+Storm; a pretape of Howard Bloom on 9-11 and dangerous Iran B: Prof Joel Goldstein was 1st 1/2 hr guest, on law a dud, + all of A a dud B: begins w/clip on big bombs, aha the biggest resources bad guys have is money from oil & poppies, were buildings dynamited?
#802 (9/16) Art describes his trip to Hong Kong + new territory w/10 million, references to an obscure medieval text brings anger, Hurr Lane hits Baja, spinach & ecoli, strange story of a UFO crash in Lake Superior

#803 (10/4) cont of newspaperman Jerry Corsi, Pres Mahmoud Ahmadinejad radical Islamic Shiite is on a divine mission to bring back the Mahdi, Oct 7 Geo was in OR and had nice short interview on Williamette too www.wweek.com/editorial/3248/8068/, at halfway like 2 am Mon Oct 9
CNN international reports N Korea conducted a nuclear detonation, PM of Japan, (10/9) Sean on for 1/2 hr says gut reaction it was not a nuclear test, still thinks a red mercury explosion in DC possible this yr, a 4.5 quake hits so of Seattle, 7 miles e of Mt Rainier B: Sunday a nervous Art breaks news & interviews 8 yr veteran submariner Kenneth Sewell submariner, lots of info on espionage lucky Art, we learn N Korea has 2nd largest sub fleet in the Pacif (48?), advocates blocking Korea till they have open major inspections w/Los Angeles class subs sending torpedoes and dropping mines, describes FOX test USSR sub that sneaked into Puget Sound w/ XXI type U-boat technology, 20-22 Romeo class 20-24 coastal small subs, the US has 1/2 the subs we had 20 yrs ago; Associate Dir at Los Alamos Natl Lab Doug Beason author of The E-Bomb discussed energy weapons as well as N Korea, lasers can travel the speed of sound + can even be deflected off mirrors to take down anything on earth w/ a narrow focus but he could not say a lot
#804 (10/retired NASA manager John Mankins
#805 (10/12) Irish Christian P Heron, oligarchy run by few, 10% of Ireland not Irish, thinks all prophecy can't be altered, Mayan calendar, thinks Blessed Mother Mary is female nepheline

#806 (10/15) Stan Deyo comments on big Hawaii quake, notes he had detected seismic signals West of the islands on Oct 11-12, forewarns San Fran could receive quake activity in 3-4 days; lots of eyewitness reports from Hawaii, NASA Astrobiology Institute Prof Peter Ward author of Life as We Do Not Know It and Out of Thin Air tells Art that oxygen levels have contributed to mass extinctions, cites bad co2 and hydrogen sulfide, mentions melting of Arte caps See Scientific America Oct issue for his article Impact from the Deep on mass extinctions

#807 (10/15 cont Prof Ward, Geo relates how lots of people eat popcorn b4 a quake, (10/19 Geo spoke of a 2nd nuke test, NATO Gen David Richards said we got 6 months B4 loosing people support in Afg, British scientists a cloaking device? (10/19) Art fills in 4 Geo + feels a quake in Manila, some Filipino newspaper prints a letter of hate

#808 (10/23) Howard West author of Quicksilver Key ancient manuscripts and the “Watchers” ; texts, from the Dead Sea Scrolls for ex, were copied over from earlier manuscripts and actually date back as far as 10,500 BC based on celestial descriptions, the Watchers or fallen angels (such as Thor, Mercury, and Lucifer) were a group of 200 who came from Mars neet on the mirrors

#809 (11/11/06) A: begins w/open lines + Typhoon Queenie, culture of love of the Amer family, Iwo Jima 60th Anniversary tribute, League of grateful sons.com, Veterans Day, Robert Y Pelton rats said littel on him + MAC, defines warfare as urban terrorism; Robt said Iraq never threatened us, preventing wholesale movement of Iraqis is imp, R said we can only be ?, the leader in Iran is a Hitler in a head scarf, who has wish to make all Jews disappear, a democracy needs educated people, finding jobs imp too, near 1/3 CBS report on al-Q holiday attacks

#810 date UNK 1st 15mins boring, thinks its 50-50 N Kor will detonate a nuke, Shiite Pres M, PhD engineer, claims only 20% support this guy, a 2nd Revolution has occurred in Ir but he never gets into it, Corsi cites pg # of where it says in Comm Report Muslims snuck in thru Mexico! ie not a make belief threat, talks a lot about Madhi, zealot Pres M claims Corsi will fulfill his personal mission w/ in 2 yrs to cause the Madhi to return, AH a precondition b4 Madhi arrives is to have an international apocalypse that MUST happen BEFORE Madhi returns, in 941 AD the M went down a well, Muslims await his return, Sunis don’t believe in that?, and Shiite Islam will triumph worldwide, briefly tells Islam hist, Corsi dislikes attacking Iran yaks a peaceful change in Iran but never says how B: a Shanghai- Moscow cooperative pact, last week Hammas shouted death to Israel, Eisenhower carrier strike force is moving East, ha v funny last summer in PTO we showed off w/a 3 carrier firepower exercise but did not scare N Kor, bk Slowdown With Nuclear Iran, rats commercials, Nafta super highways, trans-Texas corridor 35 for RR+trucks that runs along Interstate Hwy 35 in Tex 4 football fields wide? believes Iran has Mach 2 missiles navy.mil

#811 (11/16/06) Corsi claims Iran is funding Hammas, Corsi a former traffic eng, last 1/8 Art on Philippines, (11/27) US Airways detains 8 Muslims, Happy Thanksgiving, (11/27) Lloyd Pye and tribute to land of the free by George

#812 (12/7/06) Pearl Harbor anniversary, thank you George Noory, George from St Louis 15 in of snow 1st storm of the season; hundreds of flights cancelled from Dallas to Chicago; a meteor crashes in Russia or something, 500,000 w/o powr in St Louis area, 165mph typhoon, Art (12/3/) levitating little fish, registering public water usage in England, 33 tornadoes hit London every yr?> last 1/4 Dec 7 B (12/7) James McCanney; (12/8/06) flares from Sun, Cyclone UTOR? Maj Dames, had X-9 (later updated to an X-10) once more explains the kill shot which will impact Earth in the form of strong flares that bring protons down to the deck, to the atmosphere-troposphere heating us causing maj damage, here he gets a little spooky little past 1/3, says we are beginning to experience a v long cycle that is not a reg 11 yr solar cycle but some 11,500 yr cycle that is not some solar cycle either--he calls it a big discovery--OUTSIDE OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, then mentions + elevates his colleague Brent Miller who is working w/scientists, actually Maj D gave them the Rem Viewing info to work with, and after sunspot 930 exploded “this week” asked Brent, who just told him 3 months ago we had 305 quakes from the 4.0 range, 2 months ago = 335, Nov 436, in the last 30 days 494 quakes, going back to the 1960s in terms of maj quakes Earth had 13 maj quakes, decade of 1970s = 51, 80s = 86, 90s=>150, w/the decade not over yet 2000-2006 = already 150 deduces the earths core is heating up, whatever it is, it is not reversing, beforehand Maj D assumed it was crystallizing from the Sun, but he seems to intone another reason, a new stage that is not all due 100% to the sun only, neither is it a geophysical cycle or long solar cycle, instead it is compounded by an unbelievable link to passing gravity waves he admits, “there won’t be anymore solar maxes” a peculiar thermodynamic relationship, these waves will intensify, the gravity waves go off the chart, it even mystified Dames, it is not approaching us per se, we are moving towards it he claims, ie our entire solar syst, denotes entire movement is some 11,500 yr cosmic cycle, this cosmic cycle will probably be the main catalyst or interaction to make Sun go nuts??
Rumsfeld resigns, strange story from Chicago, Muslim was caught + stopped b4 he blew up folks in a mall, caught while trying to swap stereo system for grenades
#813 (12/10/06) James Jancik The Black Knight recent info, Debbie Booth, announced that her father "moved their compound to the Smokey Maintains in TN" and Luca Scantamburlo on Planet X, David Booth shorty.

#814-5 2 tapes (12/24) (1/28/07Brent internet radio; (2/28/07) Dr Brooks Agnew gravity waves, he graduated #1 of Annapolis; (1/28/07Brent?) (12/10/06) Scantamburlo Planet X + Vatican intelligence, CLASSIFIED “SECRETUM OMEGA” and furthermore an insider, +Jun 25 July 30 Maj Dames, Aug 27 Brent 11-26

#816 (12/21/06) internet radio A: Kukulcan Steven Allen; Man’s history and the future, wrote novel Domain and Resurrection, Dresden Codex last surviving of Maya, transit of Venus, our Sun + our solar system is part of a spiral arm of Milky Way, Earth travels at 13 miles a sec toward center, our galaxy takes 226 million yrs to complete a revolution around Milky Way, likes to research but does not call himself expert; 4 calendars, after K left, Mayan civilization turned bloodthirsty, 2012 does not spell out what type of disaster, only that = end of humanity, but according to the Dresden Codex, the Mayans foresaw a great flood as being the cataclysm that occurs at the end of the current great cycle; (11/9/05) Geo and journalist Will Hart 2012 and an impact Aha Mayans + Olmecs last 1/3, claims Mayan knew of Sun cycles, 2nd transit of Venus also in 2012, but he does not explain it, Mayan speak of a space body in 2012 that takes Geo by surprise but he gets tricky and goes its the turning pt, (11/9) Dames clip see #755, what is out there can’t be changed 5 mins disease gets worse, unsure if man is behind that, earth’s atmosphere heats up; (12/14/06) global empire (corporatacracy Bilderburger) B: cont highest echelons of banking, corporations, govts, see 2-15-05, Hologram guy Fred Bell (12/18/06) funny statements but w/top secret credentials, knows of Task Force 20 who located WMD, only 1 pass between Syria + Iraq, v end (Dec 14, 2006) Linda 2,500 dead ducks in Idaho
#817 NY has 10 in of snow; 6th warmest yr; Sail Away, Prof Trombley, (12/21/06) Steve Alten, lousy reception most of A dud boring, does not believe in Noah’s ark or world flood, was monk did readings of dead pals too, predicts Mar-Apr tornadoes B: (5/1/06) Hogue Jun-July 22 Q 76 Cent 4 a long comet from hidden fires, to him long comet is an allusion of a rocket released see tape #776 for entire show; 1st 1/4 Buzz Aldrin; (12/29/06) hypno-therapist John J Harper starts at 1/2 w/ Ian, near end of B warns of ejecta plasma ball of Sun, his patients + NDE interviewees see earth trying to correct by a change in tilt? understand earth changes, its the Sun, Luke ch seas + the waves roaring, the Mayan= 5 ages, the giant 26,000 cycle; (last 1/4 =Maya w/ John Major Jenkins (Dec 29, 2005) on 2012

#818 (12/23/06) after 2 mins Iran spurs UN team; secrets of Tarzan, by ... Dec 24 Denver airport, an Indian Is swallowed up by sea, an Is of 10,000 people, Santa song, Merry Christmas, Geo? Pres Ford dies

Happy New Year 2007
#819 Happy New Yr Turi, energies, universal clock makes him work on 3 days/ month? said watch Jan 3, 12, 19, watch Feb + Aug for quakes-volcanoes, refused to name what, Apr + Aug not so g for Pope in Mid East, some bacterial disease in Mar? then gets wishy washy, claims 06 was a yr that nature was pretty quiet, A; Arturi a comet? B: Sean, ea Sun he RV --, Dow will be over 13,000, after some $devaluation the AMERO WILL BE INTRODUCED, Whitley too much aquarius, something new last 1/4 every 250,000 yrs a mag pole, at v end he mentions Santa Barbara weather, open lines ie 1-1:40, KNX from Fri am
#820 (1/23/07) Gov Arnold speech believes Calif is a leader, jails were built to house 100 g so #1 change = reduce prisons of 172,000, from $60 billion deficit to$4 billion w/o raising taxes?, V IMP Art Jan 4 replays a classic from Apr 1997 of a pilot going into Area 51 same nite he has Whitley! on Greenland, Geo Jan 22 back in L.A., KNX Jan 14
#821 (1/ /07) Art talks about Nov UFO United Airlines (1/ /07) Geo from a rainy Detroit and Linda fascinating account on diving/UFO story of Lake Superior, Adam Jimenez did a special diving trip in 2005, radar scan of a 15+ ft teardrop thing in lake B: Muslim clerics were paid to issue fatwas, ecoli attacks kidneys in kids, espionage of bin Laden, singing RR man, Art ( Author Steve Quayle, recent spate of bird deaths in the US and Australia and the strange smell in N Y; bird deaths could have a connection with the gas-like odor in N Y and other places, in terms of atmospheric + earth changes + hydrogen sulfate doubted the explanation that poisoned feed killed thousands of ducks in Idaho, Quayle also postulated that secret weapons testing such as HAARP’s experiments with the ionosphere could have been a factor in some bird deaths, reads an email he received from a person in a Chicago suburb who described witnessing a white flash over a power line and then suddenly saw around 500 birds drop dead
#822 (1/10) Corsi and Hussein on Iran, George reads about THOUSANDS OF BIRDS about 450 miles se of Perth, Australia dropping from the skies, Coast is #1 in NY, it still sitinks in NY, Comet McNaught, round table discussion on GREAT PYRAMID

#823 (1/19 or 18?) Matt Savinar lifeaftertheoilcrash.net, peak oil theory, portable heater, Fri storm 2nd notch, (1/20) Art was Sylvia wrong? Art has been named the recipient of the 2007 R&R News/Talk Radio Lifetime Achievement Award; since debut, Bell's paranormal-theme radio program has grown from humble beginnings at KDWN/Las Vegas to over 500 stations nationwide B: weak sound, dusting of snow in Malibu, winter storm kills 41 in Europe, VERT WILD IN EUROPE, (1/21) he reads a v important headline superstorm N Eur hemisphere, a Russian blames it on the electrical imbalance from Red Cow Comet + a CME of Jan 15, citing Russ said the weather was on such a global scale on such a short time, Russ scientist talks of a probable deep freeze, + cites stoppage of Gulf Stream, the Gulf Stream had faltered Dec 11-19 luckily not permanent, it began Dec 11, then it turned south, David Hathaway of Marshall Spaceflight Center had made calculations based on solar Min and past hist tracking predicts giant Solar Cycle 24 c 2011-2012, H presented his case last week, Author John Jay Harper, worked in ballistic Def, Galactic Center, warns of massive changes, feels Hathaway is on track, Harper seized upon a wow ex: a galactic core explosion can trigger CMEs that could boil our ocean floor, tsunamis + volcanoes come, concerned about satellite losses, claims to prepare use flax seed oil, elderberry extract, powdered Vit C to boost our immune systems johnjayharer.com (pic: end date of the Long Count Mayan calendar =Dec 21, 2012, just when a rare astronomical event will take place-- our sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, see web 4 a pic of The Galactic Center region +'Sgr A' which is a black hole, says “rather than it being the end of time and space, we might better speak of it as the center of time and space, which reflects the indigenous idea of periodic outflow and inflow around the cosmic center” Milky Way Galaxy belongs to the Local Group, a smaller group of 3 large and over 30 small galaxies, + is second largest (Andromeda Galaxy M31= #1) Our solar system is thus situated within the outer regions of this galaxy, well within the disk and only about 20 light years "above" the equatorial symmetry plane (to the direction of the Galactic North Pole, see below), but about 28,000 light years from the Galactic Center. Therefore, the Milky Way shows up as luminous band spanning all around the sky along this symmetry plane, which is also called the "Galactic Equator". Its center lies in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, but very close to the border of both neighbor constellations Scorpius and Ophiuchus. The distance of 28,000 light years has recently (1997) been confirmed by the data of ESA's astrometric satellite Hipparcos; solar system is situated within a smaller spiral arm, called the Local or Orion Arm, which is merely connection between the inner and outer next more massive arms, the Sagittarius Arm and the Perseus Arm; shows the many Messier objects around the direction of the Galactic Center.
http://web.hao.ucar.edu/public/education/archeoslides/slide_20.html http://www.seds.org/messier/more/m001_sn.html
#824 Iran = Wed Geo plays John Wayne on beauty of America (1/25/07) Ostman, war, missiles, green-tech
#825 (1/26/07) Linda Howe, Geo is in Austin TX, Chicago O’Hare egg shaped UFO report B: Alex Jones, Art then cuckoo A North American Parliament with one currency ---the Amero= Council on Foreign Relations and other secretive groups are already talking about, will come unless folks just like you decide to just say “No”, he harps why Iran is acting tuff + it does not sound right, just because they never attacked us b4 his reasoning stinks, Alex plays a 1937 movie clip of H G Wells on 1 world order, 6 yrs ago the army + USMC began new program to induct illegal aliens, in Tex police from foreign nations have the power to arrest US citizens in Austin, in Mich after making dough on state lottery Mich will for next 50 yrs hand lottery to a co + education gets 0; provides other unfolding events, Geo + Alex say can’t stop it; (1/27/07) area of lakes in Siberia has grown due to melting, baby girl

#826 (1/29/07) KNX news of a dude named Javier Rodriguez plans boycott 4 May, Brent Miller strange Horizon Project, mounting evidence suggests it has happened b4 3 times in recent history, Nostradamus calls it bearded star, Bible calls it star that falls, a comet sighting in our times is key to identifying the third of three Antichrists foreseen by the prophe; in each case, Nostradamus provided clues that reverberated in similar phrases; TRV folks say 4 a planet sized object approaches, Brent claims something causes all this; every 243 yrs planet Venus moves between Earth + Sun, this alignment happens again on Jun 6, 2012, could that be the flare assister Dames perceives that causes crazy CMEs? and cycle 24 Sun is due for a rampage B: claims our worsening weather is a by product of approaching galactic plane, he calls it a precursor, weird date of 9000 BC?, Quantum physicists say big black holes exist, and 90% is vacuum w/an eggshell sphere, he claims there is a 4 trillion mile wide black hole in the center of the Milky Way, and it has a gravitational effect that ripples out from it, we call it the galactic plane, ancients named it the dark rift, this plane has the gravitational effect of the black hole in theory, claims 1st week will be the hardest then if you survive next 6 months you made it, said we cannot see gravitational field w/a telescope, but can we measure it?

#827 (1/30/07) CBS news Iraq, small troops story that they do not have enough, Sydney Sheldon dies Jan 30; (1/30/07) Geo news, Eiffel Tower will be turned off, elderly guy in hospital lost dentures + starves to death, Chinese dope who puts on several eye contacts, so-called climatologist, (1/31/07) brief description by Geo from England where some Muslims wanted to kidnap a Muslim Brit trooper to behead him, luckily Brit secret service saved him, 8 punks were apprehended; (2/1/07) Geo cites a "NY Times" weird report on guidelines about bird flu closing schools etc, Geo goes back that it is only an earth cycle, strange smell in NY, and Bufford Sea, Canada, oil Exon Mobile posts $39.5 Billion (in 2005 they had $36.13 Billion), crazy antics in Boston, Alan Corbeth, (2/2/07) wild tornadoes hit central Fl luckily Orlando’s Disneyworld escapes, McCanney

#828 (2/5/07) GMS (2/6/07) Canadian Prof Tim Ball, dislikes all the blame on carbon emissions, stated other cycles like sun can cause warming trends

#828b (2/6/07) Nostradamus Hogue yellowy 80% free? ADD MSNBC lady on ARMY
now he ascertains the surprise Comet McNaught may signal Saddam was Mabus, the presignal for the arrival of the 3rd A/C or even he was the 3rd A/C--the USA will take an isolationist turn to heat itself
#829 (2/6/07) start on side B, Nostradamus Hogue, picks 2007 as above avg, claims so disruptive in next 18 months, opener tape nothing but politics or 1 minded comparisons to Viet Nam 0 on WW II, predicts Obama will loose Clinton winner, 3-part Iraq like my dream, I like when Hogue sounds like FDR where USA can get together to do things like the greatest generation, he is torn between becoming isolationist or “a destiny”, open lines 1/2 on, Mabus comet = 3rd A/C time + 3rd A/C = king of terror, 27 yrs his war will last but either Mabus or A/C heretics are dead A: end of B and start of A is the best, 3 min gap (2/6/07) Glenn Kimball lots on the Americas & Egyptians

#830 (2/6/07) tiny Nostradamus Hogue out of sync (2/5/07) Dick Sutphen life regression boring, Hitler in past life was Atila the Hun?
#831 (2/8/07) Lawrence Joseph, in general concludes man is soon to feel major earth catastrophic changes, author of Apocalypse 2012, Geo asks how would you minimize panic? minimize panic by doing something 1/4 snow parts of NY 141 in, Ana Nicole died yesterday, Iraq erased Linda, internet radio 2/8 more Iraq talk, Geo reads that pres of Iran announces the US, UK will all soon be destroyed, FOX, CNN follows GIs thru alleys in ; 2/12, 12 ft snow buries N Y for 9 straight days, 12.2 in snow dumped, Felix <10 mins; old snow record of 2002 erased (Jan), talk of new talks w/N Korea, WOW Casey Kasem + Jeannie his wife B: cont; (2/13) Geo tells of a traitor who was American named Daniel grabbed in Somalia + sent home to face trial, 1st captured by Kenyans on Jan 21, borders to Iran + Syria will be closed by some new plan? Geo reports bizarre case of 2 agents getting 12-13 yrs, about 6-7 months ago a dirty drug dealer tried to run over border agents, is stopped, is shot +2 agents get 11+ yrs, sheriff whot tried to stop illegals, seems unjust, Jerome Corsi said US Attorney Gen suing for 5 million, luckily there is going to be investigation by Congress; Mar 23, 2005, US, Can, Mex declared some prosperity partnership + they threw in the word security to sound nice, step to NAU; idiotic JFK airport report: all gates occupied w/planes so 1 strands people for 8hrs; Valentine’s Day Ice CBS News 300,000 dwellings w/o power from Ohio Valley to Maine due to ice storms; ends w/Jun 9 2007 report on our Air Marshals fiasco, Robt MacLane
#8311 (2/25/07) Brent Miller Horizon Project better explained James Jancik; (3/4/07) James is sick replay of native American wisdom w/ Red Elk (3/25/07) Pat Heron and Brent Miller
# (4/1/07) Luco and Fatimas

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